Mark Reads ‘The Realms of the Gods’: Epilogue

In the epilogue of The Realms of the Gods, Daine seeks out Numair as her journey comes to an end. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to finish The Realms of the Gods.


This has been a fascinating and satisfying experience for me. Obviously, it’s no secret that I latched onto Daine and The Immortals very, very quickly. It wasn’t hard for me to become attached to the story of someone violently ejected from her community when she was young and forced to fend for herself while learning that she isn’t like everyone else. HELLO, LIFE STORY. And then there was all that cute oppression. And the parallel worlds. And the earth opening up and eating people. And that Carrie-esque turn in Emperor Mage. And THIS QUARTET HAD EVERYTHING EVER IN IT AND I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT.

I know that I have so much more Tortall ahead of me, but I don’t want this to end. At all. I have no clue what era of Tortall Protector of the Small takes place in, but even if it follows this quartet, I still don’t want The Immortals to end.


The epilogue starts with an acknowledgment of the war that has destroyed the land around Port Legann. It’s explicit, perhaps more so than anything else Tamora Pierce has written about. It felt more upfront than any of the battles in Song of the Lioness, as if Pierce knew her audience could handle the realities of war. I enjoyed that this didn’t provide us with much of a hint towards the future. I feel like this is giving me a sign that there’s going to be more to this story. What’s going to happen to the rebels in the Copper Isles or Carthak? They lost a long, expensive, and increasingly brutal war. What sort of treaties or agreements are they working out with King Jonathan? How will Port Legann begin the process to repair the damage to the countryside and the port itself? Where will the dragons go?

Instead, Pierce gives us emotional closure. I’ve said before that this is, generally speaking, far more important to me than plot resolution. So when Onua quietly stated that she had no idea where Numair was, I figured that this is what we’d have left to deal with in the epilogue. Sweet baby Jesus, if Pierce had killed off Numair in the epilogue… NO. I don’t want to even think about it. I SHALL NOT THINK ABOUT IT.

The two have an emotional and physical reunion, and it’s the best happy ending that I could ask for. I mentioned in the video for this epilogue that I really appreciated the varied (and remarkably civil) conversation about Numair and Daine’s relationship a couple weeks ago. It’s in my thoughts even now as I write this. It’s a complicated situation, but I do admit that I like them as a couple. It never initially struck me as upsetting as it did for quite a few of you, but I do like looking at things through a different lens. I was happy that Daine didn’t say yes to Numair’s proposal right off the bat. She understands that perhaps this is not the time nor the place. Baths first would be really good. But it was a fascinating way for Pierce to put this off while still establishing that the two were deeply in love with one another. This is one of those things where I actually look forward to the comments because a lot of the time, they help me sort out my thoughts. DOES ANYONE ELSE DO THIS? Sometimes, other folks can express things a billion times better than my own brain does.

Oh god, there are so many other reunions. Tkaa. TAKOI. Oh lord, I love when dogs put their paws on your shoulder to shower you with kisses. BUT CLOUD WAS THE BEST REUNION, especially since Cloud immediately brought on the sass. I missed you so much, Cloud.

The final paragraph of The Realms of the Gods is perhaps the best reminder of the journey that Daine has been on, though. Four books ago, the Stormwings existed as a form of visceral terror, a true introduction to the surreal horror of the Divine Realms. But now, we understand that Daine came to accept that these beings could not help their nature, that they actually existed to serve a very necessary purpose. And while Daine knows that the mortal realm has a long way to go before they understand the Stormwings, too, I’m ecstatic that this series became one of acceptable. Daine accepted the world around her, and then she accepted herself for who she is. She couldn’t help her magical nature, so she learned to embrace it.

I sincerely wish this wasn’t over.

Wednesday, we’ll go over my The Realms of the Gods predictions, and I’ll review the short story “Lost” from Tortall and Other Lands. THEN I START PROTECTOR OF THE SMALL ON FRIDAY OH MY GOD. Thank y’all for this journey, and I’m so excited to start another one.

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