Mark Reads ‘Feed’: Chapter Three

In the third chapter of Feed, I’m in. For real. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Feed.


No, seriously, this is it. I’m in for the long run after this chapter. I wanted to know how this was going to be different from the pack (LOL GET IT, BECAUSE LIKE ZOMBIES ARE IN PACKS AND… okay, shush), and here’s my answer:

The world turned to blogs when the world turned to shit.

There is so much new information in this chapter, some of which I don’t understand quite yet, so let’s deal with this and FLAIL ABOUT.

  • Oh god, THIS ALL TAKES PLACE IN THE BAY AREA. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BECAUSE NOTHING TAKES PLACE HERE. Well, I mean that a lot of fictional stories aren’t in Oakland or Berkeley or San Francisco. BIGOTRY.
  • The more I think about it, the more terrifying a zombie apocalypse in Berkeley sounds. It really is a “tangled warren.” Also, half the people who live there are already the most irritating people on earth, so if they turned to zombies, it would be insufferable.
  • I initially did not understand Georgia’s claim that her parents “chased the numbers.” It wasn’t until the end of the chapter that I felt like I could start to comprehend the massive influence blogs have in this zombie-infested world.
  • I am fascinated by this idea that the Masons tried to raise their children as normally as possible in a world with zombies and a deadly virus, and this is how things turned out. I wonder what that conversation was like? How was the transition for the Mason parents when they realized they had to let their children explore outside their comfort zone, outside of the blue-sky-haven that they’d built?
  • Okay, all the viral checks these people have to go through are RIDICULOUS. I mean, all of them make sense, especially since Georgia finally reveals that the Kellis-Amberlee virus already lives inside everyone. It must merely be activated, and it does not take a bit to do so. It can be a simple (and tiny) transmission of fluids that does the trick. FUCKED UP. That makes this all so much more risky than a normal zombie story.
  • “But what’s the point of life if you can’t take risks now and then, like coming into the damn house with your brother?”
  • Okay, I’m already so into the emotional subtext this story is giving me. This family has stuck together for years, and they’ll be damned if a virus check separates them. Shaun and Georgia would rather die together than have one of them live on. And as someone who was adopted with my twin, I get this forever and ever and ever.
  • Oh shit, Georgia has retinal KA and her eyes are fucked up.
  • BLOGGING LICENSES! OH MY GOD, THERE ARE BLOGGING LICENSES. And they allow people into certain areas based on their hazard rating. You know, I’m so impressed that this book is already about living with zombies. There’s a detailed and complicated government in place at this point in the future. Feed is not about it being formed.
  • Yosemite is a Level 3 hazard zone. I’m actually surprised it’s not Level 2 or Level 1. Zombies must have completely decimated that place, considering how easy it is to get trapped in that valley.
  • That shower is INTENSE.
  • How does the shower computer know the “travel records” of Georgia? Is there GPS on the van or the motorbike or something?
  • There is a ratings system for blogs. This is just… my god, it’s so genius. There’s an entire network that supports them! They have to get accredited! Buffy, Shaun, and Georgia belong to the Bridge Supporters! Oh god, are there zombies on the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge???
  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • WHAT???
  • I know it’s obvious to us, but the entire section Grant writes about why the “real” media ultimately failed is just so spot on. I absolutely believe that this is what would happen if there was a real zombie apocalypse. The media conglomerates would fail to protect us, and we’d have to turn to everyday folks to “triangulate” the news. I even like the idea that triangulation is a thing, that people have gotten used to reading multiple sources to find the news instead of relying on one single network or individual.
  • The Wall. My heart. MY HEART. Oh god, my last blog post is going to be some awful butt joke from my Tumblr, isn’t it? Must consider this when posting to my blog.
  • I didn’t get why Shaun was called an Irwin until the end of the chapter. STEVE IRWIN. h e l p.
  • Oh, there’s totally a fanfiction branch of the Fictionals. THERE HAS TO BE.

I am so excited for this book. SO EXCITED.

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5 Responses to Mark Reads ‘Feed’: Chapter Three

  1. Kari18212 says:

    Well, only three chapters in and I already have to laugh at myself a little bit. I assumed there was no official news outlets because people were just preoccupied with not getting infected (or letting the infection get worse, as the case apparently is). No, apparently the media as we know it still exists (I assume, or else I’m confused as to who is sueing them..). How much did I love the story of how news outlets ignored the zombie outbreaks though?? SO MUCH. It seemed so realistic that of course people would try to ignore what was happening and convince everyone it was just some elaborate joke. I loved that bloggers just kept publishing self-defense tips and things they had learned, even if they were probably going to die soon to try and help people. The line “We will never forget how we were betrayed” struck me as particularly powerful.  

    Also, this security/decontamination system… that is some hardcore shit. Yikes. I continue to love George and Shaun and how committed they are to each other, with refusing to enter the garage separately even if it means they’ll die together and the fact that George can’t sleep if Shaun isn’t in the room next to her L I love that their relationship (so far) seems to be the more central to the book. Not that I don’t love a good romantic relationship, but it’s nice to see something different. (And, to put in a plug for one of my favorite series, if you like sibling relationships with some romance on the side, The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan is Just throwing that out there J) I would appreciate if George didn’t keep casually mentioning that Shaun will probably die pretty young. He may not be the kind of person I would be in this world, but I still don’t want him to end up on the Wall! Also, is the Wall a virtual thing or a literal wall? I have many, many questions!

    Their relationship with their parents seems…. Odd. To put it mildly. I’m not really clear yet on why their family seems to be kind of famous? Is it just that they live in a more insecure area? Do their parents have blogs too? Are they super popular? It was also very hard to stop reading again! I’m so curious how presidential elections work in this time! Do candidates still travel? Are George and Shaun going to get access to more dangerous areas because of this? Shaun would be thrilled. Are their parents going to be okay with them leaving? Do they even know they applied? They don’t really seem like the type of people who ask permission first honestly, not to mention they’re in their 20’s. Are there still parties we would recognize? Conventions? What kind of issues matter most in a world dominated by zombies?? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

  2. quenstalof says:

    Well…I just realized how perfect it is that Mark is reading this book right now. Holy parallels batman. I’m glad he’s not at West Wing yet because that would be too much politics for me.

    Most of the comments are blocked for me at work, so forgive me if someone already asked this, but which kind of blogger is Mark? I feel like he’d be a Newsie if anything although I’d for sure watch a video of him squeamishly poking a zombie with a stick…

  3. Kit says:

    I want to know more about how the virus is affecting her eyes… Like, how it got into her eyes and why it hasn’t affected more of her?

    Ugh, there was *one line* about her mom making spaghetti and how it smelled and /now I want spaghetti/ even though I have a perfectly good dinner planned.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if a massive real-time blogger ARG started up in 2014 documenting the history here? Come on guys, we’ve got two years to put this together!

    • Trialia says:

      Hm… Trying to think what to say to you without needing to rot13 it, but can’t, but that’s likely enough. I know Mark isn’t a scientist, & I forget if thia has.been mentioned by this time in the book, but retinal KA is basically a reservoir condition. And that’s all I can say outside of rot13 (which my phone browser won’t let me do). Sorry!

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