Mark Predicts ‘Wolf-Speaker’

Odd’s bobs, IT’S MY FIRST THE IMMORTALS PREDICTION POST. I honestly don’t think I’ll get a mediocre score. I’ll either eerily get this spot on, or I’ll fail the whole thing.

Shall we?

  • I feel like I have even less to go on than usual, but I’m going to make a good effort of this. Okay, let’s try an easy one: Daine will speak to a wolf.
  • Daine will meet someone else with wild magic!
  • Daine will meet a new creature from the Divine Realms.
  • She will also experience people being mean to her because she’s raising a dragon.
  • Skysong will burn someone other than Daine.
  • Daine will have to escape some place at some point, and she’ll do it using Skysong. (I wanted to say that she would ride Skysong, but I get the sense that this quartet isn’t going to move through like a decade of time in four books, so I don’t know if Skysong will actually be old enough for Daine to ride her like a horse.)
  • If and only if Daine rides Skysong, Cloud will get jealous.
  • Wolves?
  • We will see Coram and Rispah at some point. (Where are they???)
  • King Jonathan will appear in one chapter.
  • We will find out who let the Immortals out of the Divine Realms.
  • And my big prediction for this book: Daine will find a way to enter the Divine Realms.

BRING IT. We start Wolf-Speaker on Friday morning!

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