Mark Predicts ‘Blackout’


Let’s first go over my predictions from Deadline, which demonstrate how woefully unprepared I was.

  • We will find out that Shaun has not gone out on one Irwin adventure since his sister died. OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT. 1/1
  • Ryman / Rick will have won the election, or they’ll win it during the book. VICTORY. 2/2
  • Rick will get another cat to replace Lois. TRAGEDY. Actually, I’m so surprised that Deadline really didn’t have much to do with Rick and Ryman. We almost never heard about them. 2/3
  • Shaun will not talk to his parents once in the book. Okay, he did, if in passing. Boo. 2/4
  • Some event or some person will convince Shaun to stop being a recluse, and he’ll go out on an ~adventure.~ THIS IS SO HORRIBLY NAIVE, YET 100% CORRECT. OH MY GOD. 3/5
  • After the End Times will gain a new staff member who will travel with Shaun. TECHNICALLY I’M RIGHT. I mean… there are a lot of new staff members! How about Dr. Kelly’s alter-ego? DOESN’T THAT COUNT? Oh god, Dr. Kelly. 🙁 🙁 🙁 4/6
  • We’ll find out who got Georgia’s bike. Bonus points if Shaun let Rick keep it. No bonus points, but Shaun kept it. God, I really expected Rick to play a bigger part in this novel. I miss him. 🙁 5/7
  • We will find out who the donors at the CDC were. Oh god, NOPE. 5/8
  • Not only that, the group behind Tate’s plan to trick the public into voting for him will have a resurgence. We will learn who these people are. OH GOD, NOPE. HOW DO I STILL NOT KNOW ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THIS. 5/9
  • I am desperately trying to think of predictions, but Mira Grant really didn’t give me much to go on. UNFAIR. TRUTH. THIS SERIES IS UNFAIR. 6/10
  • I’ll be unprepared? I’m not counting my clear attempt to gain an extra point. 6/11
  • Mahir dies. SOMEONE IMPORTANT HAS TO DIE. It’s a zombie apocalypse. OH GOD, I’M GLAD HE’S STILL ALIVE. R.I.P to Dave and Dr. Kelly, though. 🙁 6/12
  • Okay, my big theory/prediction about Deadline: Shaun will at one point hear of a possible cure to Kellis-Amberlee, but will learn that it isn’t real. WHY DID I FUCKING TYPE THIS  OH MY GOD WHY -1 BILLION/12.

Unlike the last book, I actually feel like there are a lot of things I need to predict! THAT ALSO MEANS I AM GOING TO GET IT ALL WRONG. Oh well, let’s do this!

  • Georgia has to be a clone. Like, I can’t believe she survived a gunshot to the back of her head.
  • Shaun has a previously-undiscovered reservoir condition.
  • Bonus points if that condition is responsible for his hallucinations of Georgia.
  • Alaric dies. I hate saying that, but out of the surviving members of After the End Times, I think that he’ll die.
  • We will see appearances by the Rymans AND Rick.
  • Dr. Abbey dies.
  • I almost wanted to predict that everyone was going to die, but I don’t think that’s the case. SOME PEOPLE WILL MAKE IT TO THE END, namely Georgia, Shaun, Becks, Mahir, and Maggie.
  • We will discover the group of people behind the long-unanswered terrorist conspiracy. I don’t think ONE person is behind this. It’s a large group.
  • We will find out how the Second Rising started.
  • Zombie mosquitoes. Look, IT’S NOT OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY.
  • At some point, After the End Times will reveal how the CDC has been complicit in a global experiment.
  • Shit will get real.
  • Georgia will reunite with her brother and co-workers/friends. PLEASE. PLEASE.
  • The Masons will die.
  • And we’ll find out who replaced Lois. I JUST WANT TO KNOW, OKAY. Don’t judge me!

I start Blackout on Tuesday! Bring it on, Newsflesh.

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