Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 8

Well, I didn’t do too bad, did I?

Actually, I could barely predict anything at all. Here’s what I said:

  • It’s about Death. I hope? Well, not really, thought “death” as a concept played a large part in “Brief Lives.” 0/1
  • I think this volume will be serialized, but each issue will concern a different character or “life.” You know, perhaps I shouldn’t ultimately count this, but it’s so close. I suppose there is a different mortal life at the heart of each issue? I think that’s crucial to understanding “Brief Lives,” but this is too ambiguous to say.
  • Can I just start listing things I want to see? Like I need to know who the hell the other Eternal is. FINALLY. FINALLY.Also, it’s ENDLESS, you fool. STOP SAYING ETERNAL. 1/3
  • I also want to know what Dream is doing with Loki and Nuala. Only half a point, since Loki doesn’t show up. 1.5/4
  • I just spent fourteen minutes on Tumblr because I have no fucking clue what else I could possibly say here. Woefully unprepared? You know it. Technically, my prediction of being “woefully unprepared” is correct. Nice. 2.5/5

Like this last time, I looked up the title of the next volume so I could at least have something to go off of. Worlds’ End is the name of volume 8, and this is what I think is going to happen:

  • I don’t believe the final page of the last volume will be ignored. It’s too huge of a moment for Dream, so I think we’ll find out what the ramifications of this epiphany are.
  • Can I guess some specifics? Of course I can. HOW ELSE WOULD I PUBLICLY EMBARRASS MYSELF?
  • Dream will apologize to at least three characters for the way he has treated them.
  • Okay, maybe not, but Delirium will turn back into Delight. Maybe??? It’s possible.
  • I like trying to guess why this volume has a certain title, so this is fun: I think Dream is going to severely alter the Dream realm. Bonus points if he leaves it.
  • Loki? PLEASE.
  • Dream will also seek out the woman who dumped him. He’s not one to let things go.
  • That means we will also find out who she was!
  • No, for real, where is Loki?

Onwards I go!

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  1. ScarlettMi says:

    I hadn’t read anything past Brief Lives until now so it’s very interesting to now be completely as unprepared as Mark. Although I have now gotten the last few books and I have little self-control so I’ll probably be reading them all in one long marathon.

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