Mark Reads ‘Wild Magic’: Chapter 7

In the seventh chapter of Wild Magic, Daine’s magic comes in handy at Buzzard Rocks. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Wild Magic.

Chapter Seven: Buzzard Rocks


  • I am so happy that Onua’s first reaction is to hug Daine. It communicates everything Daine needs at that moment. She just needs to be accepted, to know that these people aren’t going to hate her or shame her for what she did. Bless.
  • So what about that badger? Where did it come from? Why is it guiding her?
  • For real, fuck omens. Why can’t mystical or supernatural entities spell things out more plainly? If their message is so important, surely a coherency is something they should work on, right???
  • I like that there really aren’t easy solutions here for what Daine is going through, despite that Numair says there are. Daine is learning self-control, and I think this is a brilliant way in which to show that. Daine has to recognize that there is some humanity left within her. It’s hard not to see this as a way for Pierce to insist that despite what Daine has done in the past, she is still absolutely human. This isn’t something I realized until I finished reading the chapter. It’s quite touching to me. This young girl was so worried that she lost her humanity because of what she did after her family was murdered, but Pierce assures us that this doesn’t make her any less like us. My heart.
  • NO, OKAY, THIS BOOK REALLY NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE ENDLESS PARADE OF CUTE ANIMALS. Y’all, I love animals so much. Incidentally, it has nothing to do with me being vegan, since my dietary restrictions are due to allergies and enzyme deficiencies. But ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved learning about the creatures on our planet. Okay, yes, I also have a thing for cute animals, but who doesn’t? So this book (and probably this series) is destroying me in a way that’s impossible to be prepared for. I can’t. I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS POWER DAINE HAS BECAUSE I HAVE WANTED IT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. Like, I already imagine myself as a Pet Whisperer because people’s pets generally love me, but let’s be real. I’m imagining it. I am anthropomorphizing animals for my own comfort. I. WANT. WILD. MAGIC. RIGHT. NOW.
  • Literally, I was done with this chapter once the sea otter hobbled into Daine’s tent. This is cruel. This is evil.
  • I’m a fan of logistics when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi. It’s why the first season of LOST is so great, why Battlestar Galactica rules, and why I am LOVING this book. Daine’s healing has a logistical explanation. She has to concentrate in a very specific way, it zaps her own energy, and it has very real and very painful consequences if she does it wrong. Numair even says that it’s not like healing with the Gift. Details like this are super satisfying to read!
  • “Never break a promise to an animal. They’re like babies – they won’t understand.” DONE. DONE. DONE. Hey, guess what I just thought of that I’ll mention right now so I can ruin your day? “Jurassic Bark.” You’re welcome.
  • Calling it right now: the fact that Daine ultimately cannot control wild magic if an animal’s need is strong enough will be a major plot point in the future. TRYING TO BE PREPARED.
  • Oh god, the vision. What is Daine not ready for??? Why isn’t it time? Why are the Stormwings hanging out off the coast? Why am I suddenly deeply unprepared again???
  • In hindsight, the whole bit in the videos below where I thought “Buzzard Rocks” might be a reference to someone named Buzzard who totally rocked is one of the worst things I ever thought. What.
  • I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING WITH THE GRIFFINS. I don’t understand their greater purpose in the story, but that’s okay. I actually think the scene works on its own as a way to show the growing complication of Daine’s ability. Just because she can talk to other creatures doesn’t mean they always want to talk to her. Plus, now I’m curious. Where did the griffins come from? If they’d been gone from the world for so long, why are they suddenly back? Also, I aspire to be as sassy as these griffins, I swear. The main one totally shows off when Alanna calls them magnificent!
  • “I have a feeling, if the people come back, this is going to be a very honest village from now on.” Onua said, “If so, a lot of husbands will be sleeping in the barn.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU ARE PERFECT, ONUA.
  • Pirate’s Swoop!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE GEORGE AGAIN!!!!!

I am just so excited, y’all.

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