Happy Holidays to Mark Spoils (and I guess the rest of you, too)

So, I know Mark Spoils exists! It is a site I have once seen from a distance. I’ve never actually been there, but the community sends me a LOT of traffic all the time, and I know many of y’all go there to have spoilerific conversations about whatever I’m reading, watching, or playing. This is fantastic! As a way to thank you, Maya (ppyajunebug) commissioned a video of me reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

I decided to do something special.

Please enjoy the Santa hat oppression, and I hope that all of you – whatever you celebrate – have a wonderful holiday season. Also, I was so warm in this video.

About Mark Reads

Vegan cyclist, Internet community nerd, atheist bookworm, high-five purveyor.
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