Mark Reads ‘Blackout’: Chapter 27

In the twenty-seventh chapter of Blackout, Shaun updates Georgia on what’s happened in her absence, and the two attempt to repair their respective traumas. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Blackout.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

  • I think it’s pretty goddamn awesome that Grant has written a canonically unavoidable incestual love story that is evocative and tender. You seriously can’t read Shaun and Georgia’s relationship as anything else, so it’s not like this is some meta reading of the text. It’s right there in the open! And this is coming from someone who feels strange about incest in fandom circles because… oh god, I’m curious to know if other twins have also had this experience. But as a twin, my brother and I have been consistently sexualized by other people. My brother’s dated women who thought it would be hot if the two of us got together, and I’ve dated men who have had very similar fantasies that they’re totally open about sharing with me! And it’s a bizarre experience because all of these people believe they’re the first person to ever state such a thing. Newsflash: You’re not original at all.
  • Of course, this conversation could easily veer into a discussion of how real-person fanfiction/shipping drifts uncomfortably close to invalidating a person’s agency. I mean, I know that this is something I’ll have to deal with once I get to Supernatural in October over on Mark Watches, and I’m not terribly excited about it? I get that I am a ~very sensitive person~ and such. But I always approach incestual themes with a weary eye, so IT’S A BIG DEAL TO ME THAT THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME BAT AN EYE AT ALL. It doesn’t! Basically, Grant has written these characters so well that I just think, “Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be.”
  • Unrelated: The biometric system in the Agora was able to properly measure Georgia for the size of clothes that she wears. Where is this goddamn technology, and how can I utilize it?
  • I noticed that Shaun’s way of saying that he accepts this version of Georgia as the Georgia he loves is by stating, “I missed you.” It’s really such a personal claim when you think about it, and it’s a way of affirming her identity. He accepts that this is really his sister.
  • That doesn’t mean that this is all puppies and cupcakes. (Mmmm, cupcakes.) These two have suffered a great deal over the past year or so. Shaun was hallucinating Georgia, and Georgia had to cope with finding out she was 97% of who she once was. That means that these two have a whole lot of damage to unpack and sort through, with each other and on their own. That includes thoughts of suicide, severe issues with self-worth, and the relentless fear that they’ll lose one another again.
  • And then we’ve got all of Georgia’s identity struggles. She makes a distinction between being Georgia and becoming Georgia, enough to the point that it’s obvious she’ll always have to deal with the thought of how she came into this world. When she dons Georgia’s traditional outfit, it almost feels like a costume, you know? I believe this is Georgia, and I accept her as such, but Georgia hasn’t quite gotten to that point.
  • A great deal of this chapter then deals with Shaun essentially providing Georgia with exposition. I know that’s a sloppy way of describing this, but it’s appropriate! He has to spend time updating her about what’s happened in the world since she died, and then he sits next to her as she scrolls through the headlines on After The End Times that appeared post-death. Which… sweet babies, what a terribly awkward and surreal experience. She has to read articles that hint at the grief and pain the staff was in. She has to read about how her death literally affected events that followed it. My god, I’ve never read a book like this, y’all.
  • “I was tired of being a haunted house,” he said. “Thank you for coming home.” Well, I don’t think I can recover from that line. Ever.
  • And yet at the end of this, Georgia has Shaun, and vice versa. For once, I feel like After The End Times has a fighting chance. (If they don’t implode, that is.) Sure, the team is going to have to cope with the fact that Georgia is massively eerie to be around. But guess what will help? Mahir giving Georgia her ear cuff. Nope, nope. Oh, odds bobs, I am just a puddle, y’all.
  • So, I’m sticking with my prediction that things won’t go well when the group goes to meet up with The Monkey. They have Georgia with them! There’s no way she won’t go unrecognized by any of the people associated with The Monkey! Oh god, I hate saying this because I desperately want good things to happen. BUT THAT IS NOT THIS BOOK.
  • h e l p.

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