Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 9

My god, I am still upset.

So, I was wrong, TERRIBLY wrong, and let’s just sob about how wrong I was.

  • I don’t believe the final page of the last volume will be ignored. It’s too huge of a moment for Dream, so I think we’ll find out what the ramifications of this epiphany are. Okay, so this isn’t answered, but if Dream is really dead, then this might be related? Ugh, I’ll have to wait for the next volume. 0/1
  • Can I guess some specifics? Of course I can. HOW ELSE WOULD I PUBLICLY EMBARRASS MYSELF? BY POSTING ALL OF THIS. -100/2
  • Dream will apologize to at least three characters for the way he has treated them. Just put me out of my misery now. -101/3
  • Okay, maybe not, but Delirium will turn back into Delight. Maybe??? It’s possible. No, it’s not. Just give up. -203/4
  • I like trying to guess why this volume has a certain title, so this is fun: I think Dream is going to severely alter the Dream realm. Bonus points if he leaves it. I am teasing myself from the past. Fuck. -2,456/5
  • Loki? PLEASE. why did i even try -34,000/6
  • Dream will also seek out the woman who dumped him. He’s not one to let things go.  h e l p -103,536/7
  • That means we will also find out who she was! why -1 trillion/8
  • No, for real, where is Loki? he’s right next to my dignity -infinity/9

What am I supposed to do now? I AM SO EMBARRASSED. Oh well, I suppose it’s time to start all over again, and I’m going to re-use some of these since they fit really well. SO UNPREPARED.

Volume 9 Predictions

  • We’ll learn what happened after the end of volume 7.
  • We’ll find out if Dream really died.
  • I say he didn’t and it’s a trick.
  • We’ll find out who dumped him in volume 7.
  • Loki will appear.
  • Nuala will appear.
  • We’ll find out that Dream left his own realm by faking his own death.
  • How is there a tenth volume?
  • I am so lost because of that ending to volume eight.


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