Mark Reads ‘Blackout’: Chapter 29

In the twenty-ninth chapter of Blackout, YOU STOP THAT. YOU STOP DOING THAT TO ME. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Blackout.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

  • They are trapped in a house with a full battalion of CDC guards shooting them down. How the fuck are they going to get out of this? How is this even possible???
  • “We could get hurt. I’d already died once. That sort of thing tends to teach you that no one is invincible.” I CANNOT DEAL WITH THE SENTENCES IN THIS BOOK. THIS SERIES OF SENTENCES IN PARTICULAR IS NOT FAIR. STOP HURTING ME WITH YOUR WORDS.
  • My god, the Fox. I don’t even know if she felt any sort of affection for After the End Times. I honestly think she just loved chaos and violence, and the universe just handed her the perfect opportunity to relish in both of them.
  • There is something horrifying and unsettling about Shaun announcing that there’s no Plan B. My god, these people really have no other options. They have to use the Fox’s bout of distraction in order to make it to the van.
  • Oh god, Georgia, you have ~no idea~ what’s happened between Becks and Shaun. How is that going to play out? Lord, this book. That being said, Georgia is quick to state that it’s actually none of her business. Plus, at the end of the day, I think she’s just happy to have Shaun back.
  • There is no way we’ve seen the last of the Cat. She is going to pop up again. Despite that I’ve pointed this out, I know that I’ll completely forget that she ran away before the Brainpan exploded, and her re-appearance will surprise me.
  • Like the Fox, I don’t think that the Monkey had any particularly positive feelings about After the End Times, but it is nice to think that he and the Fox gave their lives because they respected these bloggers for what they’ve done. Perhaps they felt pity that they’d been betrayed by the Cat. I don’t know. I’m impressed with them regardless.
  • When the team raised their hands in surrender, I simply could not believe that this was going to be the future of this narrative. After the End Times in jail? THIS COULDN’T HAPPEN. No, they can’t lose. Hell, it wasn’t just that. I worried that the CDC would get the government involved, and someone would be secretly executed or something. The possibilities for things to get tangibly worse? THEY FINALLY EXISTED.
  • HOW DID I FORGET THAT THIS IS A UNIVERSE WHERE ZOMBIES ARE REAL? I didn’t even think about all the dead CDC guards in the driveway. OH MY GOD, THIS IS PURE CHAOS.
  • “Mahir reached us as I was waiting for the door to finish processing, leaving only Shaun and Maggie in the open – and Maggie was still on the ground, not moving.” Oh, fuck you. No. NO! Goddamn it, she was the one person who hated this more than anything! This was not her fight, and she got dragged into it anyway! WHYYYYYY.
  • JESUS, GEORGIA DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. Well, okay, she does manage it, but I was satisfied with the acknowledgment that it wasn’t the easiest thing to remember after… well, DYING.
  • Oh, Fox. Oh, Fox. That little wave she did ended me.
  • And the chaos NEVER STOPS. This chapter is goddamn relentless. The entire trip back to the Agora is tense, an absurd waiting game to find out if Maggie will survive. Her threat to Shaun was relieving, but that didn’t mean she was out of the woods just yet.
  • But then we have to deal with the fact that Georgia developed a phobia due to her experience at the CDC! This might be the most fascinating development so far in her characterization because it’s something that is distinctly belonging to Clone!Georgia, not the original one. So what else will change in Georgia due to her experiences post-cloning?
  • Oh god, at least Shaun and Georgia are immune. Well… wait. Is Georgia??? She doesn’t have a reservoir condition, but is it possible that Shaun passed her his immunity? I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS WORKS ANYMORE.
  • So we don’t know if Becks or Mahir are alive, but Maggie’s blog entry confirms that she survived. WHICH IS GREAT. Also, there is a 0% chance she is leaving the Agora unless she’s heading back home. Calling it!
  • JFC, this book, y’all. LORD.

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