Mark Reads ‘The Two Towers’: Predictions

In The Two Towers, I don’t know what happens and I am certain I am going to embarrass myself. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to make predictions about The Lord of the Rings.

You know, this list took much longer than I anticipated, and that’s all Tolkien’s fault. Nearly everything I thought might have happened has occurred. I genuinely do not understand how there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages left. What’s left to be resolved? That’s not a criticism, for the record. For once, I don’t even have a grasp on the scope of this story, and now I’m supposed to predict it? I AM ONLY MADE OF BAD DECISIONS. So let’s get down to this. I know it may seem obvious to you, but I always have to remind folks of this: Do not answer any of my questions and do not hint at the validity of any of my predictions. This is just to publicly show y’all how unprepared I am.

Mark’s Prediction for The Two Towers

  • Okay, this isn’t really a prediction, but I need you to know that I’m positive I’ve referred to this book as The Dark Tower at least ten times in the last month, and no one corrected me. Either they were so concerned about spoiling me that they didn’t want to tell me the correct title, or they think I’m a goddamned fool.
  • All right, let’s get to it. Sam and Frodo will get sidetracked and won’t make it to Mordor in this book at all.
  • The Company will be reunited by the end of the book.
  • This book will end on a cliffhanger.
  • Arwen will make an appearance.
  • We will learn that someone in the Shire has died since the hobbits left.
  • Boromir will have a change of heart regarding the Ring, but not until after the other part of the Company gets to Minas Tirith.
  • We will find out exactly what that Eye thing is.
  • Gollum will speak to one of the characters.
  • We will see at least two new creatures/beasts/monsters.
  • We will find out what these two towers are? Is it the tower in Mordor and the one in Minas Tirith? GOD WHY AM I EVEN ASKING QUESTIONS.
  • One talking pony. JUST ONE, PLEASE.
  • Ugh, I hate even typing this. I think one of the hobbits will die. Probably Pippin. ASD;KLFJSALKF;JSDFJK
  • I am unprepared.
  • Poems?
  • Songs?
  • I have no idea what I’m doing anymore.

So, Monday! I’ll see y’all then. OH GOD.

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Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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223 Responses to Mark Reads ‘The Two Towers’: Predictions

  1. Jenny_M says:

    Mark, my reaction to your prediction posts is always along these lines:

    <img src=""&gt;

    This one did not disappoint.

  2. rabidsamfan says:

    So wonderfully unprepared, Mark! I look forward to Monday!

  3. Saphling says:

    As ever, Mark, your innocence and unpreparedness is magically delicious. <3

    • Saphling says:

      Excuse me. "…ARE magically delicious". Clearly, it is too early in the day to be concerned with paltry things like subject-verb agreement. >_>

  4. RJM says:

    Not going to tell you if any predictions are right, but does your desire for talking ponies indicate that you might eventually end up watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for Mark Watches? Because you are so not prepared for it.

  5. Erin says:

    These predictions are …… the Markiest you've ever made! Sooooo unprepared.

  6. Becky_J_ says:

    "Fnz naq Sebqb jvyy trg fvqrgenpxrq naq jba’g znxr vg gb Zbeqbe va guvf obbx ng nyy."

    *fabeg* Jryy, V fhccbfr lbh pbhyq pnyy vg fvqrgenpxrq… nygubhtu V guvax gung vg'f Gbyxvra jub trgf fvqrgenpxrq, abg gur uboovgf. ZNEX VF TBVAT GB YBFR VG NOBHG ARIRE FRRVAT SEBQB NAQ FNZ. V jbaqre ubj znal puncgref vg jvyy gnxr uvz gb zragvba vg…

    "Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu."

    Uzz. Fbeel Znex. NABGURE GUVAT UR VF TBVAT GB YBFR VG NOBHG. Naq jr jvyy trg gb frr guvf unccra fb fbba!!!

    "I am unprepared."

    Well Mark, you know you got at least ONE right 😀

    I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT. You are the only person, Mark, who can 1. Get me to get up early and 2. Make me excited for Mondays. LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

    • Cassie says:

      V qvqa'g rkcrpg uvf cerqvpgvbaf nobhg Obebzve, naq abj jr ner tbvat gb frr uvf ernpgvba fb fbba gb jung unccraf gb uvz! FB RKPVGRQ!

    • Saphling says:

      Gur Obebzve cerqvpgvba vf QRFGEBLRQ, ba gur SVEFG CNTR bs GGG.

    • flootzavut says:

      V nz ybbxvat sbejneq, va n engure rivy, fnqvfgvp jnl, gb Obebzve qlvat naq gb abg frrvat Sebqb naq Fnz SBE N JUVYR OBBX. Vg'f tbvat gb or zntvp! *vm rivy*

      • JustMalyn says:

        Ng yrnfg, ab uboovgf qvr 😀 Gunax gur qrne Ybeq. FB rkpvgrq sbe uvf erngvba gb Obebzve gubhtu! nunun fbb hacercnerq.

    • Ng yrnfg ur jvyy (riraghnyyl) svaq bhg gung ur'f jebat nobhg gur uboovgf qlvat.

      Bs pbhefr, V'z rivy, fb V'z ybbxvat sbejneq gb uvz jbeelvat nobhg vg.

  7. mandy says:

    I'm always surprised how I enjoy SO MUCH to watch your unpreparedness!! I can't wait untill monday =D

  8. Hyaroo says:

    Okay, this isn’t really a prediction, but I need you to know that I’m positive I’ve referred to this book as The Dark Tower at least ten times in the last month, and no one corrected me.

    Uh… you did? I didn't notice that, even once, and I've been reading along pretty much all month. Not sure what this says about my ability to pay attention to what I'm reading…

  9. cait0716 says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee. 😀

    I have predictions, too!

    1) We will get three list reviews
    2) We will get one play review
    3) We will see the triumphant return of the Chris/JRR Tolkien bedtime fanfiction (please, please, please?)
    4) You won't ever be the least bit prepared
    5) You will complain about the lack of talking ponies
    6) Something will confuse you
    7) Something will make you laugh
    8) You will be super excited to see how something gets translated to the silver screen
    9) Shit will get real

    • Dreamflower says:

      3) We will see the triumphant return of the Chris/JRR Tolkien bedtime fanfiction (please, please, please?)

      By the time he was writing LotR, Christopher was a pilot flying in WWII. But his dad still told him stories– he used to send his son bits of manuscript to cheer him up.

    • JustMalyn says:

      I WANT MORE CHRIS/JRR STORYTIME. Please Mark, please? Even if there's historical inaccuracy in the dates…letters to Chris would be okay too though 🙂

  10. blossomingpeach says:

    The prediction posts are made of awesome. I tried to write down all of my predictions for the last Harry Potter book after I got a copy at midnight. I think I only made it through one or two points before I stopped because I just wanted to read it. I'm sad I didn't have the willpower to make myself write them down, because now I can't go re-read them and laugh at my unpreparedness.

    Can't wait for next week. SO UNPREPARED!

  11. Tauriel_ says:

    Okay, so, spoilers:

    Some of your predictions are correct.

    Some of your predictions are wrong as hell.

    You are still not prepared.

    There! I spoiled you! HA! 😀

    • Dreamflower says:

      Aw…such spoilers!!


    • tzikeh says:

      Did you not see this part, in bold, at the top of the post?

      Do not answer any of my questions and do not hint at the validity of any of my predictions.

      Seriously. Did you not?

      • rabidsamfan says:

        Bu, V qba'g xabj. V guvax Cbrgel naq Fbatf ner xvaq bs tvzzrf, ernyyl. Cerggl fher Znex xabjf ur tbg GUBFR evtug.

  12. Idapida says:

    It's almost unbelievable to me that you've managed to pick up so little info about these books/films, considering how popular they've been, but I love it! You're such a LOTR-innocent, which makes these predictions so wonderful 😀

  13. Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu.

    *Cackle* Jryy lrf… ohg uvf punatr bs urneg vf pbzvat n uryy bs n ybg fbbare guna lbh guvax… cbbe Obebzve.

    Tbyyhz jvyy fcrnx gb bar bs gur punenpgref.
    Heh. I'll be waiting for the reaction when this shows up.

    V guvax bar bs gur uboovgf jvyy qvr. Cebonoyl Cvccva.
    Jryy, Cvccva qbrf qb fbzrguvat zbahzragnyyl fghcvq, naq Sebqb trgf zvfgnxra sbe qrnq sbe n oevrs ohg hggreyl greevslvat fcnpr bs gvzr…

    Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre.

    • blossomingpeach says:

      V'z ubcvat sbe fbzr tbbq byq-snfuvbarq xrlfznfurf jura jr trg gb Sebqb'f "qrngu."

        • tardis_stowaway says:

          Tenssvgv-vaqhpvat pyvssunatref ner gur orfg pyvssunatref.

          (V oryvrir va Fureybpx Ubyzrf!)

        • AmandaNekesa says:

          Yep, didn't have to decode that… 😀 V guvax gur pyvssunatre bs GG vf jung V'z ybbxvat sbejneq gb gur zbfg va gung obbx. Lbh trg gur fcyvg frpbaq bs *grnef sberire* jura Fnz guvaxf Sebqb vf qrnq, naq gura vg'f erirnyrq ur'f nyvir, ohg abj pncgherq ol gur bepf.

          So unprepared. *evil grin*

        • V jbaqre vs Znex unf znantrq gb nibvq gung yvggyr ovg bs cbc phygher. V'q urneq/frra Sebqb Yvirf! ybat orsber V ernq nal bs Gur Ybeq bs gur Evatf.

          Bs pbhefr, zl cneragf jrer obgu uvccvrf (nf jryy nf terng ovt trrxf) va gur 70f, fb gung zvtug unir unq fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu vg.

          • notemily says:

            V QVQA'G xabj nobhg Sebqb Yvirf. V'z cerggl fher zl bayl rkcbfher gb YBGE orsber gur zbivrf pnzr bhg jnf wbxrf va Greel Cengpurgg obbxf naq crbcyr anzvat gurve crgf Sebqb. V jbhyqa'g or fhecevfrq vs ur unq ab vqrn. Ur qbrfa'g frrz gb unir nal vqrn gung Tnaqnys pbzrf onpx, naq V jbhyq guvax gung jnf fbzrguvat zbfg crbcyr xarj.

    • eregyrn says:

      Vs ol "punatr bs urneg" lbh zrna "uvf urneg FGBCF orpnhfr ur'f QRNQVGL QRNQ QRNQ", gura, bu lrnu. 😉

      Eryngrq gb guvf, V nz pbzcyrgryl rzoneenffrq gb ernyvmr gung qhr gb gur zbivrf, V unir SBETBGGRA ubj SBGE gur obbx raqf naq jung pbzrf va gur svefg puncgref bs GGG vafgrnq. B_B

      Guvf znxrf zr tynq gung lrfgreqnl, V ebg13'q fbzr fghss ba cevapvcyr… juvpu gheaf bhg va ergebfcrpg gb unir orra pbzcyrgryl ivgny. Jurj.

      V gubhtug gung Znex jnf gnxvat Obebzve'f qrngu njshyyl jryy…

    • feminerdist says:

      That last one there, I had the EXACT same reaction. Gleeful laughter.

    • Katarina says:

      Obebzve is now one of the rot13 words I can read. Along with Snenzve. Gurl fbhaq yvxr n cnve bs snagnfl oebguref rira va ebg13. 🙂

  14. stingingpetals says:

    My predictions:

    You will say "Bless my beard" again. Hee.
    And you will say "Sweet summer child" again. <3

  15. knut_knut says:

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung gurfr gjb gbjref ner? Vf vg gur gbjre va Zbeqbe naq gur bar va Zvanf Gvevgu? TBQ JUL NZ V RIRA NFXVAT DHRFGVBAF.

    Bu, Znex. Rira jr qba'g xabj gur nafjre. Be V thrff znlor jr qb, ohg gur gvgyr vf xvaq bs zvfyrnqvat

    WHY WOULD YOU KILL PIPPIN??? HOW COULD YOU? I am so excited for Monday!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Curtle says:

      V guvax jr qb!!

      Sebz gur raq bs zl rqvgvba bs Sryybjfuvc:

      “Urer raqf gur svefg cneg bs gur uvfgbel bs gur Jne bs gur Evat.

      Gur frpbaq cneg vf pnyyrq GUR GJB GBJREF, fvapr gur riragf erpbhagrq va vg ner qbzvangrq ol BEGUNAP, gur pvgnqry bs Fnehzna, naq gur sbegerff bs ZVANF ZBETHY gung thneqf gur frperg ragenapr gb Zbeqbe; vg gryyf bs gur qrrqf naq crevyf bs nyy gur zrzoref bs gur abj fhaqrerq sryybjfuvc, hagvy gur pbzvat bs gur Terng Qnexarff.

      Gur guveq cneg gryyf bs gur ynfg qrsrapr ntnvafg gur Funqbj, naq gur raq bs gur zvffvba bs gur Evat-ornere va GUR ERGHEA BS GUR XVAT.”

    • notemily says:

      Well, at least he didn't nominate Pippin for president–we all know how that turns out :/

    • Katarina says:

      Ba xvyyvat Cvccva – V jbaqre jung Znex jvyy znxr sebz gur onggyr xvyyvat-Cvccva snxrbhg va EbgX? Bs pbhefr, ol gura, ur zvtug or hfrq gb vg. Gbyxvra vf fhpu n gebyy jvgu uvf snxrbhgf. "Bu, ogj, Sebqb vf qrnq! — Xvqqvat!" "Tnaqnys vf qrnq! *gra sernxvat puncgref cnff* XVQQVAT!"

    • flootzavut says:

      Vf vg jrveq gung rira gur vqrn bs Znex guvaxvat Cvccva jbhyq qvr trahvaryl hcfrg zr?? V guvax gur pbzovangvba bs "Ab! Abg Cvccva <3" naq vg orvat nyfb hcfrggvat gung Znex vf guvaxvat bar bs gur uboovgf jvyy qvr cyhf gur snpg vg'f nsgre zvqavtug…

      Ohg fgvyy. V whfg tbg hcfrg nobhg gur vapbeerpg qrngu cerqvpgvba bs n svpgvbany punenpgre… fubhyq V or pbaprearq?!

  16. Dreamflower says:


    Yay for Mark's awesome power of SUPER-UNPREPAREDNESS!! You need a cape, for sure, and your super-uniform should have a bow-tie! Also boots! Yellow ones in honor of Tom Bombadil!

  17. I am so excited.

    Also possibly unprepared for Mark's unpreparedness.

  18. Trey says:

    One does not simply make a prediction. There are levels of unpreparedness that never drop, and commenters who are ever grinning evilly at the things you do not know. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  19. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Ohhhh I love Predictions time! Especially since I'm new to Buffy so I've missed laughing gleefully at how unprepared you are!

    It's so hard for me to imagine reading these books without already knowing what's going to happen…I don't ever remember a time when I DIDN'T know the whole story.

    SO EXCITE for this book though! So much stuff that I can't wait until you get to…well, I'll say no more, lest I pull a Hagrid.

    • drekfletch says:

      I have a remarkably good memory for plot elements, so I'm with you on not remembering what it's like to be unprepared. It's one of the things I love about Mark Reads. I get to be unprepared vicariously.

  20. nanceoir says:

    Ugh, I hate even typing this. I think one of the hobbits will die. Probably Pippin. ASD;KLFJSALKF;JSDFJK


    No one is touching a hair on those precious hobbits' heads, okay? They're going to live to an old age, have a dozen children, and become Minister of Magic respected and beloved gentlehobbits of the Shire, and nothing else bad will happen to them from here on out, right? Right?

    *hides* Predictions like that are why we can't have nice things, Mark.

    *snuggles hobbits before they are dead from predictions*

    In other news, your levels of preparedness are at an all-time low! 😀

  21. @LarrikJ says:

    It's hilarious how many things I can't remember well enough to know if your predictions are right. Oh well.

  22. Clamarnicale says:

    "Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung gurfr gjb gbjref ner?"

    V svaq guvf cerqvpgvba gb or irel nzhfvat, pbafvqrevat gung snaf unir orra nethvat juvpu gbjref ner gur Gjb Gbjref ersreerq gb va gur gvgyr fvapr gur obbxf jrer eryrnfrq. 🙂 Gbyxvra jnf hafher uvzfrys, hagvy ur svanyyl frggyrq ba Zvanf Zbethy naq Begunap, nf pna or ernq va Yrggref naq frra ba uvf bja pbire qrfvta sbe gur obbx.

    • BetB says:

      "Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung gurfr gjb gbjref ner?"

      V nyjnlf sryg yvxr vg jnf Begunap naq Onenq-qhe fvapr gurl ner gur znva rarzvrf va gur fgbel. Gur svefg unys bs gur fgbel vf nobhg qrnyvat jvgu Fnehzna va Begunap. Gur frpbaq unys vf Sebqb naq Fnz qrnyvat jvgu Fnheba (jvgu qvirefvbaf).

      Lbh ner serr gb qvfnterr. Gung'f whfg VZUB.
      Here's to weeks of Fun Fun Fun!

      • Saphling says:

        I agree with you. Gubhtu cbffvoyl vg pbhyq'ir rnfvyl (naq yrff pbashfvatyl) orra pnyyrq gur Guerr Gbjref, sbe gur juvgr gbjre bs Zvanf Gvevgu, gur qnex gbjre bs Onenq-qhe, naq Begunap.

  23. Rheinman says:

    So, here are my thoughts on your predictions.

    I'm having trouble fathoming that your expectations for the story have all been met, especailly after you felt like the journey was just beginning in Lorien.

    Continuing yesterday's Tower of Power theme, the next two books will bring the noise and the funk.

    ** spoiler **

    ** spoiler **

    ** Major spoiler **

    ** spoiler **

    ** This one is so spoiled even my dogs won't touch it, and that's saying a lot **

    Well that's all I can say, for now…

    He,he. This is gonna be so much fun!

  24. Marie the Bookwyrm says:

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg rknpgyl jung gung Rlr guvat vf.

    Uhu, gung'f n fhecevfr. Nsgre ynfg puncgre, jura Sebqb unq ba gur evat naq sryg gur hafyrrcvat Rlr frnepuvat sbe uvz, V nffhzrq Znex ernyvmrq vg jnf gur fnzr Rlr sebz Tnynqevny'f zntvp onfva.

  25. LjrTR says:

    Monday is going to be such fun!
    Rereading my favorite books along with a Tolkien virgin is such fun.

  26. Dreamflower says:

    # Nyy evtug, yrg’f trg gb vg. Fnz naq Sebqb jvyy trg fvqrgenpxrq naq jba’g znxr vg gb Zbeqbe va guvf obbx ng nyy.

    Jryy, gung'f bar evtug.

    # Gur Pbzcnal jvyy or erhavgrq ol gur raq bs gur obbx.

    Svir bhg bs frira, naq bayl grzcbenevyl.

    # Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre.

    BZT, uvg gung bar bhg bs gur onyycnex!

    # Nejra jvyy znxr na nccrnenapr.


    # Jr jvyy yrnea gung fbzrbar va gur Fuver unf qvrq fvapr gur uboovgf yrsg.

    Nabgure abg.

    # Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu.

    Unys-jebat. Ur unf n punatr bs urneg vzzrqvngryl, ohg hasbeghangryl vg'f fgvyy gbb yngr.

    # Jr jvyy svaq bhg rknpgyl jung gung Rlr guvat vf.

    Bu, Znex, fb HACERCNERQ!!!

    # Tbyyhz jvyy fcrnx gb bar bs gur punenpgref.

    Lrfff, cerpvbhffff

    # Jr jvyy frr ng yrnfg gjb arj perngherf/ornfgf/zbafgref.

    Ng yrnfg; uzz…Ragf, uhbeaf, gur Qrnq, byvcunhag/zhznxvy, sryy ornfgf…

    # Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung gurfr gjb gbjref ner? Vf vg gur gbjre va Zbeqbe naq gur bar va Zvanf Gvevgu? TBQ JUL NZ V RIRA NFXVAT DHRFGVBAF.

    Npghnyyl, gung vf arire rkcynvarq. Ybgf bs gbjref, cvpx gjb.

    # Bar gnyxvat cbal. WHFG BAR, CYRNFR.


    # Htu, V ungr rira glcvat guvf. V guvax bar bs gur uboovgf jvyy qvr. Cebonoyl Cvccva. NFQ;XYSWFNYXS;WFQSWX

    Jryy, WEEG nyzbfg unq Cvccva qvr, ohg vg jbhyqa'g unir orra va guvf obbx. Fb, jebat, gunax tbbqarff!

    # V nz hacercnerq.


    # Cbrzf?


    # Fbatf?

    Vg tbrf jvgubhg fnlvat…

    # V unir ab vqrn jung V’z qbvat nalzber.

    V xabj,vfa'g vg jbaqreshy?

    • etharei says:

      # Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung gurfr gjb gbjref ner? Vf vg gur gbjre va Zbeqbe naq gur bar va Zvanf Gvevgu? TBQ JUL NZ V RIRA NFXVAT DHRFGVBAF.

      Npghnyyl, gung vf arire rkcynvarq. Ybgf bs gbjref, cvpx gjb.

      YBY lrnu zl svefg gubhtug jnf – UR QBRFA'G XABJ UBJ ZNAL LRNEF BS QRONGR UR WHFG GBHPURQ BA URER. Vfa'g vg gung Gbyxvra whfg pbhyqa'g guvax bs n gvgyr sbe gur frpbaq obbx (orpnhfr ur unqa'g vagraqrq sbe gurz gb or n gevybtl) naq guerj guvf bar va?

      # Bar gnyxvat cbal. WHFG BAR, CYRNFR.



      # Htu, V ungr rira glcvat guvf. V guvax bar bs gur uboovgf jvyy qvr. Cebonoyl Cvccva. NFQ;XYSWFNYXS;WFQSWX

      Jryy, WEEG nyzbfg unq Cvccva qvr, ohg vg jbhyqa'g unir orra va guvf obbx. Fb, jebat, gunax tbbqarff!

      Nyy bs gurz unq pybfr-pnyyf, grpuavpnyyl, ohg fb tynq abar bs gurz qvq. Npghnyyl V'z nagvpvcngvat Znex gb trg gb gur raq bs gur Jne naq gur Tbaqbe puncgref naq or nyy JNVG JUL NER GURER FB ZNAL CNTRF YRSG.

      • Dreamflower says:

        V xabj. Qbrf ur rira ernyvmr gurer ner Nccraqvprf?

        • Tauriel_ says:

          Yes, he knows there are Appendices, and I really hope there will be one post reviewing them, because there's just so much information there…

          • Dreamflower says:

            N naq O rnpu qrfreir gurve bja cbfg, gurer ner fb znal bs Znex'f dhrfgvbaf nafjrerq va gubfr. Cyhf bs pbhefr, Nentbea/Nejra.

            V'q ybir gb fnl P jbhyq unir vg'f bja cbfg, nf V pna oyngure sbe ubhef ba uboovg snzvyl gerrf naq gurve vqvbflapenpvrf. Ohg V xabj abg rirelbar vf nf boffrffvir nf V nz ba gung, fb P naq Q pbhyq or pbzovarq, naq fb pbhyq gur yvathvfgvp barf.

        • eregyrn says:

          Jryy, abg whfg nccraqvprf. V fhfcrpg gung ur jvyy xvaq bs sbetrg nyy nobhg Fnehzna naq Tevzn, naq trg gb gur raq bs gur Jne naq gur pebjavat bs gur Xvat, naq or yvxr… hz, vfa'g gung gur raq?

          V trahvaryl guvax vg jbhyq or irel uneq gb nagvpvcngr gung gur obbx jvyy raq abg whfg jvgu gur uboovgf ergheavat gb gur Fuver (gung, V guvax bar zvtug cerqvpg, fvapr gung vf gur fgehpgher bs Gur Uboovg nf jryy, naq vg'f abg gung uneq gb thrff gung fvapr guvf obbx fgnegf va gur Fuver, vg jvyy erghea gurer)… ohg gur jubyr nqqvgvbany Fpbhevat bs gur Fuver guvat (gurl trg ubzr! ohg ng ubzr rirelguvat fhpxf! gurve gnfx fgvyy vfa'g qbar! jbr! ohg gura lnl! ohg fnqarff… ohg, Fnz'f frrq! naq lnl!), abg gb zragvba gur Terl Uniraf va gur irel raq.

          Guvf orvat Gbyxvra, gung gnxrf hc dhvgr n srj cntrf.

          • notemily says:

            V jnf ybbxvat ng gur puncgre yvfg lrfgreqnl naq V jnf fhecevfrq gung zbfg bs gur pyvznk bs gur fgbel gnxrf cynpr va Obbx Bar bs EBGX. Obbx Gjb unf gur npghny qrfgeblvat bs gur evat, ohg nsgre gung vg'f nyy qrabhrzrag!

          • Zoli says:

            Gur Fpbhevat bs gur Fuver guvat vf rfcrpvnyyl shaal/bqq gb zr orpnhfr nf V'z erernqvat vg frrzf yvxr ng yrnfg BAPR N PUNCGRE fbzrbar vf yvxr "zna gur Fuver'f cebonoyl va qnatre abj" "Ab ernyyl ner lbh fher fbzrbar fubhyqa'g tb onpx gb jnea naq cercner gur Fuver ntnvafg rarzvrf?" "Gurer ner vfynaqf bs genadhvyvgl (yvxr Eviraqryy naq gur Fuver) jub jvyy fbba or orfrg ba nyy fvqrf."

            yby Gbyxvra, lbh ner fb boivbhf va lbhe sberfunqbjvat naq lrg fb zhpu vf tbvat ba jr pbzcyrgryl sbetrg nobhg gur Fuver hagvy gurl erghea.

            • eregyrn says:

              Vg'f yvxr Znex fnvq va bar bs gur erivrjf erpragyl: Gbyxvra npghnyyl qbrfa'g gel gb uvqr fghss. Va snpg, ur chgf n ybg bs vg evtug bhg gurer.

              • flootzavut says:

                YES. So true. V guvax gur guvat vf gung gurer vf FB ZHPU gung onfvpnyyl lbh unir ab vqrn jung vf Znwbe Vzcbegnag Sberfunqbjvat naq jung vf whfg Gbyxvra guebjvat va n srj enaqbz vqrnf naq frrvat jung fgvpxf/nqqvat va fbzrguvat gung ersref gb n gbgnyyl qvssrerag cneg bs gur zlgubybtl/enaqbz onpxfgbel fghss gung vf gurer sbe grkgher, be… yvxr… jungrire. Jr ner fb hfrq gb Purxubi'f tha gung jura n jevgre unf n ohapu bs erq ureevatf naq uhtr onpxfgbevrf naq ovgf bs zlgubybtl naq enaqbz ovgf bs onfvpnyyl beny uvfgbel glcr snpgbvqf, naq zhfurf gurz nyy gbtrgure yvxr thzob, gurer'f fb zhpu gurer gung lbh qba'g xabj jung vf npghnyyl tbvat gb cnl bss. Vs guvf znqr NAL frafr… V thrff vg'f bar bs gur znwbe guvatf gung ernyyl znxrf vg srry yvxr npghny zlgubybtl, naq abg whfg n perngrq jbeyq.

            • stefb4 says:

              yby Gbyxvra, lbh ner fb boivbhf va lbhe sberfunqbjvat naq lrg fb zhpu vf tbvat ba jr pbzcyrgryl sbetrg nobhg gur Fuver hagvy gurl erghea.

              Just as planned.

      • Shannon says:

        YBY lrnu zl svefg gubhtug jnf – UR QBRFA'G XABJ UBJ ZNAL LRNEF BS QRONGR UR WHFG GBHPURQ BA URER. Vfa'g vg gung Gbyxvra whfg pbhyqa'g guvax bs n gvgyr sbe gur frpbaq obbx (orpnhfr ur unqa'g vagraqrq sbe gurz gb or n gevybtl) naq guerj guvf bar va?

        NSNVX, V qba'g guvax Gbyxvra cvpxrq bhg nal bs gur gevybtl fho-gvgyrf. Ur anzrq YbgE, ohg ur qrfcvfrq obgu Gur Gjb Gbjref naq Erghea bs gur Xvat nf gvgyrf, gur sbezre orpnhfr vg vf fb abafcrpvsvp (abg rira ur xarj juvpu gbjref, vvep) naq EBGX orpnhfr ur sryg vg tnir njnl gur jubyr raqvat.

    • anobium says:

      # Nyy evtug, yrg’f trg gb vg. Fnz naq Sebqb jvyy trg fvqrgenpxrq naq jba’g znxr vg gb Zbeqbe va guvf obbx ng nyy.

      Jryy, gung'f bar evtug.

      Vf vg? Nf V erpnyy vg, gurl qb trg vagb zbeqbe evtug arne gur raq bs gur obbx. Erzrzorevat gung ol "guvf obbx" Znex zrnaf gur jubyr bs Gur Gjb Gbjref, abg whfg gur svefg unys.

      • Dreamflower says:

        Abcr. Gurl trg gb Pvevgu Hatby ba gur obeqre, ohg gurl qba'g trg npghnyyl VAFVQR Zbeqbe hagvy EbgX.

        • eregyrn says:

          Uzz, vagrerfgvat. V thrff V jbhyq unir pbhagrq "vafvqr Pvevgu Hatby" nf "znqr vg vagb Zbeqbe". Lbh'er evtug, vg'f ba gur obeqre, ohg bapr lbh'er va gur sbegerff, V guvax bs vg nf orvat va Zbeqbe.

          • Erik says:

            Jryy, Sebqb vf (oneryl) va gur gbjre ng gur raq. Fnz vf (whfg nf oneryl) bhgfvqr gur ghaary tngrf, naq gurersber *abg* va Zbeqbe. Pnyy vg n fcyvg qrpvfvba. 🙂

      • eregyrn says:

        Vg'f uneq gb fnl, tvira ubj zhpu Znex qbrfa'g ernyvmr. V zrna lrf, grpuavpnyyl, gurl znxr vg VAGB Zbeqbe. V whfg unir n srryvat gung Znex pna'g ernyvmr gung znxvat vg vagb Zbeqbe, naq trggvat gb Zbhag Qbbz, nera'g flabalzbhf, fb rira bapr gurl pebff gur obeqre gurer vf fgvyy n ybg bs wbhearl yrsg gb gurve tbny.

        • fantasy_fan says:

          Vg frrzf Gbyxvra qbrfa'g pbafvqre gur gbjre bs Pvevgu Hatby grpuavpnyyl va Zbeqbe vgfrys. Jura Fnz yrnirf Sebqb, guvaxvat uvz qrnq, naq trgf nyzbfg gb gur gbc bs gur evqtr, gurer Gbyxvra fnlf, "Nf gur furre fvqrf bs gur Pyrsg pybfrq nobhg uvz, orsber ur ernpurq gur npghny fhzzvg, orsber ur ybbxrq ng ynfg ba gur cngu qrfpraqvat vagb gur Anzryrff Ynaq, ur ghearq…Gura ng ynfg ur ghearq gb gur ebnq va sebag naq gbbx n srj fgrcf: gur urnivrfg naq gur zbfg eryhpgnag ur unq rire gnxra." Ur vf ng gur obeqre gura.

          Naq abg hagvy EBGX qbrf guvf unccra: "Uvf ybir sbe Sebqb ebfr nobir nyy bgure gubhtugf, naq sbetrggvat uvf crevy ur pevrq nybhq: ‘V’z pbzvat Ze. Sebqb!’
          Ur ena sbejneq gb gur pyvzovat cngu naq bire vg. Ng bapr gur ebnq ghearq yrsg naq cyhatrq fgrrcyl qbja. Fnz unq pebffrq vagb Zbeqbe."

          Va nqqvgvba, va gur fubeg erpnc orsber EBGX, Gbyxvra fnlf, "Ng yratgu ur [Fnz] gnxrf gur Evat naq nggrzcgf gb pneel ba gur ubcryrff dhrfg nybar. Ohg whfg nf ur vf nobhg gb pebff vagb gur ynaq bs Zbeqbe, bepf pbzr hc sebz Zvanf Zbethy naq qbja sebz gur gbjre bs Pvevgu Hatby gung thneqf gur pebja bs gur cnff. " Ur jnf whfg nobhg gb pebff, ohg unq abg lrg ng gung cbvag.

          Not that I'm picky or anything (LOL)

    • Zoli says:

      -Vg'f abg rira gung gurl trg fvqrgenpxrq, vg'f zbfgyl gung Zbeqbe vf whfg shpxvat sne njnl naq ybgf bs bofgnpyrf ner va orgjrra.

      -V nyjnlf nffhzrq gur Gjb Gbjref jrer Begunap naq Onen-qhe, ohg V fhccbfr lbh pbhyq nyfb znxr n pnfr sbe Zvavf Gvevgu if. Zvanf Zbethy. Cebonoyl vg qbrfa'g znggre.

      -V nyfb pbhag Pvevgu Hathy nf orvat 'va Zbeqbe' fvapr gurl ner jvguva vgf obeqref, gurl'er whfg abjurer pybfr gb Zg. Qbbz fgvyy.

    • sudden_eyes says:

      # Jr jvyy frr ng yrnfg gjb arj perngherf/ornfgf/zbafgref.

      Ng yrnfg; uzz…Ragf, uhbeaf, gur Qrnq, byvcunhag/zhznxvy, sryy ornfgf…


      • Rheinman says:

        "GUNG SHPXVAT FCVQRE!!!!!"

        V nterr pbzcyrgryl. V ungr gur Furybo fprarf jvgu gur sver bs n gubhfnaq fhaf, gurl perrc zr bhg fb onq. Nygubhtu, V qb yvxr gur cbrgel:

        Cbbe yvggyr syvrf,
        pnhtug va n jro.
        Abj lbh'er nyvir,
        ohg fbba lbh'yy or….rngra.


        • flootzavut says:

          Gur cbrz vf nyzbfg jbegu gur fcvqre… nyzbfg.

          CF V jvyy arire trg bire ubj phgr Furybo vf va EBG13. FB JEBAT.

  27. Alice says:

    "I am unprepared." 😀 You are so precious! Can't wait for Monday.Also I'm curious about your banner.Is it going to change?

  28. stellaaaaakris says:

    OBEBZVE!!! Jngpuvat gur svefg zbivr orsber V ernq gur frpbaq obbx fcbvyrq zr fb onq sbe gung. Jura V jnyxrq bhg bs gur gurngre, V jnf guvaxvat, "Uhu? V qba'g erzrzore gung. Jnvg…."

    Unrelated to this (also I'm still a review and a half behind here and on Buffy – silly work, needing to get done and stuff), but I bought the first MRHP ebook (yay! Merchandise I want to buy.). But I'm having issues. I bought the epub version because I got a Nook for Christmas but I can't get the book on it. Every time I download it from the website, my Adobe Digital Editions Library opens it, but it doesn't let me save a copy to put on my Nook shelf (which they say is the way to transfer items to it). When I close Digital Editions, it's gone and if I want to read it, I need to go re-download it. Has anybody has this issue? Or can anybody who understands technology more than I do, which wouldn't be hard, explain what I should do? Should I buy the PDF version for the next books? Any help would be awesome! Thank you!

    • monkeybutter says:

      I have a kindle, not a Nook, but they both allow sideloading, right? Can you connect your Nook to your computer by USB, open up the device, and drag and drop the file from wherever you've downloaded it to into the My Documents folder on the Nook?

    • nanceoir says:

      When you click to download the file, do you get a dialog box that asks if you want to save the file or open the file? I know I do that sometimes with pdfs, open when I mean to save. Depending on what sort of settings you've got for your browser, that could be a thing.

    • Appachu says:

      I have a Nook Tablet, and I use a program called Calibre to handle ebooks and put them on my device. It's actually quite a fantastic program – it can convert between epub, PDF, mobi, and probably a lot of other formats, and it can interact with my Nook, the Sony Reader, and I would imagine most other ereaders as well. (And even if you don't use it to put books on a device, which I didn't until I got my Nook, it's still fantastic for handling and organizing ebooks, especially if you have a lot.) So you might look into that. Just google "Calibre download" or something like that. It's free.

      There may be other ways, too, but I wouldn't know.

    • bugeye says:

      Yes, I too, just bought MRHP+SS and transferred it to my Nook. “ download,” and then OK to “ Save the File”. It will save in Downloads. Because you have already downloaded I would try this now: Open your download file, find MRHP+ss and then drag or Send To your nook. It does not transfer through Digital Editons. I feel bad, in executing this learning curve I downloaded two copies of Mark’s book. Sorry.

    • stellaaaaakris says:

      Thank you all for your suggestions and help. I am now the proud owner of MRHP+SS on my Nook!

  29. Lugija says:

    I hope I'm not acting like a dwarf on tea-time, but if some of you remember how unprepared I was for LOST's Season 5, please enjoy it some more. Here are my original predictions and after-comments to them. First I was going to bold the comments, but then I realized that they won't be bolded after rotting. So they are in these: ()

    SPOILS seasons 1-5 of LOST

    -Fnjlre jvyy trg orngra gjvpr va gur svefg svir rcvfbqrf. Orpnhfr vg frrzf yvxr rirelbar jnagf gb qb vg ng yrnfg bapr. (Abg va gur svefg svir, ohg va ragver frnfba ur jnf, jnfa’g ur? V qvqa’g xrrc pbhag)
    -Guvf frnfba jvyy or frg hc gb fubj ubj crbcyr ner qbvat ba Vfynaq, jvgu synfusbejneqf gb Bprnavp 6 gelvat gb trg onpx Abg rknpgyl synfusbejneqf, orpnhfr gurl ubccrq va gvzr nyy nebhaq, naq guvf jnf na rnfl bar, fb ab cbvagf)
    -Ba Vfynaq, vg’f tbaan or Ybeq bs gur Syvrf, orpnhfr Evpuneq jnagf eriratr naq Ybpxr jvyy or uvf chccrg. Arne gur svanyr (be va gur ortvaavat bs gur svefg rcvfbqr) jr’yy svaq bhg jung’f gur znggre jvgu Evpuneq xrrcvat hc jvgu snfuvbaf. (Hayrff ur’f fbzr fbeg bs qrvgl, V ernyyl qba’g xabj. Naq ur frrzf nf pyhryrff nf rirelbar nobhg gur ovt guvatf, fb ab cbvagf)
    -Gurer jvyy or fbzrbar anzrq Trbetr Orexryrl be Trbet Urtry, orpnhfr gung’yy or nabgure cubybfbcure sebz gur 18gu praghel. Urtry unq n gurbel gung rirelguvat eryngrf gb rirelguvat, naq Orexryrl gubhtug gung abguvat rkvpgf jvgubhg orvat creprvirq. Obgu vqrnf svg vagb gur riragf bs Ybfg (Arvgure, gbb onq nsgre Ybpxr, Oragunz, Uhzr, Ohexr naq Ebhffrnh)
    -Bprnavp 6 jvyy trg onpx, ohg fb jvyy Ze. Jvqzber. Ur jvyy fubj ubj ovt rivy obff ur vf ol hfvat fbzr fbeg bs n anab-ryrpgevp-qlanzvgr-tha ba gur Zbafgre, qrfgeblvat vg. Naq gura ur’yy fnl “gurer’f n arj furevss va gbja”. Bxnl, gung jba’g unccra, fvapr V pbhyq frr vg unccra. Jr ner gnyxvat nobhg Ybfg. (Qvqa’g unccra, naq V’z abg rira fher gur arj penfuref ner fraq ol uvz.)
    -Ohg lrnu, Jvqzber naq Ora ner gur onq thlf, naq bgure punenpgref ner gur cnjaf ba gurve qrpnqr-byq tnzr. Gur dhrfgvba vf, ubj jvyy gurl trg gb gur bgure raq bs gur obneq naq orpbzr dhrraf? (Va cresrpgyl avpr Ybfg-snfuvba guvf jnf ghearq hcfvqr-qbja. Lrf, gurer’f n praghevrf-byq tnzr, ohg vg’f cynlrq ol gjb bgure thlf. Naq Ora naq Jvqzber ner cnjaf. Gbgnyyl njrfbzr)
    -Ybgf bs nafjref, ohg ybgf bs arj dhrfgvbaf nf jryy (jryy, guvf bar jnf rnfl). Jr’yy svaq bhg jung ner gur pbaarpgvbaf orgjrra Qunezn, Unafb naq Jvqzber, zbgvirf bs Ze. Jvqzber, fbzr bs gur uvfgbel bs gur vfynaq (yvxr Oynpx Ebpx, gur napvrag fghss naq jung rknpgyl unccrarq gb gur Serapu crbcyr naq jul qvq gurl urne ahzoref? (Ab arjf nobhg Unafb, ohg Qunezn, Jvqzber, gur napvrag fghss naq gur Serapu crbcyr jrer va fcbgyvtug)
    -Dhrfgvbaf jr jba’g (lrg) trg nafjref gb: Gur ovt fghss, yvxr ubj qb lbh zbir gur vfynaq? Jung vf gur Zbafgre naq jurer qvq vg pbzr sebz? Jurer qvq gur bguref pbzr sebz? Jub ner Nqnz naq Rir? Jung rknpgyl vf n gehr Uhssyrchss, naljnl? (Lrnu, nyy bs gubfr ner fgvyy n ovt zlfgrel. Fbzr arj cvrprf gb chmmyr jrer tvira, ohg abg zhpu. Zbivat gur Vfynaq cebonoyl jba’g or rkcynvarq shegure)
    -Wva fheivirq. Ohg jurer? (Ebhffrnh’f zngrf erfphrq uvz. Va 1988. Lrnu, V qvqa’g frr guvf bar pbzvat)
    -Ab bar jvyy trg n unccl raqvat (nsgre Zvpunry qvrq, V jnf n yvggyr… V qba’g xabj, qvfnccbvagrq? Jul pbhyqa’g ur naq Jnyg unir n unccl raqvat? Gurer pbhyq unir orra zber gb gurve fgbel. Gung znqr zr guvax gung vg jnf Qrfzbaq va gur pbssva, orpnhfr gung jbhyq unir orra pehry naq vg jnf znqr pyrne gung gur znxref pna or pehry) (Qvq guvf pbagvahr? Jryy, nfx Snenqnl, jub jnf envfrq yvxr n cvt sbe fynhtugre, be Whyvrg, jub creuncf nfxrq sbe vg jvgu gung erq fuveg bs ure, ohg fgvyy. Qba’g qb guvf gb Fnjlre)

    Continues in reply.

    • Lugija says:

      -Qrnguf: “Ybpxr” (V qba’g guvax ur’f ernyyl qrnq. V unir n gurbel sbe guvf) ybgf bs erqfuvegf, yrg’f fnl frira bs gur haanzrq fheivibef, bar bs gur sbhe sebz gur uryvpbcgre (yrg’f cynl snve naq abg fnl gur cvybg, jub jbhyq or gur boivbhf bar. V’yy fnl Puneybggr vafgrnq) naq Whyvrg. Npghnyyl V unir ybfg pbhag bs ubj znal fheivibef bs Syvtug 815 ner fgvyy nyvir. Orsber gur svanyr, zl pbhag jnf 51, bs juvpu 13 ner jvgu gur Bguref (jbhyq yvxr gb frr zber bs gubfr). Nsgre gur svanyr naq gur zrff jvgu gur obng, V unir ab vqrn. (Nyy evtug. Nsgre gur sver neebj nggnpx naq Puneybggr qlvat, V jnf ernyyl jbeevrq nobhg Whyvrg, jub V unq cvpxrq whfg orpnhfr vg sryg evtug)
      – Zl “Eba vf Qhzoyrqber”-gurbel nobhg Ybpxr naq Puevfgvna Furcureq:
      Nsgre gnyxvat gb Bprnavp 6 naq Jnyg, Ybpxr fbzrubj frag uvzfrys gb gur Vfynaq (qba’g nfx zr ubj). Gur obql erznvarq nsgre uvz, whfg yvxr Puevfgvna’f qvq. Jura gurl gnxr vg gb gur Vfynaq va guvf frnfba, ur jvyy jnyx bhg bs uvf pbssva, yvxr Puevfgvna qvq. Ubj guvf vf qbar, jvyy or unaqjnirq nf abg vzcbegnag. Ohg gur ovt cbvag vf gung Puevfgvna jnf abg qrnq, uvf zvaq jnf genafcbegrq gb gur Vfynaq (jurer ur unf orra orsber QHZQHZQHZ) (Lrnu, ab. Fnqarff nyy nebhaq)
      -Ybgf bs xrlfznfu va zl oenvaf (100% pbeerpg. Ab cevmr)

      V sryg gung znal bs gurfr cerqvpgvbaf jrer rnfl gb znxr, nf gur sbhegu frnfba ernyyl gvrq guvatf gbtrgure naq fubjrq hf gur ovt cvpgher. Abj vg’f “whfg” ohvyqvat gur erfg bs gur chmmyr. (Naq jung n chmmyr. Vg erzvaqf zr bs… uvrebtylcuf)

      Fbzr trareny gubhtugf nobhg Frnfba 5 va ab beqre:
      -Njrfbzr frnfba, gbb znal terng zbzragf gb yvfg, ohg V ernyyl yvxrq ubj gurl pbhyq xrrc rirel fprar rkpvgvat jura znal bs gurz jrer nyernql “fcbvyrq” ol cerivbhfyl fubjrq shgher
      -Gur ovt zlfgrel va gur ynfg rcvfbqrf jnf jurgure lbh pbhyq punatr gur shgher. Jryy, rirel gvzr gurl zragvbarq gung, V erzrzorerq gur ohggresyl zrgncube naq xrcg guvaxvat “Ab jnl lbh ner ernyyl guvaxvat nobhg guvf. Punatr bar guvat va 1977, n fznyy guvat, naq vg jbhyq unir hapnyphgnoyr erfhygf (yvxr ybgf bs crbcyr punatvat gb qvssrerag crbcyr orpnhfr gurl arire znqr vg gb gur jbzo).” Naq jr pyrneyl fnj Fha, Ora naq pb. va hapunatrq shgher, fb lrnu. Ohg fheryl gurer unccrarq fbzrguvat jura gung obzo rkcybqrq, V whfg unir ab vqrn jung.
      -Wnpbo/gur Zna va gur Oynpx, ubj njrfbzr vf guvf? Wnpbo abg ivfvgvat Whyvrg va ure synfuonpx jnf n avpr gbhpu, ubjrire, vg fubhyq unir fcbvyrq gur raqvat qrngu sbe zr, ohg vg qvqa’g.
      -Ybpxr orvat ernyyl qrnq fvapr gur svefg unys bs gur frnfba, naq gur Zna va gur Oynpx npgvat nf uvz, V unir ab jbeqf. V ernyyl yvxrq gur gvzr cnenqbkrf jvgu Ybpxr’f “Qrfgval”. Ur uvzfrys gryyf gur Bguref ur’f tbvat gb or gurve obff, fb ur orpbzrf gurve obff. Gur Zna va gur Oynpx fnlf (nf Ybpxr) gb Ybpxr gung ur unf gb qvr, naq ur qvrf, fb gur Zna va gur Oynpx pna npg nf uvz. Ubj qvq V abg xabj guvf frevrf jura vg svefg fubjrq?
      -Fbzr jbeqf nobhg cnvevatf, juvpu V unira’g ernyyl gubhtug nobhg, rkprcg gb ubcr gung Wnpx/Xngr jbhyq yrg Fnjlre nybar. Jura Fnjlre tbg gbtrgure jvgu Whyvrg, V jnf irel tynq, naq rira zber tynq V jnf jura Xngr pbzvat onpx qvqa’g jerpx gurve eryngvbafuvc (rkprcg gung gurl ybfg gurve wbof naq rnpu bgure, naq jub xabjf jung unccraf arkg?)
      -Punenpgref V znxr n unccl fzvyr sbe jurarire gurl ner ba gur fperra (sebz rirel frnfba): Uheyrl, Ora, Gbz, Znefunyy Znef, Yncvqhf, Fbzr Punenpgre Gung’f Vzcbegnag Gb Gur Cybg Naq Neevirf Jvgubhg Jneavat (yvxr Enqmvafxl, Nonqqba, Jvqzber, Rguna).
      -V’z fhcre rkpvgrq sbe gur ynfg (*favs*) frnfba bs guvf zbfg njrfbzr gi-frevrf. Naq gb guvax gung V obhtug gur svefg frnfba sbe 10 rhebf, nsgre cbaqrevat sbe n juvyr jurgure V fubhyq. Bayl guvatf V xarj nobhg vg orsber fgnegvat gb jngpu jrer: Vg’f nobhg na vfynaq jurer fgenatr guvatf unccra, yvxr cbyne ornef. Cbyne ornef? Jryy, V unir zvffrq fbzrguvat zvaq-zrygvat fvapr Uneel Cbggre raqrq, fb V’yy tvir vg n fubg. (Juhhffu, synfuonpx raqf)
      -Abj V unir gur pbzcyrgr pbyyrpgbe’f frg (jul vg’f pnyyrq pbyyrpgbe’f frg vf orlbaq zr, pbyyrpgbe’f fubhyq unir nyy bs gurz nyernql) fvggvat ba zl furys, orvat njrfbzr, naq V’z yvfgravat gb Pnff Ryyvbg rira abj. Znxr lbhe bja xvaq bs zhfvp, oebgure.
      -V’z cynaavat gb jngpu gur svefg svir frnfbaf ntnva orsber pbagvahvat. Nf bar jub jnvgrq sbe gjb lrnef sbe gur ynfg Cbggre obbx, guvf vf va zl angher. V’yy cbfg zl cerqvpgvbaf bs Frnfba 6 va arkg cerqvpgvba cbfg, nsgre V’ir gubhtug nobhg gurz.
      -Yvxr gur fbat ol Pnff Ryyvbg fnlf: “Vg’f trggvat orggre, tebjvat fgebatre, jnez naq jvyqre, trggvat orggre rirel qnl, orggre rirel qnl”

      • stefb4 says:

        Question: Qvq lbh synvy jura Wnpbo jnf svanyyl erirnyrq? Do you know how long viewers like me who had been watching since the pilot premiered was waiting for that? FOREVER. WE WAITED FOREVER.

        You are sooo lucky you didn't have the agony of waiting like a year in between (especially when they pushed the season premieres to February instead of Sept/Oct GAHHH). I'm glad you liked the 5th season, some people don't. I would like to hear your season 6 predictions! I loved season 6.

        • Lugija says:

          V zbfg pregnvayl qvq. Rira gubhtu svefg V jnf xvaq bs "zru" (jr xarj ur rkvfgrq naq ur jnf abg nalbar jr xarj orsber). Ohg V unir jevggra cntrf bs nanylfrf, gurbevrf, yvfgf bs synfuonpxf/sbejneqf naq punenpgref nyvir naq qrnq, naq gb unir fhqqrayl na nafjre gb n ovt dhrfgvba znqr zr unccl – sbe n juvyr, gura zl zvaq jnf svyyrq ol arj dhrfgvbaf.

          Naq gur ynfg zvahgrf bs svanyr? Nsgre vg V ernq zl cerqvpgvbaf, naq fnj zlfrys orvat nyy "V xabj jung gur ovt cybg vf, vg'f Jvqzber naq Ora svtugvat sbe gur Vfynaq". Fb hacercnerq.

          V pna frr jul znal jbhyq abg yvxr guvf frnfba, ohg sbe zr vg jnf rabezbhf sha. Bayl guvat nobhg gur gvzr-geniryyvat gung ohttrq zr jnf ubj qvq gurl nyjnlf geniry gb n gvzr gung fbzrguvat vzcbegnag unccrarq? Rkprcg vs gur Vfynaq jnagrq vg. Bu, arj dhrfgvba: Vf gurer "gur Vfynaq" gung jnagf fbzrguvat be unf vg nyjnlf orra Wnpbo naq gur Zna va gur Oynpx hfvat gurve cbjref? Ner gurl gjb fvqrf bs gur Vfynaq? Jung vf gur raretl va gur raretl cbpxrg Qunezn qevyyrq va? (Vs gurl npghnyyl nafjre guvf bar, gura jbj).

          V hfrq gb wbxr onpx va gur svefg frnfba gung "Gur ynfg rcvfbqr jvyy or n zna jvgu n syvc puneg naq ur'yy rkcynva rirelguvat". Ohg guvaxvat onpx gb frnfbaf 4 naq 5, gurl unir npghnyyl nafjrerq gb n ybg bs guvatf. Gur bayl ovt guvat yrsg vf gur zlgubybtl, naq V unir ybnarq puvyqera obbxf nobhg napvrag Rtlcg gb or cercnerq (nqhyg obbxf ybbxrq obevat naq zbfg bs gurz qvqa'g unir nalguvat nobhg tbqf).

  30. @MeagenImage says:


  31. Etharei says:

    YAY so excite for your predictions! TT is actually the book I know best, because for about two years in high school it was the only book of the trilogy that I owned. (I’d already read the whole thing from the school library. I can’t remember exactly why I only had one book out of three, or why I chose that one.)

    Now that you’ve figured out about stalker!Gollum, and in memory of our sassy gay wizard, I’d like to share my most favorite passage in FOTR:

    ‘… What a pity Bilbo did not stab that vile creature [Gollum], when he had a chance!’

    ‘Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike without need. And he has been rewarded, Frodo. Be sure that he took so little hurt from the evil, and escaped in the end, because he began his ownership of the Ring so. With Pity.’

    [skipping out a bit of the conversation]

    ‘…Now at any rate he is as bad as an Orc, and just an enemy. He deserves death.’

    ‘Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be so eager to deal out death in judgement…’

    Chapter 2: Shadow of the Past

    THIS WAS MIND-BLOWING TO MY ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD BRAIN OKAY. A lot of books I’ve read in the sci-fi/fantasy genre before and since tend to respond to danger with MUST KILL THREAT YAY VIOLENCE so to see one of my favorite literary characters advocating kindness and consideration was amazing. Not that there isn’t violence in LOTR. But this made me Think Things!

    Bx V’z nyfb funevat guvf orpnhfr vg’f n tbetrbhf cvrpr bs sberfunqbjvat naq frgf gur fprar sbe Sebqb’f wbhearl va gur arkg gjb obbxf. Bu Tbyyhz, lbh’er fhpu n snfpvangvat punenpgre.

    You are very correct re: “I am unprepared.” 😀

    • Dreamflower says:

      BTW, hope you don't mind a personal question…are you the "etharei" on my LJ flist? The one for whom I am still patiently waiting for more of "To Follow an Elf"? If not, please ignore. If so "HI" (((hugs))) good to see you here!

      • etharei says:

        Yes, I am 😀 Hi! And omg, I'm ridiculously flattered that you still remember my wee fic *blush* I'm happy to see you here too. I've actually been casually reading Mark's stuff since Harry Potter, but when LOTR came up and I saw you commenting I wanted to join in the fun too. Rereading LOTR and following the filming of The Hobbit has been so exciting and nostalgic!

    • flootzavut says:

      Gandalf <3 :'(

  32. Eira says:

    V’z trarenyyl qvfnccbvagrq bire gurfr cerqvpgvbaf, V zrna, gurl’er abg gung onq. Boivbhfyl gurl’er abg 100% pbeerpg rvgure (fvapr Gbyxvra vf n irel hacerqvpgnoyr zna, naq gur UHTRARFF bs gur fgbel vgfrys), ohg lbh’er abg nf ybfg nf lbh jrer ba gur Fbat bs Vpr naq Sver-cerqvpgvbaf, gubfr nyjnlf znqr zr tvttyr zlfrys bhg bs gur punve!

    But most of all i am so excited to join you further on this journey in next week!!! 😀

  33. MrsGillianO says:

    Some of them are close and some are so far away they are in another solar system.


  34. Waffles says:

    Oh, my word. Mark. I… so unprepared.

    You. I mean YOU are so unprepared.

  35. Completely Unrelated to LOTR, but I Must Share This

    [youtube KlROQtoLJZc youtube]


  36. rubyjoo says:

    I read LotR years ago but I still remember some of my own predictions at this stage:

    1) Boromir and Aragorn would go to Minas Tirith to rouse the troops, gather an army and be ready to attack Sauron.
    2) Merry, Pippin, Legolas and Gimli would go with them.
    3) Merry and Pippin would be taught swordcraft by Boromir and Aragorn and would become amazing fighters, acquitting themselves well in any coming fight.
    4) Denethor would be annoyed with Boromir for "failing" in his quest on so many fronts, such as letting the ring slip through his grasp and coming back with the heir to the throne who would present a challenge to him. Denethor would try to rid himself of Aragorn somehow or other, perhaps by sending him off on some hopeless task.
    5) My romantic heart told me that Arwen would turn up at Minas Tirith, accompanied by Galadriel. There would be nice scenes between Arwen and Aragorn explaining their relationship more and Galadriel would help Gondor in a significant way using her ring, Nenya, thus setting up another alliance between Elves and Men.
    6) Gloin would arrive at MT with an army of dwarves to help out his son.
    7) Frodo and Sam would only make slow progress because of difficult terrain and horrible things that happen to them en route. With so much of the story left to go, Tolkien would have to thwart them somehow.
    8) Gollum would follow Sam and Frodo and be some cause for concern.
    9) After the fall of Gandalf, I remember feeling VERY anxious about everyone's safety but, unlike Mark, who has chosen to finger Pippin, I was unsure about who was marked out for death – if any. Was Gandalf enough? Or would one or more of the others meet a similar fate? For some reason, I felt confident about the survival of Aragorn, but would Boromir, Legolas or Gimli die nobly in some battle? With 4 hobbits, could Tolkien afford to lose at least one of these? With Sam and Frodo both trying to destroy the Ring, could we afford to lose one of these too? Would there be a touching scene as either Sam or Frodo died whilst the other one nursed him in his arms and then continued the journey on his own? Since I favoured Sam, I predicted that Frodo would get killed.

    Your guesses, Mark, are just as likely or unlikely as those made by the rest of us when we first read the book – mine were right, sort of right, sort of wrong and absolutely wrong. You have nothing to be ashamed of, LOL!

    • rabidsamfan says:

      I can't remember making any predictions when I reached this point. I cheated and read the first chapter of Two Towers straight away, so I have nothing but admiration for your restraint and diligence in conducting the intellectual exercise of prediction. Mind you, I probably should have made predictions — I was reading LotR for a fantasy lit course.. (I kept LotR for a reward, after I'd done the rest of my homework each night.)

      Nygubhtu nsgre ernqvat nobhg Obebzve, V jnf fb fnq gung V jnf xvaq bs tynq gb chg gur obbx nfvqr sbe n juvyr naq ernq fghss sbe zl uvfgbel pynff vafgrnq.

      • rubyjoo says:

        Now that I'm older, I cheat too, rabidsamfan. Not only do I read the chapter headings, sometimes I even read the last paragraph. Few writers have held me in the same grip as Tolkien.

        And thank you for your kind words, hymnia.

    • hymnia says:

      Gubfr jrer fbzr cerggl tbbq cerqvpgvbaf! Rira fbzr bs gur jebat barf unq engure ynetr xrearyf bs gehgu. SERK:

      # Zreel naq Cvccva jbhyq or gnhtug fjbeqpensg ol Obebzve naq Nentbea naq jbhyq orpbzr nznmvat svtugref, npdhvggvat gurzfryirf jryy va nal pbzvat svtug.

      Gurl qb orpbzr frnfbarq fbyqvref naq ghea bhg gb or gur ovt npgvba urebrf va gur Fpbhevat bs gur Fuver–ohg gurl yrnea vg znvayl ol rknzcyr naq sebz punenpgref bgure guna gubfr gjb (yvxr Rbjla naq Orertbaq). Naq qevaxvat Gerrorneq'f jngre qvqa'g uheg…

      # Qrargube jbhyq or naablrq jvgu Obebzve sbe "snvyvat" va uvf dhrfg ba fb znal sebagf, fhpu nf yrggvat gur evat fyvc guebhtu uvf tenfc naq pbzvat onpx jvgu gur urve gb gur guebar jub jbhyq cerfrag n punyyratr gb uvz. Qrargube jbhyq gel gb evq uvzfrys bs Nentbea fbzrubj be bgure, creuncf ol fraqvat uvz bss ba fbzr ubcryrff gnfx.

      Ercynpr "Obebzve" naq "Nentbea" jvgu "Snenzve", naq lbh cerggl zhpu unir vg.

      # Jvgu Fnz naq Sebqb obgu gelvat gb qrfgebl gur Evat, pbhyq jr nssbeq gb ybfr bar bs gurfr gbb? Jbhyq gurer or n gbhpuvat fprar nf rvgure Fnz be Sebqb qvrq juvyfg gur bgure bar ahefrq uvz va uvf nezf naq gura pbagvahrq gur wbhearl ba uvf bja? Fvapr V snibherq Fnz, V cerqvpgrq gung Sebqb jbhyq trg xvyyrq.

      Onfvpnyyl, lrf–rkprcg sbe gung gval ceboyrz bs gur qvssrerapr orgjrra "zbfgyl qrnq" naq "nyy qrnq".

      Fb lrnu. Abg gbb funool.

      V'z nzhfrq ol guvf bar, gbb:

      # Zl ebznagvp urneg gbyq zr gung Nejra jbhyq ghea hc ng Zvanf Gvevgu, nppbzcnavrq ol Tnynqevry. Gurer jbhyq or avpr fprarf orgjrra Nejra naq Nentbea rkcynvavat gurve eryngvbafuvc zber naq Tnynqevry jbhyq uryc Tbaqbe va n fvtavsvpnag jnl hfvat ure evat, Araln, guhf frggvat hc nabgure nyyvnapr orgjrra Ryirf naq Zra.

      Gung jnf gbb znal jbzra sbe Gbyxvra gb unaqyr, V guvax. Ab jnl guvf obbx jnf tbvat gb cnff gur Orpuqry Grfg, V'z nsenvq. 😉 Ohg gura, ubj pbhyq lbh unir cerqvpgrq gung n oenaq-arj punenpgre jbhyq or va punetr bs nyy gur tvey cbjre sebz gung cbvag ba?

  37. ladykjane says:

    This is the first time I've read your predictions and actually loled because … not prepared, Mark.

    You are really making me appreciate this trilogy more than I have done previously. Although I don't know whether I can ever come to truly love Tolkien rambling on for page after page after page and nothing happens except walking. As someone who, as a (somewhat fat) child, was taken for lots of "exciting walks" around the English (and Welsh) countryside, it brings back painful memories. Although perhaps being pursued by evil it may have been more exciting, who knows? /end tangent.

  38. tanbarkie says:

    "Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu."

    Jryy, abg fb zhpu n punatr bs urneg nf n punatr va gur shapgvbany fgngr bs gur urneg. Vs lbh xabj jung V zrna.

    (Bxnl, V thrff ur qbrf unir n zrgncubevpny punatr bs urneg gbb.)

  39. teaspooncapacity says:

    V'z fbeel, ohg fbzr bs gurfr ner whfg gbb shaal. Obebzve cerqvpgvba? Znex vf tbvat gb syvc uvf fuvg jura ur ernqf gur irel svefg cntr bs Gur Gjb Gbjref. Pyvssunatre? Uryy lrnu yvxr ab bgure. Gur Rlr naq gur fhowrpg bs gur gvghyne gjb gbjref? UNUNUN.

    🙂 Unpreparedness is wonderful.

  40. Zoli says:


    I love prediction posts. They're always made of lulz.

    Never, ever prepared.

  41. fantasy_fan says:

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Just like that old game on The Price is Right where you are trying to guess the price of a car, if you have at least one number right you can progress to the next round.

    So, in my opinion you have at least one prediction right, and you can go on to the next round, er, volume. Chapter.

    And some of them are close, in a twisted sort of way. Or only off a little bit.

    And some of them make me giggle because THEY ARE WRONG. And some of them I am really glad you are wrong. And one of them, nobody even knows if you are wrong!

    Well done! And looking forward to Monday.

  42. arctic_hare says:

    I love prediction posts.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  43. Hotaru_hime says:

    They do a lot of singing in these books. That's not really a spoiler, since I'm not telling who's singing, where they're singing it, why they're singing it or if it's just the narrator.
    You're predictions are as they have always been- some right, some wrong, some so horribly wrong that I collapse into laughter and then feel bad. So good luck!

  44. RattlingBones says:


  45. Caitlin says:

    asdfgjkl;iytredfghj i cannot wait for you to start reading Towers. :}

  46. elyce says:

    I just love going through these and thinking to myself, "Yep, no, no, yes, oh Mark, so unprepared. No, no, no. Yes, sort of. No. SO UNPREPARED."

    Haha. (The above is in no way related to the list you did post, ie. You cannot match my yeses and nos to any particular point so don't try ;])

  47. platoapproved says:

    THLF THLF, erzrzore ubj Znex ungrf fcvqref? ERZRZORE FURYBO? V jbhyq or ylvat vs V fnvq V jnfa'g ybbxvat sbejneq gb gur xrlfznfuvat.

    • Gung naq Tbyyhz'f gheavat ba gurz? Sebqb'f 'qrngu'? V guvax gung ragver erivrj jvyy pbafvfg bs xrlfznfurf.

      • platoapproved says:

        Gur RAGVER cneg jurer Fnz guvaxf Sebqb vf qrnq, NYY ZL PERLF, RIREL BAR BS GURZ. V qba'g guvax V'ir rire erpbirerq, ab znggre ubj znal gvzrf V ernq vg be frr gung cneg bs gur svyzf, vg xvyyf zr.

        • "Ur jnf fgvyy va gur fnzr cynpr naq fgvyy uvf znfgre ynl orfvqr uvz qrnq. Gur zbhagnvaf unq abg pehzoyrq abe gur rnegu snyyra vagb ehva."

          Gubfr gjb yvarf qrfgebl zr rirel gvzr V ernq gurz. Rirel. Fvatyr. Gvzr.

          • platoapproved says:

            V guvax gur jbefg barf, sbe zr, ner "Qba'g yrnir zr urer nybar! Vg'f lbhe Fnz pnyyvat. Qba'g tb jurer V pna'g sbyybj! Jnxr hc, Ze. Sebqb!". VAPBAFBYNOYR FBOOVAT, SBERIRE.

            Gura ntnva, V'z qrfgeblrq rira jura ur whfg pnyyf uvzfrys 'lbhe Fnz' be inevngvbaf gurerba, FHSSVPR GB FNL GUVF OBBX QRFGEBLF ZR N YBG. V jnf fuvccvat gubfr gjb orsber V rira xarj gung fuvccvat be snasvpgvba be nal bs vg rkvfgrq.

        • notemily says:

          "Qba'g tb jurer V pna'g sbyybj" ZNU GRNEF

  48. kateydidnt says:


    "Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu."

    Bu Znex! Bu Znex. Lbh ner gbgnyyl tbvat gb ybfr vg! Cbbe Obebzve. Lbh xabj, V unq arneyl sbetbggra gung va gur obbxf Obebzve'f qrngu vf ng gur ortvaavat bs Gjb Gbjref vafgrnq bs gur raq bs SBGE.

    V pna'g jnvg hagvy uvf ernpgvba gb Tnaqnys'f erghea gubhtu.

    "Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre."

    Bu trrrm lrf. Jbefg pyvssunatre RIRE! Uz ol gur jnl Fnz guvaxf Sebqb vf QRNQ…naq gura svaqf bhg ur vf abg…naq raqf hc pncgherq nyvir ol Bepf. Naq guvf vf nsgre Furybo.

    Lbh xabj, V arrq gb tb onpx naq ernq Znex Ernqf UC ntnva gb trg uvf ernpgvba ba sernxl ynetr fcvqref. Whfg fb V pna or cercnerq sbe uvf ernpgvba gb Furybo.

    • fantasy_fan says:

      Bu trrrm lrf. Jbefg pyvssunatre RIRE! Uz ol gur jnl Fnz guvaxf Sebqb vf QRNQ…naq gura svaqf bhg ur vf abg…naq raqf hc pncgherq nyvir ol Bepf. Naq guvf vf nsgre Furybo.

      Abguvat ba gung fgbelyvar sbe puncgref naq puncgref naq puncgref. Lbh ner unatvat ba gung pyvss sberire.

    • flootzavut says:

      "Lbh xabj, V arrq gb tb onpx naq ernq Znex Ernqf UC ntnva gb trg uvf ernpgvba ba sernxl ynetr fcvqref. Whfg fb V pna or cercnerq sbe uvf ernpgvba gb Furybo."

      I suspect the collective community's unpreparedness to that will almost rival Znex'f hacercnerqarff sbe Furybo… :Q

  49. Katherine says:

    Pbafvqrevat ubj hacercnerq lbh ner, Znex, gung'f npghnyyl cerggl tbbq. Lbh'ir tbg nyzbfg unys bs gurz evtug!

    Pbeerpg ba:
    – Fnz naq Sebqb trggvat fvqrgenpxrq naq abg znxvat vg gb Zbeqre
    – Obbx raqvat ba n pyvssunatre (URYY lrf)
    – Tbyyhz fcrnxvat gb bar bs gur punenpgref (bu lrf, sne zber guna lbh xabj)
    – Ng yrnfg gjb arj perngherf (Ragf naq n Zhznx, ng gur yrnfg)
    – Svaqvat bhg jung gur gjb gbjref ner (gubhtu vapbeerpg ba vqragvslvat gurz)

    • PhilG says:

      Erzrzore, abg bayl qbrf Tbyyhz fcrnx gb punenpgref va Gjb Gbjref, bar bs gur punenpgref gung Tbyyhz fcrnxf gb vf Tbyyhz (be Fzrntby vs lbh cersre).

      • flootzavut says:

        True… Tbyyhz trgf nobhg…

      • AmandaNekesa says:

        V pna'g jnvg gb frr Znex'f ernpgvba jura ur ernyvmrf Tbyyhz vf tbvat gb or n creznarag svkgher va gur fgbel. Jr yrnea fb zhpu zber nobhg Tbyyhz naq uvf zbgvingvbaf, naq V whfg ybir gung jubyr fgbelyvar, rfcrpvnyyl jura Sebqb zrrgf uvz naq ernyvmrf Tnaqnys'f jbeqf jrer gehr: ur svaqf cvgl sbe uvz. Abj gung Sebqb unf zber rkcrevrapr jvgu gur evat, ur ernyvmrf ubj pbeehcgvat vg pna or, juvpu furqf fb zhpu yvtug ba Tbyyhz'f qrzrnabe naq bofrffvba jvgu gur Evat. Pna'g jnvg!!

  50. Cakemage says:

    Mark, this is me right now:
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    And this is what this book is going to do to you.
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    Have fuu~uun! 😀

  51. bookworm67 says:

    Hee 😛 Stellar predictions as always. And as always…well, does it really need saying?

    "Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre."

    OH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA. UNPREPARED. (I am remembering this right, aren't I?)

  52. mreeb says:

    I'm just sitting here, cackling evilly. No, seriously, I actually cackled out loud.

  53. stefb4 says:

    But where is the new banner? I am very excited to see it.

  54. stefb4 says:

    I am unprepared

    Now Mark, that's cheating. You know you're unprepared.

  55. bookbug says:

    Znex, lbh unir AB Vqrn ubj hacercnerq lbh ner. Vfa'g guvf gur obbx jvgu gur Juvgr Jvmneq? Be qb jr unir gb jnvg hagvy Erghea bs gur Xvat sbe gung? V pna'g jnvg gb frr jung ur guvaxf nobhg Ragf!

  56. jen says:

    Sbe fbzr ernfba (znlor orpnhfr bs gur zbivrf?) V gubhtug Obebzve qvrq va gur svefg obbx. V qvqa'g ernyvmr vg jnf va gur frpbaq.

  57. MemoBookworm says:



  58. @eruvadhril says:

    "Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre."
    Uru. "Pyvss"-unatre.

    "Obebzve jvyy unir n punatr bs urneg ertneqvat gur Evat, ohg abg hagvy nsgre gur bgure cneg bs gur Pbzcnal trgf gb Zvanf Gvevgu."
    Bu, fjrrgvr! Lbh ernyyl QBA'G unir n pyhr.

    "Tbyyhz jvyy fcrnx gb bar bs gur punenpgref."
    Frr nobir pbzzrag.

  59. flootzavut says:

    "Gur Pbzcnal jvyy or erhavgrq ol gur raq bs gur obbx."

    Bu gur uhznavgl… :'(

    "Guvf obbx jvyy raq ba n pyvssunatre."

    *rivy ynhtugre*

    "Tbyyhz jvyy fcrnx gb bar bs gur punenpgref."

    Fb hacercnerq V pna'g rira…

    "Htu, V ungr rira glcvat guvf. V guvax bar bs gur uboovgf jvyy qvr. Cebonoyl Cvccva."


    • flootzavut says:

      It took me a while because the linky is not right but I SALUTE YOU ON YOUR GIFFAGE.

      HMMM I don't know how to imbed the correct version but I'm going to try because it's so perfect 😀 also… Johnny Depp!

      perfect gif is perfect

      hmmph… this is not working… a link to the right image is best I can do but at least it'll get seen!

  60. Gan_HOPE326 says:

    Gur Gjb Gbjref unf bar bs gur zbfg… rawblnoyr, fngvfslvat puncgref V’ir rire ernq. Lbh’yy frr. Lbh’er FB hacercnerq. Gur Sryybjfuvc jnf gur yrff riragshy obbx bs gur guerr.

  61. Icarus says:

    Poems, songs … way to play it safe there, lol.

    Tbyyhz jvyy fcrnx gb bar bs gur punenpgref.

    Jryy qbar! Oenin!

    Until this guessing post, I never realized how completely original and unexpected Tolkien is.

  62. Dru says:

    Since people have been sharing fanart, I thought this would be the perfect time to post this:

    <img src="; />

  63. Delta1212 says:

    So started The Hunger Games trilogy on Thursday and I've been alternating reading the chapters and your reviews for them. I just got to this statement:

    "How many of you read Harry Potter and wanted to know the ins-and-outs of Gringotts, or deeply wanted a tour of the Hufflepuff common room? I just want to know everything IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK"

    And my first thought was that of course you were enjoying Lord of the Rings because it's alternate title might as well be Middle Earth: A Tour of Everything.

    • rabidsamfan says:

      Oh, gosh yes. And by the time you've read the Appendices and the Prologue it's Everything, the Expanded Edition.

      • Dreamflower says:

        And anything you miss there, you can find in the Silm or the Histories of Middle-earth

        Hayrff vg'f zber nobhg uboovgf. Gur bayl "rkgenpheevphyne" uboovgf jr trg ner va Yrggref, naq gur Snzvyl Gerrf va CbZr.

        Sbe zber uboovgf lbh unir gb ghea gb snasvp.

  64. Parmadil says:


    Also, so glad you're waiting for the movies!

  65. Smurphy says:

    I somehow missed reading this… and you already know how wrong you are about half of that soooooo… yep.

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