Mark Finishes ‘Newsflesh’: Q&A

So, this is a tradition I started with Buffy over on Mark Watches (in terms of hosting a Q&A after I finish a series), and I’d like to keep it going here, too! PLUS, PREDICTIONS. PREDICTIONS. Let’s have some fun this Friday, y’all.

Before we get to the Q&A (which I thought started at 10am PDT, because apparently I don’t know my own schedule), I want to go over my predictions for Blackout!

  • Georgia has to be a clone. Like, I can’t believe she survived a gunshot to the back of her head. BINGO. 1/1
  • Shaun has a previously-undiscovered reservoir condition. I tried. 1/2
  • Bonus points if that condition is responsible for his hallucinations of Georgia. No, this was a bad theory. 1/3
  • Alaric dies. I hate saying that, but out of the surviving members of After the End Times, I think that he’ll die. OH GOD, HE DIDN’T. YAY! BUT THEN SAD. 1/4
  • We will see appearances by the Rymans AND Rick. HAHAHA HELP. 2/5
  • Dr. Abbey dies. I wasn’t very good at this, was I? 2/6
  • I almost wanted to predict that everyone was going to die, but I don’t think that’s the case. SOME PEOPLE WILL MAKE IT TO THE END, namely Georgia, Shaun, Becks, Mahir, and Maggie. THIS IS FUCKING CRUEL. Oh, Becks. 🙁 2/7
  • We will discover the group of people behind the long-unanswered terrorist conspiracy. I don’t think ONE person is behind this. It’s a large group. Yep. I love that it’s still ambiguous, that there’s not a single person or villainous figure either. 3/8
  • We will find out how the Second Rising started. AND IT’S SO EVIL. 4/9
  • Zombie mosquitoes. Look, IT’S NOT OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY. yeah IT KIND OF IS. what were you thinking. 4/10
  • At some point, After the End Times will reveal how the CDC has been complicit in a global experiment. THEY DID THE THING. 5/11
  • Shit will get real. THIS WAS TOO EASY. But it’s true! 6/12
  • Georgia will reunite with her brother and co-workers/friends. PLEASE. PLEASE. OH GOD, AND EVERYTHING WAS AWKWARD AND BEAUTIFUL. 7/13
  • The Masons will die. Thankfully they did not, since they had Alaric’s sister with them. 7/14
  • And we’ll find out who replaced Lois. I JUST WANT TO KNOW, OKAY. Don’t judge me! WHAT 7/15

So… that’s a failing grade, right? It is indeed. THERE WAS AN ATTEMPT.

Anyway, Q&A time! While I’d like to keep our discussions Newsflesh-themed, you’re welcome to ask me anything! I will be on the site, refreshing the comments all day. I actually don’t have a ton of work to do today, so that’s why it’s party time. Ask away, friends!

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