Mark Reads ‘The Room’ Novelization

Okay, seriously, I don’t think y’all understand how obsessed I am with The Room. I made it the very first game I wrote about on Mark Plays. I have snuck in so many undetected references to it in my reviews and no one has ever pointed them out. I’ve seen it perhaps fifteen times, attending parties specifically revolving around the group watching the film, and even went to a screening that was like a loving tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show. (People brought their own footballs to toss in the aisles during every scene with a football. Bless.)

Maya (ppyajunebug) commissioned me right around Christmas to read from the novelization of The Room written by Marcus Sullivan. “Written” is used loosely here, as you’ll discover when you watch these videos that this is one of the most atrociously assembled things I’ve ever read. Fuck, I’ll say it: Stephenie Meyer writes better than Marcus Sullivan. I’m rather proud of my achievement, then, since I decided to read all seven chapters on video that Maya recommended I choose from. Maya has purchased MANY video commissions from me, and she was responsible for the venue on my San Diego stop on the Mark Does Stuff tour. So I decided to make her seven videos because she rules.

Enjoy these.

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 16

Chapter 19

My god, IT’S SO BAD. But at least now all my Mark Reads videos are IN HI-DEF. HELL YES.

Enjoy! Well, if you can. It’s seriously terrible.

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