Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 7

So, I didn’t do too bad? Right? Sort of? Why are you sitting there and judging me? Let’s go over what I did (and didn’t) get right from volume 6.

The predictions!

  • So, based on the title, “Fables & Reflections,” plus the fact that the issue numbers are kind of all over the place, I’m guessing that this volume collects nothing but one-off stories. NO SERIALIZED NARRATIVES. BAM LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM. 1/1
  • Given that (OH GOD PLEASE LET ME BE RIGHT OR ALL OF THESE ARE WRONG), I’d like to predict for single issues.
  • One will be a horror story, or at least something unbelievably scary/creepy. Not really? Some bleak, unsettling shit, but nope. 1/2
  • One will be purely comical/funny. Not really? Funny stuff in them, but they’re all fairly serious. 1/3
  • One will address Satan. what. 1/4
  • One will address Loki. i wish. 1/5
  • One will address the Faerie world. why did i even try 1/6
  • One will bring back Shakespeare. what the fuck 1/7
  • One will concern one of the Eternal. this is the most pathetic prediction I have ever made. 2/8
  • Two issues will use DC characters. Okay, Johanna Constantine and Death. So that actually counts, right? 3/8
  • Jesus, I got nothin’ else. Damn right.

So, to make this somewhat possible, I had to look up the name of volume 7 so I could order it. Brief Lives. Okay, so here are my thoughts.

  • It’s about Death. I hope?
  • I think this volume will be serialized, but each issue will concern a different character or “life.”
  • Can I just start listing things I want to see? Like I need to know who the hell the other Eternal is.
  • I also want to know what Dream is doing with Loki and Nuala.
  • I just spent fourteen minutes on Tumblr because I have no fucking clue what else I could possibly say here. Woefully unprepared? You know it.

Well, volume 7 starts on Monday!

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