Mark Reads ‘Mockingjay’: Chapter 10

In the tenth chapter of Mockingjay, the bombs begin to fall. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Mockingjay.

I have one complaint before I continue on with this mind-fuck of a chapter:

The scream begins in my lower back and works its way up through my body to jam in my throat. I am Avox mute, choking on my grief.

No, Katniss, you are not an Avox. Shut up.


Peeta’s message at the end of his speech hits home very quickly, as everyone in Command freaks out. Is this indeed a message from him about an oncoming attack on Thirteen? Why did he change his mind about the war between the Capitol and the districts? What’s going to happen to him?

It’s a good thing that Coin believes Katniss and Haymitch, because she very quickly moves to enact safety protocols that she says District 13 has been preparing for for decades. This is, by and large, one of my favorite set of scenes in the entire series. We all know that Collins exceeds best when writing situations that are urgent and intense; here, in chapter ten, she paints an eerie and unsettling portrait of a district under attack.

District 13 immediately goes into lockdown. A lot of what Collins does here is create an atmosphere of claustrophobic suspense. As the ear-splitting sound fills the underground base, the residents quietly and quickly descends deep into the base. At one point, Katniss’s ears actually pop, signifying how deep they must be going. While some people split off unmarked doorways along the way down, Katniss is directed all the way to the bottom, where we learn just how gigantic District 13 is.

The place seems unable to decide if it’s natural or man-made. Certain areas of the walls are stone, while steel beams and concrete heavily reinforce others. Sleeping bunks are hewn right into the rock walls. There’s a kitchen, bathrooms, a first-aid station. This place was designed for an extended.

Well, that’s not a comforting thought. But the sheer size of this place makes me wonder: what else is there in District 13? What else are they prepared for? I also find it strange that despite that Katniss describes the place as being gigantic, it still feels small to me. Maybe it’s the idea of being hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth that freaks me out.

Recent events have had little effect on Plutarch’s mood. He still has a happy glow from Beetee’s success on the Airtime Assault. Eyes on the forest, not on the trees. Not on Peeta’s punishment or 13’s imminent blasting. “Katniss, obviously this is a bad moment for you, what with Peeta’s setback, but you need to be aware that others will be watching you.”


“Why don’t I just pretend I’m on camera, Plutarch?” I say.

“Yes! Perfect. One is always much braver with an audience,” he says. “Look at the courage Peeta just displayed!”

It’s all I can do not to slap him.

Ok, seriously. I do not like how those in charge of District 13 and the rebellion simply use Katniss without regard to her feelings or her mental state or her energy or…shit, ANYTHING AT ALL. Fuck this. Katniss, please find that third option THIS IS AWFUL.

Katniss heads to her assigned section and then finds the twelve-by-twelve foot square. Yeah, she gets a square to share with her family. A SQUARE. Since her mother and Prim haven’t arrived, she reads the BUNKER PROTOCOL and goes off to collect the rations/supplies her family is allotted.

The waiting begins. I have to hand it to Collins. Even narrating something as simple as waiting is painful. It’s not long before Katniss’s mom shows up…but without Prim. Oh, and Prim left ten minutes before her mother did.

I squeeze my lids shut tight for a moment, to track her as I would prey on a hunt. See her react to sirens, rush to help the patients, nod as they gesture for her to descend to the bunker, and then hesitate with her on the stairs. Torn for a moment. But why?

My eyes fly open. “The cat! She went back for him!”

GODDAMN IT, BUTTERCUP. You better be shitting in someone’s bed.

She wasn’t. I kind of had a feeling that, as Katniss came upon the guards closing the door to the bunker, that Collins wouldn’t SERIOUSLY lock Prim out. RIGHT. Like…she isn’t that awful, is she?

So Prim makes it inside with Buttercup and apparently Gale was with her? What was Gale doing? Anyway, I particularly liked this section because it basically proves that my Buttercup log is actually cannon:

I take a few breaths to calm myself, step back, and lift Buttercup by the scruff of the neck. “I should’ve drowned you when I had the chance.” His ears flatten and he raises a paw. I hiss before he gets the chance, which seems to annoy him a little, since he considers hissing his own personal sound of contempt. In retaliation, he gives a helpless kitten mew that brings my sister immediately to his defense.

See? He’s a smarmy asshole. I knew it!

“Thanks for…everything.” I take our stuff. “What were you doing up in our rooms?”

“Just double-checking,” he says. “We’re in Forty-Seven if you need me.”

WAIT, SIR. WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE. Hmmm. Maybe I’m just a fan of ~conspiracies~ too much, but THIS SEEMS FISHY. Oh well. It’ll probably turn out to be just fine.

Prim has Buttercup installed on the lower bunk, draped in a blanket so that only his face pokes out. This is how he likes to be when there’s thunder, the one thing that actually frightens him.

Ok, so I’m now realizing that I said this chapter was very ~suspenseful~ and ~intensical~ and I’ve been quoting passages about a cat with an attitude, like this is a Garfield novel or something. I SWEAR IT’S INTENSE AND CREEPY but I cannot avoid quoting all things having to do with Buttercup. God, I’ve become a real-life manifestation of half of Tumblr now.


The faint sound of the sirens cuts off sharply. Coin’s voice comes over the district audio system, thanking us all for an exemplary evactuation of the upper levels. She stresses that this is not a drill, as Peeta Mellark, the District 12 victor, has possibly made a televised reference to an attack on 13 tonight.


That’s when the first bomb hits. There’s an initial sense of impact followed by an explosion that resonates in my innermost parts, the lining of my intestines, the marrow of my bones, the roots of my teeth. We’re all going to die, I think. My eyes turn upward, expecting to see giant cracks race across the ceiling, massive chunks of stone raining down on us, but the bunker itself only gives a slight shudder. The lights go out and I experience the disorientation of total darkness. Speechless human sounds—spontaneous human shrieks, ragged breaths, baby whimpers, one musical bit of insane laughter—dance around in the charged air. Then there’s the hum of a generator, and a dim wavering glow replaces the stark lighting that is the norm in 13. It’s closer to what we had in our homes in 12, when the candles and fire burned low on a winter’s night.

Ok, THIS is that unbearably creepy moment. That space of silence…holy shit, that is so terrifying to me. Just waiting to see if another bombs drops. If the ceiling will crack. If the stones will come tumbling down.

That second bomb doesn’t come, but it’s a long while before they know this. Prim relates to Katniss the information she was taught when during orientation for new citizens and surmises that it was probably just a bunker missile. Even then, though, it’s still a possibility that the Capitol will launch a nuclear attack as well.

Katniss’s thoughts turn to Peeta and she wonders what finally convinced him to do what he did. She believes that what he was doing was genuine, that he really wanted a cease fire, but that something inspired him to finally leak the information of the bombing on live TV.

What was it?

Coin’s voice, perhaps a shade grimmer, fills the bunker, the volume level flickering with the lights. “Apparently, Peeta Mellark’s information was sound and we owe him a great debt of gratitude. Sensors indicate the first missle was not nuclear, but very powerful. We expect more to follow. For the duration of the attack, citizens are to stay in their assigned areas unless otherwise notified.”

SO THAT MEANS YOU’LL PARDON PEETA, RIGHT? If you don’t Coin, I will end you. Metaphorically.

As Katniss’s mom takes off to tend to the first aid station, we get some much-needed quality time between Katniss and Prim:

Despite the disagreeable conditions, I’m glad to have time with my sister. My extreme preoccupation since I came here—no, since the first Games, really—has left little attention for her. I haven’t been watching over her the way I should, the way I used to. After all, it was Gale who checked our compartment, not me. Something to make up for.

There’s a part of me that likes to imagine this is Collins’s way of saying, “HEY GUYS, I KNOW. THIS BOOK IS LACKING IN PRIM.” I appreciate it. I think I want to see more of these sister together because they have such a natural and trusting relationship. The conversation they have in the bunker is evidence of that, as Katniss makes an attempt to find out how Prim is dealing with all of this. She’s doing quite well, honestly, and it made me smile that she believes District 13 will train her to be a doctor.

Prim a doctor. She couldn’t even dream of it in 12. Something small and quiet, like a match being struck, lights up the gloom inside me. This is the sort of future a rebellion could bring.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t all bad. But I’m still not ready to trust Coin, Plutarch, and Haymitch. Something else is up and it gives me the creeps.

The conversation comes round to Prim asking how Katniss is and I loved that Katniss finally had someone to open up to, despite how painful it is for her. And then Prim drops her own little bomb:

“Katniss, I don’t think President Snow will kill Peeta,” she says. Of course, she says this; it’s what she thinks will calm me. But her next words come as a surprise. “If he does, he won’t have anyone left you want. He won’t have any way to hurt you.”

Well, shit. Someone is a lot wiser than we thought before. And with that, a few throwaway lines from Catching Fire are given a new context:

Suddenly I am reminded of another girl, one who had seen all the evil the Capitol had to offer. Johanna Mason, the tribute from District 7, in the last arena. I was trying to prevent her from going into the jungle where the jabberjays mimicked the voices of loved ones being tortured, but she brushed me off, saying, “They can’t hurt me. I’m not like the rest of you. There’s no one left I love.”

Oh, Johanna. I really hope you’re ok.

“So, what do you think they’ll do to him?” I ask.

Prim sounds about a thousand years old when she speaks.

“Whatever it takes to break you.”

FUCK. I was going to say TEAM PRIM, but I’m already on like 233454 teams by now. But wow. That girl brings it.

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275 Responses to Mark Reads ‘Mockingjay’: Chapter 10

  1. ThreeBooks says:

    asdfghjkl; Buttercup is <3<3<3 No seriously, Buttercup should be the star.

  2. Fuchsia says:

    I love this chapter for the quality time with Prim. When you complained that there wasn't much seen to believe Katniss' devotion to her sister, I agreed but was like, "Oh, just wait." We don't get much time with her still, but the moments we do see, it's clear that the two of them have a bond. Just the fact that Katniss opens up to her and is honest with her when she can't even do that with her (supposed) best friend says a lot.

    Also, Buttercup totally owns. I straight up laughed out loud at "I’ve become a real-life manifestation of half of Tumblr now." Don't worry, Mark, you're in good company.

    • exbestfriend says:

      I think the unfortunate part about Prim is that we had to wait until the 10th chapter of the 3rd book to get a good read on her. The last time Prim popped up she said like two sentences and then disappeared again. I really enjoy Prim, but I feel like we haven't learned anything about her until now.

  3. MadarFoxfire says:

    I like how the first two books sort of imply that Prim is 100% sweetness and light and innocence or at least associate her with that general archetype and then WHAM you get that line.

    Also while reading this one I was like FUCK FUCK FUCK you wouldn't really do it Collins would you oh god.

    • QuoteMyFoot says:

      I have to disagree with you because that portrayal of Prim is exactly why I don't like her character. I mean, in the first two books she was totally angelic and now she comes out with things like this? When all of that happens offscreen, that's not character development, that's an Asspull. I don't actually see Prim as a character, more like a plot device – Collins needed Katniss in the first Hunger Games, only now she has to flash what she used to get her there occasionally. "That sister that Katniss loves enough to die for hasn't shown up for a while. She can have this bit of dialogue." This conversation could have been done with Finnick, or Boggs, or hell, even Beetee! It would have made more sense with them. But nope, Collins pulls out an obligatory Prim moment.

      I think JKR pulls a similar stunt with Neville, much as I love him, but that doesn't bother me as much because at least the offscreen development was consistent with his previously established character. Prim is all over the place. And it irritates me.

      It's basically the only thing I don't like about this book so far though.

  4. Rebecca says:

    haven't read it all yet, just need to say "I am avox mute" doesn't mean "I am an avox", and I think you know she doesn't mean it literally, she means it as in "I can't make a sound".

    Sorry, that just annoyed me a tiiiny bit.

  5. mr. mowgli says:

    amidst all the chaos and bombings, i still couldn't help but laugh when Katniss hissed at Buttercup and he made a kitten meow.

    That being said, I really really hope we find out what is going on with Johanna soon and if/when we do more back story would be pretty wonderful. What did they do to that poor girl.

    • andreah1234 says:

      What did they do to that poor girl.

      Something awful. I mean how hopeless a person has to be to saying the have no one left to hurt her? God, I want to hug Johanna so bad I can't even. But I won't because she's a badass bitch that doesn't needs anyone. And because she might metaphorically hurt me if I do.

      • Fuchsia says:

        I assume that, because Johanna's not one to take the Capitol's bullshit of making winners of the Games adhere to their demands, they killed all the people she loved, like Haymitch. As far as we know, she hasn't had a persona forced on her like others have, but I bet they tried. But she's her own person no matter what, and they punished her for that.

      • LOTRjunkie says:

        Your comment just gave me inspiration for a fanart comic of Johanna. THANK YOU.

    • I love that Katniss and Buttercup can clearly communicate even if it's antagonizing each other

    • Johanna is the ultimate bamf, I think Supreme Lord of Everything Buttercup will promote her to second-in-command. I think Collins should let me suggest she write another book involving Buttercup and Johanna setting up a new world order, which means she better not kill 'em off!

    • banabou says:

      I choose to believe that Johanna pulled a flamboyant, River Tam-style escape from the arena and is now cooling her heels in a nudist colony in the Caribbean.

      Holy shit. Now I want to read a Future Dystopian Nudist Colony fanfic starring Johanna Mason. JUST PUTTING THAT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE.

  6. Albion19 says:

    The image of Buttercup hiding under a blanket is so cute <3

    • mr.mowgli says:

      haha, it it makes katniss look kinda mean and crazy yelling at a sweet, little meowing kitty cat hiding under its blanket!

    • Fuchsia says:

      There must be fan art of this, right? I mean… we're not the only group of readers to love Buttercup more than most of the main characters, right?


      ETA: If there isn't, I will totally make some after work.

    • Adorable, in a, "Silence! I poo on you!" kind of way…

    • bendemolena says:

      For me it conjurs up the image of Emperor Palpatine in his robes, being all creepy and evil.

      You know Buttercup is totally Dark Side.

  7. mugglemomof2 says:

    I also find it strange that despite that Katniss describes the place as being gigantic, it still feels small to me.
    Wow I felt the exact same way when reading. I truly felt claustrophobic reading this chapter!

    This was such an interesting chapter for Prim. She is such an unexplored character really. I still can't say this chapter made me love her (not in the sense of how you relate and love Finnick) but it was a nice insight to her.

    • monkeybutter says:

      I think it's because it's so far underground, there are no windows, and there's only one door out. The idea of it gives me chills because I would never be able to handle it. I'm with Katniss: I'd rather be outside then spend the rest of my life in a concrete tomb. And isn't panicking in the dark a pretty common danger for spelunkers / cavers / whatever? District 13 must have them well-trained.

    • cait0716 says:

      Me too. It's like the scene in Moria from LotR. So much dark, empty space, and you just feel so small. There's something about being underground, too. Without a sky, any area feels small and cramped no matter how big it actually is.

    • I agree. I remember visiting Carlsbad Caverns, and I had that sense being underground. It's huge and exposed, but the between the depth and utter darkness it still feels so tight..

      And Prim has evolved from Pet Rock Prim to Pet Rock Prim with an Eye to Not-A-Pet Rock Prim with Eyes, Mouth, AND Personality, huzzah!

  8. Annie says:

    Ugh, sometimes during Mockingjay I wanted to scream at Coin and whoever else is in command in 13, because Katniss isn't a soldier, she's fucking SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. She's still a TEENAGER.
    That said, I loved this chapter because you're totally right, intense scenes are what Collins does best. (Also, you are not prepared. But you know that already.)

  9. monkeybutter says:

    Pff, cat people.

    I've gotta say, my favorite part is the call out to the "irony is dead" people from nigh on ten years ago. In a world without irony, you get District 13. Thank you, Haymitch, for existing. I'm terribly sorry that your turnip still was probably destroyed in the blast.

  10. MeasuringInLove says:

    PRIM BB, Y WE NO SEE MORE OF YOU. She’s so grown up! And so smart! I feel like my mother!

    Coin was barely in this chapter and I still feel an intense hatred for her. Buttercup would make a much better leader.

    The idea of Thirteen in general scares the living daylights out of me. My claustrophobic self would not do well down there. I’d probably start shaking and crying if I was down there too much, and I would full on have a panic attack if I was down there during the bombs. Though, as you always say, I wouldn’t have made it through the first Games, much less another and a subsequent war.

  11. andreah1234 says:

    but I cannot avoid quoting all things having to do with Buttercup.
    The world is a better place with more Buttercup in it. MOAR BUTTERCUP.

    I love Prim. I love her. And I hate that Collins doesn't gives us much time to really know her. I mean we know she's awesome and we know Katniss loves her to the point she would die for her, but we never see WHY. Which is why, even if I haven't read all of it yet (it's killing me BTW), Mockingjay is my favorite book in the series.

    Apparently, Peeta Mellark’s information was sound and we owe him a great debt of gratitude.
    YES YOU DO. Don't make it sound like he's bad because he's just saved all of your asses. Kindly stop being a bitch, Coin. Okthnxbye.

    JOHANNA!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 Tragic character is tragic. I LOVE YOU JOHANNA PLEASE DON'T DIE (like everything else I've ever loved in this series)!!!!!!!


  12. stellaaaaakris says:

    Coin, even if Katniss messes up now, you must realize Peeta isn't a traitor. He just saved all your lives. And he's paying with everything he's got. I don't like you, but I don't think you're evil. Don't push it.

    And now onto UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME. Yay!

    So here's the deal. I don't like Prim. I certainly don't hate her, I don't even dislike her. I just don't know her. She's just kind of there, with her blond hair and her love for animals and her perfectness. I don't care about her as a character for the same reasons I've seen people list as there reasons for disliking Peeta. She's just too good. What are her flaws? She's supposed to be Katniss's motivation for just about everything and I don't buy it. Seriously, she's sweet, she's smart, she's a healer, she loves everybody, including her grouchy sister, she takes care of cats and goats, she can cook, she can play the flute, she can do another talent that Katniss can't that I can't remember. Basically her only flaws are that she's not so keen on adventure and has a fear of cave-ins. Those don't count. Peeta, my astral plane boyfriend, has flaws. Sure, not any tragic flaws, but real flaws. He can be hypocritical, he has a temper, he can be condescending, stubborn, selfish. He KILLED people, where as Saint Prim saves them (not that that's a bad thing obviously, but still…).

    This story is told from Katniss's POV, she should notice the flaws of the person she loves most in the world. I've heard the arguments that she's so young and that Katniss just wants to take care of her and doesn't see her flaws. I don't buy it. I have a brother who's 3 years younger than me. We're close. I love him. I would probably die for him. BUT I realize he's freaking annoying. I've known that since I was 5, maybe younger. I'm as aware of his faults as he is of mine. We throw them in each others' faces, usually in a friendly manner, but truthfully nevertheless. I realize that is our relationship, but I still feel there should be some awareness that Katniss is refusing to see her sister's flaws.

    Prim has so much potential as a character. I really wish we spent more time with her, the real her. I understand in THG since so much of the book took place in the Capitol. I actually think her tiny part was fantastic. In CF, though, half the book takes place in District 12 and I don't think she ever has dialogue. And now, she's still never around even though everybody lives underground.The exchange in this chapter would have been AMAZING if we had a better grasp of Prim as a real person. That said, I did think the line about not killing Peeta to break Katniss was brilliant. So, steps in the right direction.

    Other opinions? I'd love to have a discussion and better understand why people like her.

    • mugglemomof2 says:

      I agree with this completely. I do feel that at this point, I care more about Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, etc- than this character who is so integral to Katniss!

    • Rebecca says:

      I don't think Katniss doesn't see her flaws as much as she refuses to see them. If you're living in such a grim world, I'd do anything to pretend the person I love the most is like the sun.

    • monkeybutter says:

      I agree that Prim is pretty flat, but we are only seeing her from the perspective of someone who isn't really around her. Is it still a Mary Sue if it's not a main character? I think that's the problem, though. Katniss needs someone to idealize and see as perfect and innocent because her life kinda sucks. It could be laziness on Collins' part that we have to take Katniss's word that Prim is awesome, but it could also be indicative of Katniss's desire for something bright and positive. You see how surprised she is that Prim isn't all that naive. She's in denial about Prim's actual character. I think this chapter is a way of showing that Prim IS a real person, and what Katniss has been telling us is an incomplete picture.

      I'd have liked to see more about Prim, but I think we still wouldn't have gotten a glimpse of what she's really like until now because Katniss would never have confronted Prim with her problems. She's sort of guilty of shielding Prim from reality the same way the rebels have shielded Katniss.

      (Has it gotten so bad that we have to preface any minor criticism with "UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME?" I think I should just change my display name to that. Your comment is great, and thanks for bringing this up!)

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        Hehe that would be fantastic name. I've noticed that if people don't preface their comment with a warning or don't invite people to down-vote them after, they end up in the negatives extremely quickly. I'm constantly upvoting people I flat out disagree with just because they didn't deserve all the downvotes. Somebody said they didn't like Katniss yesterday and in 5 minutes, they were -5 or something. I mean, I like Katniss, but I certainly understand not liking her; she isn't the most cuddly of characters.

        I did like that we saw that Katniss' idea of Prim isn't the whole thing. Her not being a naive little girl was great. Loved it. I just want to see one instance of her not being perfect. Crying or something because the pressure of District 13 is getting to her or something. Oh, boy, that makes me sound terrible; I want a 13 year old to break down in tears.

        I'd like to know if Collins had any scenes between the two of them that had to be scrapped for page limits. Katniss' relationships with Peeta and Gale is much more important. But I think you're right, my main source of irritation is that Prim isn't a main character but she still the catalyst for all this and she's not as developed as I'd like. And I agree that we'd see most of Prim's personality in this book. I just want to know MOAR.

        • monkeybutter says:

          Yeah, I knew that was going to turn ugly. Nothing's perfect or universally loved! And I sorta love the conversations that result from criticism, so it's worth thumbing up people I disagree with.

          Just one scene of Prim being perfect would honestly annoy me more, because then it would be "hey, look, Prim isn't perfect!" It's like Bella tripping over her feet. I'd like to think that it was due to time constraints or just the logic of fitting in a lengthy history between sisters — because that's the only way we'd really be satisfied — but it could just as easily be that Collins wanted a stand-in innocent character. I'm being optimistic that Prim's one-dimensionality is the result of Katniss's escapism, not Collins' writing skill.

          I don't really care either way about Prim, but I understand why she's important to Katniss, and I guess that's enough for me.

          • I thumbs-up people disagreeing with me too!

            Ha, mentioning Bella's "clumsiness" made me snort my water! I've been reading parodies lately, so that made my day!

            • exbestfriend says:

              I thumbs up people who put out a good argument, whether or not I agree with them. I also have the tendency to make a short response for those people, who aren't trolls or spoiler bitches, who have a -6 for no good reason. I have always enjoyed the openness of the comments section with the markdoestuff blogs, and I want other people to feel welcome too.

    • Lynn says:

      Hmmmm, I guess I just always assumed Prim has flaws but they were not brought up because the time of Katniss' life where they were so close was right before we pick up the story in The Hunger Games. At that point on Prim really is not central in Katniss life so much.

      I kind of fill in the little flaws for myself. And since they are not as close as they used to be, Katniss in her thinking/narrating just does not focus on it. Does that make sense?

      I don't know if this helps. It was not something that bothered me personally but I understand it bothering some.

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        I get that. I fill in backstory myself. I have lots of ideas about Cinna, Darius, the red-headed Avox girl, Cato, Clove, Thresh, etc.

        And you're right, Katniss certainly has other things to think about than how annoying Prim might be, like saving Peeta and bringing down an oppressive government.

        • Lynn says:

          There is so much more that I would love to know about so many of these characters. I understand the annoyance of people wanting more about them because they come so alive for us. I think part of why it doesn't bother me is that I resigned myself to the fact that it would never be able to all fit in the books. No matter how much I want more. Having said that, I understand people's valid criticism that Prim is central enough to Katniss (and the story) that she risks her life to take her place in the games yet we have such a poor grip on her. There just isn't a lot in the books to support what Katniss says. I kind of think from my personal perspective that Katniss does not have the best grip on her sister either and it shows in scenes like this. Prim grew up and Katniss is just really noticing. But it still takes away from a deep connection by the reader to the character of Prim. And like I said, while it didn't bother me I can see why it bothered others.

          Also, I don't think Collins would give us any of those companion books or extra stuff on a website like JKR did. Too bad, because I would love MORE about some of the side characters!

    • exbestfriend says:

      I think the difference between You and your brother and Katniss and Prim is that Katniss spent the past four or so years feeling like she was raising Prim. I think the description we are seeing of Prim, through Katniss, is more of a description a parent would make of a child than an older sibling would make of a younger sibling. Katniss doesn't see Prim for the annoying habits that she might have, because Katniss put her mother in the position of the younger sibling she had to take care of. When you think about it, all those little annoying things that siblings see about each other, are part of the description that Katniss gave about her mother. Flighty, over emotional, unable to move past the hard stuff to what is actually important, those are all characteristics of an annoying sister. I think Katniss looks at Prim as someone she needs to take of because nobody else is going to.

      • Hm, I sort of agree, but on the other hand, my mum sure doesn't idealize me, and never did. 😉 I guess it depends on the person. I have met very few parents who refuse to see their child's flaws. I do like how you explained your view on it, though.

        • exbestfriend says:

          And that is the thing, Katniss isn't Prim's mother. So she doesn't even have to do the picking up and the washing and the other household stuff. From what I can tell, Katniss decided that "taking care" of her family had to do with providing food and money, but she doesn't seem to do any of the stuff that makes a house work. I'm not saying that you can run a home without food or money, but it takes more than that. From what has been said, Katniss doesn't even cook and Collins even went into great detail about how Katniss would just leave the house to go hunting for like 14 hours at a time. While Katniss was learning how to swim and gathering berries and playing with Gale, she was not with Prim. It could very well be that Katniss does not describe Prim's bad characteristics, because she doesn't know them. Between hunting and school and hating her mom, what time did Katniss really spend focusing on Prim? She didn't even know that Prim was getting into the doctor program. I know that I am now reading way more into this than has been stated, but this is the internet and we are already having this discussion, so I'm just going to roll with it.

          Then again, it could just be sloppy characterization on Collins' part. I'm willing to accept that answer as well.

          • I never considered that, really. Somehow the domestic stuff must have been done (to an extent). After Katniss and Prim's mother started functioning again the cleaning and such must have been done by her and Prim.

          • castlejune says:

            I really liked this point. Really, Katniss has idealized Prim and "provided" for her, but doesn't spend much time with her. She is like a single mother who does her best and is filled with love, but is essentially disconnected with her child's day to day life because she is working two jobs and trying to go to school to further her education. What little time they do spend together is rose colored because they are aware it is so precious.

            Also, I think that Katniss is so hyper aware of her own faults and deficiencies as a character that she idolizes Prim because Prim symbolizes what she lost (purity, innocence, a childhood) and what she wishes she had: doctoring skills – in both books in the arena she said "If I were Prim, I could deal with this" – and the ability to see into the heads of others. Prim is insightful (as evidenced by the last line of the chapter), and Katniss is very aware of her own cluelessness, which is why she is so stressed out because she can't figure out people's motivations and she knows it. Prim is Katniss's foil in many ways, and Katniss sees in her many qualities she wishes she had, while at the same time trying to protect her from her own life experiences.

      • stellaaaaakris says:

        Huh, I never thought of it that way. That's really interesting. I always saw it as Katniss had to raise both of them, but she treated them in completely opposite ways, which made no sense to me. But if she thought of her mother as an annoying younger sister who should know better and Prim as more of a child, that makes more sense. I am a bit of a mothering older sister, but I was never responsible for keeping my family alive. My parents are very aware of my faults, but they've always been quick to defend me to other people and are usually quicker to forgive me than I am to forgive them.

        That was a really interesting perspective. Thanks!

    • Cat says:

      I'm pretty much with you on this. To my mind, Prim is pretty flat and borderline Sue-ish for the first two books. Collins so very consciously writes her as Katniss's exact opposite, which is a really boring way to define a character. I was delighted to see her develop a personality in MJ, but by then it was too little, too late for me. I just couldn't get as attached to her as I already was to so many other characters.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      You know, I don't really think you're too far off with this opinion. I guess I like Prim because this book is so bleak and sad and she (AND BUTTERCUP, OBVIOUSLY) are like the only rays of sunshine and puppies left. Which…that's not really what a character should be, is it? She is kind of flat, but I do feel like Collins, at the very least, acknowledges how underused Prim is in this chapter.

    • Natalie J says:

      From my point of view, I think my love of Prim comes from the fact that I have a little sister and no other siblings. We are also the same distance in age as Katniss and Prim, so it's just easy to relate. And I do agree, I see my sister's flaws. I'd die for her too as you said, but she can annoy the hell out of me. I always thought perhaps Katniss and Prim's relationship never really included this because Prim is like her only little bit of beauty and innocence left. Her mom went off the deep end and their relationship was strained, her dad is gone, and after two sets of Hunger Games, Katniss hardly ever sees her family. It's like testament to how little of a tie Katniss has to reality anymore, and she doesn't dwell on Prim's flaws on purpose.

    • RainaWeather says:

      It's okay. I don't even like Finnick or Cinna that much. I AWAIT YOUR ANGRY DOWNVOTES

  13. adev0tchka says:

    Buttercup is close to surpassing Crookshanks as my favorite novel pet. Yeah, Crookshanks may be part Kneazle, but Buttercup and Prim are so attached to each other that it's adorable.

    On another note, I am so terrified for Peeta because clearly, Prim is a ~true Seer~

    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;
    Credit for second pic goes to commoner-pocky on deviantart.

  14. Mark, there seriously needs to be a movie or tv show or web comic of you entering the stories you read/watch and kicking asses when characters do what you don't want.

  15. hermy0209 says:

    i love Prim!!! PRIM FOR PRESIDENT!!!! all the way…i like how Collins finally shows more of Prim and how much she know Katniss in that she knows to keep it real with her and to tell her the nasty truth. she is so calm and wise and i think she is very integral to Katniss because her future is one of the main things that Katniss is fighting for, she will do anything for Prim, hence the beginning of the series

    i just really love Prim and this is probably one of my fav chapters, despite the CREEPY UNDERGROUND AWFULNESS…it was still really cool….and Buttercup is amazing!!! him and Prim should rule the world!! 😀

  16. I always wondered what District 13 looked like, how far underground it went, how it was built that it could withstand this bombing, and while reading this review, I had a revelation:

    District 13 is an Umbrella Corporation research facility.

  17. bell_erin_a says:

    Goddamn, Katniss. It only took you a minute or so to regain all your… capabilities (for lack of a better word)? I would have been on the floor in hysterics, having a complete breakdown.

    You think so?” says Haymitch. It’s a shade too sincere, but the subtleties of irony are often wasted in 13.
    Ah, so this is why D13 is such a depressingly awful place!

    I can’t believe he actually just downgraded Peeta’s dire circumstances to a setback.
    Well, I suppose in the eyes of a Gamemaker, you win some, you lose most. Gah, even just me saying that is awful! Hey you insensitive bastard, how about you GO FUCKING RESCUE PEETA as penance! Oh, but it gets worse! “Look at the courage Peeta just displayed!” It’s all I can do not to slap him. DO IT, KATNISS. GO AHEAD AND SLAP HIM.

    “Apparently, Peeta Mellark’s information was sound and we owe him a great debt of gratitude.”
    Hmm, dropping the calling him a traitor thing would be a nice first step, don’t you agree, Coin?

    I can’t even comment on this end of this chapter because it’s just depressing. And horrific, actually. Wait until the bombing stops (everyone with me now: “thank you, Peeta, and we don’t think you’re a traitor!”) AND SOMEBODY PLEASE GO RESCUE PEETA. I shouldn’t have had to suggest this for the last however many chapters BECAUSE THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR FIRST MOVE ANYWAY, D13!

    Edit, now that I've read the review:
    WAIT, SIR. WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE. Hmmm. Maybe I’m just a fan of ~conspiracies~ too much, but THIS SEEMS FISHY. Oh well. It’ll probably turn out to be just fine.
    It's okay, Mark. My ~conspiracy senses~ were tingling the whole time I read this book (oh my god, did I really just write that, please someone take my computer away from me until I get more sleep). Okay, the second time I read this book, since I probably remembered only half the book after the first time I sped-read it.

    God, I’ve become a real-life manifestation of half of Tumblr now.
    "Baby you're not alone, 'cause you're here with me." What? Oh, right. Tumblr is bad for life/productivity is all I'm saying.

    • Whoa, I actually commented before you! SLACKER.

      My ~conspiracy senses~ were tingling the whole time I read this book
      I began to suspect that the original Hunger Games drawing was rigged. Was the inciting event of the entire series really due to chance? Was it DESTINY or CONSPIRADESTINY?

      (Standard disclaimer: these were my true, honest thoughts at this point in the book, and I make no statements about any rightness or wrongness thereof.)

      • bell_erin_a says:

        AH, BUT ONLY BY A LITTLE BIT! Note to self: no more walking back from class. Well, my parents are spending thousands of dollars for me to get an ~education~ and fancy shit like that, so I then feel compelled to actually show up to the back-to-back classes on Mondays and Thursdays that don't allow me to sit in front of my computer at exactly 10 am. The guilt I would feel were I to skip those classes outweighs my MarkReads addiction just a bit for now. But rest assured, no classes on Fridays means I will be refreshing like crazy at 10 tomorrow, mwah ha ha ha!

        Oh my god, conspiradestiny. My suspicious nature feels like this sums up the entire series fantastically! "What is the Hunger Games about?" "~CONSPIRADESTINY~. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED."

        Ah, here's one of my own to go along with yours: Why is it Katniss that's the Mockingjay? Perhaps even her name is not so randomly picked as it may seem. Her dad was part of the rebel movement (Snow blew him up on purpose, but are we really surprised by that any more?). The Mockingjay was always meant to be someone named after an edible plant (automatic badass survival skills, check) and who would be trained in the elusive art of the bow-and-arrow while simultaneously breaking the law (it's just fate (fate?) that Katniss managed to actually be good with a bow and arrow). How many potential Mockingjays were picked in the drawings and tested in Hunger Games combat before Katniss's name was randomly picked out?
        (Disclaimer: I'm pleading the fifth on the correctness/actual conspiradestiny of this ~conspiracy~ or lack thereof, especially since Katniss's drawing may or may not have been rigged.)

  18. exbestfriend says:

    A long time ago, I went spelunking and stayed overnight in a cave. When it was time to go to bed and all the torches were turned off, it was the blackest black I have ever felt. It wasn't even like losing vision, I could feel the immense darkness around me. I knew the people around me, but beyond that was empty and cold and it smelled dark and I feel how under the surface of the earth I was. And all I could think was "I do not belong here. I belong to a place where I can see the stars and wind blows across me. This is wrong."

    I know that isn't really a response to this chapter, but that is all I could think about when Katniss described her living arrangements.

  19. bendemolena says:

    I love Buttercup because he reminds me of my boyfriend’s old, crotchety, assholish cat who I am convinced is actually just housing the soul of an ex-KGB agent with a penchant for throwing up on the rug as spitefully as possible, beating up dogs, waking everyone up at four a.m. and just generally being the biggest dick of a cat that I have ever met. I fucking love him. And Buttercup.

  20. monkeybutter says:

    Oh, and District 13 = the TARDIS

  21. Fuchsia says:

    Oh, and I had an idea that was just too ridiculous to share. Someone said yesterday or the day before that you should do a video of you reading a chapter. I want to one-up that: do a LIVEBLOG! You could stream it on livestream or ustream or something (you can embed one of those sites' videos onto a separate webpage, I just don't know which). It would be like you reading us a story, WHILE simultaneously entertaining us with your freak outs.

    Okay… yeah, like I said, it was so ridiculous that I had to share. And now it's time that I finally headed to work.

  22. thatonegirl says:

    Wow, unexpected plot is unexpected. I totally thought the early part of this book would be about Katniss kicking butt and rescuing Peeta right away (which honestly makes no sense now. Of course Katniss would be suffering with physical/mental trauma – not going out and saving the day) But i never expected her to be trapped in an underground bunker, being bombed, and having Prim explain the world to her Now I have no idea where this is going and it's awesome.
    But can someone, anyone, please go rescue Peeta and Johanna. Now? Please?

    • sugarbaker says:

      don't forget annie! even though i'm very possesive of finnick and would like to have all his babies, he needs his true love so he can go back to being happy and badass.

  23. accio doublestuff says:

    SO THAT MEANS YOU’LL PARDON PEETA, RIGHT? If you don’t Coin, I will end you. Metaphorically.

    that has never sounded more real-life threatening than now. i am actually afraid of what that might entail.

  24. Katniss: Where have you been, you stupid cat? Prim could have been killed!
    Buttercup: Pooping in Coin's bed, where else, Insignificant One?
    Katniss: …….Oh, well, that's alright then.

    WHY has Johanna not been rescued? We are seriously lacking in foxy, snarky, witty greatness! Supreme Lord of Everything Buttercup will get tired at this point if Collins doesn't release his Second-In-Snark from the Crapitol. Yes, S.L.O.E. Buttercup needs his title everytime he is mentioned, or he gets grumpy. No, he is NOT fictional, I refuse to accept this.

  25. inzhuna says:

    Sometimes I wish the book was about Prim! She is such an amazing character. Oh, and Buttercup!!! Words cannot begin to describe his awesomeness. Also, I'm totally biased since I am a 100% cat person (but I like dogs, too).

    Have you ever had a cat, Mark?

    • Fuchsia says:

      I am like, a 150% cat person. I have five (currently) that I've rescued in the last four years. Actually, I'm a dog walker during the day and then I come home to my cats so… yeah. No humans for me!

      • notemily says:


        Pets > Humans

        • Fuchsia says:

          Haha, thanks! It is pretty amazing. I eventually want to work for an animal shelter (my best friend and I started a rescue, but I want to work for an actual shelter one day, and I know which one) so I'm trying to build up my animal care resume, as it were. And right now I'm feeling pretty jaded with humanity in general and friends in particular, so this way of life is working out splendidly at the moment.

          • notemily says:

            You started your own rescue? That's awesome. I'd love to work in a shelter. I even applied for a job in one but they eliminated the position due to budget cuts. I always get scared that if I do get a job working with animals, though, they'll make me learn how to euthanize them and I'll run out of the building sobbing.

  26. inzhuna says:

    OMG your comment made me want to read so much!!! I'm on the same chapter as Mark. Why whyyyy do I have to study now :-(((

  27. Depths_of_Sea says:

    The District 13-ers constantly amaze me with their ability to be mind-bogglingly insensitive. I seriously wanted to punch Plutarch through the pages. KATNISS JUST WATCHED A BOY SHE LOVES GET BEATEN UP ON LIVE TELEVISION, COULD YOU THINK ABOUT HER FEELINGS FOR JUST HALF A SECOND?!

    And ngah, I cannot even say how-in a twisted sort of way-I absolutely love the fact that Peeta is the only one that Katniss loves that Snow has access to, to hurt her by proxy with. Prim and Gale and Mrs. Everdeen are all out of reach and safe in District 13, but they have Peeta, and somewhere along the line it seems that Snow realized or figured out that Katniss actually does love him. It's like an awful turnabout from Snow's "Convince me." in CF. Now it's, "Okay, I'm convinced, now you get to watch me TORTURE HIM IN COLD BLOOD ON LIVE TELEVISION MWAH-HA-HA!"

    Awfulness aside, the world needs more Buttercup. <3 That cat will never fail to make me laugh.

  28. HungryLikeLupin says:

    As far as that sense of claustrophobia goes, while I do think that a large part of it has to do with the fact that you know this is all underground and that you are trapped in the earth oh god, I think that a good deal of the credit also goes to how Collins has the entire situation arranged. The space as a whole might be enormous, but we as readers are trapped along with Katniss in her family's little 12×12 foot square. Ironically, it seems to me like once the generators kick on it actually becomes less claustrophobic; in the dimness (not darkness) it would be less noticeable how very enclosed everything is, which would let your mind pretend that it isn't really so bad after all.

    I have to say that in a way, it seems like the children who are killed in the arena are the lucky ones. It's over for them; the winners aren't so lucky. We've already seen that if you make it out of the arena, it's still never over. The Capitol does everything it can to make sure you remember what you've done, what they've made you do, how powerless you were to stop any of it. They take you from your home and give you a new one, and while it's very nice it's also physically set apart from everyone else. Your first year, you have to do a tour of all the districts, and see the families of all the people you killed. And every year after that, you have to go back to the Games and be courtside for the slaughter of another year's round of tributes. If your district doesn't win, you have to wonder if it's because you just didn't help them enough, if maybe you could've saved them by being just a little bit sterner or sneakier or cleverer.

    Bottom line? I think that Prim is absolutely right. The Capitol has already proved that they see death as the easy way out. They don't really want Katniss and the other rebels to die; they want them to suffer.

  29. FlameRaven says:

    I know exactly what you mean.

  30. paulineparadise says:

    "No, Katniss, you are not an Avox. Shut up." Avox… Shut up… heheheheh </bad humor>

    Also, I know this is really random and off-topic but I really need help.

    I've got two friends who despise each other. Well, one despises the other one more, but that's not the point. For school, I'm going to an university and basically attend classes and stuff for a day. I'm in group C, along with a whole lot of students I don't know, and those two friends. Other people I know are in different groups at different times. They're both my best friend. But now they both want to travel with me to that university, and not with each other! What should I do? I'm not allowed to travel on my own, one wants to go and have lunch together and the other one wants to shop before we go to the university. AND I LOVE SHOPPING AND FOOD ARGH WHY IS THIS SO HARDDDDDD

    So yeah, lovely 'Mark Reads' readers, what would you do?

  31. Shanella says:

    I like this chapter and all… but I guess I didn't quite understand what bombing 13 would do, especially since they have nuclear weapons.

    • The Capital wrongly assumed that they would either a) be in the dark or b) wouldn't be able to figure out what Peeta meant. I mean clearly they are PISSSSSSED about him making the statement he did or Snow wouldn't have told them to shut off the feed, but I think they were counting on District 13 just not getting it.

  32. bell_erin_a says:

    Aw, damn. I got so caught up in my conspiracies that I forgot things. That's a conspiracy on Collins' part, I say!

    Of course it's too suspicious! Which is why I'm sure somehow the rebels implanted something in Katniss's brain or something that would make her subconsciously want to step up after PRIM'S name was randomly drawn. After all, is Katniss really that altruistic? Did the rebels somehow make her unconsciously care about Peeta and want to protect him in the arena (plus she wouldn't realize it until after Plutarch pulled strings to get them to change the rules, of course!)? Is Katpee real or just a construct of the rebels??

    These are my hypothetical theories and musings, and I'm sticking to them. Hypothetically.

  33. theresa1128429 says:


    On a good note, Supreme Lord of Everything Buttercup makes another appearance!
    And of course, my wifey Johanna is mentioned. Good to know Collins didn't forget about her!

  34. Melissa says:

    I'm sorry guys, but I have to say it. I love Buttercup. I love cats. However, if there's the possibility that I might get killed by being blown to smithereens, I am not risking my life to rescue my cat. Thus, I was kind of screaming at Prim in my head this entire chapter. So yeah…

    • Saber says:

      If it was my cat, I would. But I'm nuts over my cat. I understand this is not normal.

      • Annalebanana says:

        Me too. My cat is like my soul mate. Seriously. And he is almost exactly like Buttercup! He hates my brother and pees on his stuff, but he loves me and always sits by my window or lays next to me at night and he is so sassy but fluffy and cute! And he has the most innocent meow. ^_^

      • Fuchsia says:

        I also understand that it's not normal, but I would too. I'd rather die than know that I didn't try to save my Avocado. Or Ginny. Or Serenity. Or Ender. Or Felix Felicis. Hell, I probably would die trying to catch Felix because it takes about 20 minutes to catch her as she's very hand- and movement-shy (she was born feral and never completely socialized). I totally identified with Prim in that scene.

        • notemily says:

          Avocado is a great name for a cat! Do you rescue cats? I foster kittens!

          • Fuchsia says:

            I agree, Avocado is a wonderful name for a cat! Especially if you see his eyes. He was the first cat I adopted as an adult (or rather, he adopted me, he tried to sneak out of the shelter with me!) and he is completely my soulmate.

            And yep, I rescue cats! Or, did and will again. I'm taking a break because 1) I have quite a few and not a big budget to support them on (and I keep getting the cats that nobody else wants to adopt, haha) and 2) my house had a nasty outbreak of FIP (a virus that's 100% deadly in cats) that killed Felix's three siblings, which was completely heartbreaking and also put my house under quarantine for over a year (two weeks ago was Phoenix's one year death anniversary so that quarantine was just lifted). My "specialty" is rescuing feral kittens… I started with my first litter when I was twelve (seriously, my family had no clue what I was getting into, hahaha) and I participate in/heavily promote TNR programs.

            I should also point out that at most, I had nine cats and a dog (five cats and the dog were fosters). The worst, though, was when, unplanned, I had eight cats in a studio apartment (I took in Serenity to foster, who later became "stuck" with me, and she was surprise!pregnant so then we had five kittens in addition to her, Avocado and Ginny). Oh, and there was a rescued pitbull for a weekend in that apartment, too. I should probably stop bringing animals in from off the streets but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

            I could go on and on about rescuing cats… and often do. 🙂

            • notemily says:

              Oh, poor kitties. I'm always worried one of my foster kitten litters will get FIP or distemper and they'll all die. 🙁 I already lost one kitten to coccidia/dehydration and that was only my second litter. I felt so bad.

              If I had a bigger house I'd probably be in your situation with too many kitties, but we live in a tiny apartment and there's barely room for the one cat. The foster kittens live in my bedroom, which pisses off my cat to no end 🙂 She's like WHO ARE THESE INTERLOPERS IN MY TERRITORY.

              I wish I could participate more in rescue and TNR, but I'm not sure how to get involved. It's not like I have a feral cat colony hanging out in my backyard, ha. I foster through the local Humane Society, but they already have rescue people working for them, obviously.

              And yeah, I could go on forever about my foster kittens! It's my favorite subject 🙂

      • notemily says:

        I think it's pretty normal. I mean, I know just as many pet owners who would risk their lives for their pets as ones that wouldn't. When I signed up my cat at the vet's office, there was a questionnaire and one of them was "do you consider your pet just a pet or a member of the family?" My roommate and I put member of the family, no question about it. We love our kitty to bits.

    • cait0716 says:

      Years ago my aunt was evacuated due to a wildfire. Her outdoor cat was outside at the time and not coming when he was called. They had to leave without him. Heartbreaking, yes, but probably the smarter decision. I agree with you 100%

    • I will never blame someone for acting out of self-preservation, but I'm the kind of girl who would charge out screaming for my dogs. The good news is, they're all craven cowards, and they would be cowering right outside the door waiting for me, so it would be an easy save.

  35. Lynn says:

    I love to discuss books and characters and try to consider how others view them.. I don't get why people down vote people they disagree with either. So kudos to all you guys for upvoting differing opinions and keeping everything at a respectable level.

    Often I like to be disagreed with as long as it is done politely. Sometimes I come to see something differently and stretch the way I think. At the very least it challenges me. But I am sadly suspicious that some people just see one way as the only right way to view things and get angry when anyone else has another opinion.

  36. MikeMagpuyo says:

    Gods. This chapters hurts me so much.

  37. Hotaru-hime says:

    The way Prim has to explain to Katniss how Snow will use Peeta against her struck me in a different way- instead of thinking of Prim as an adult I thought that Katniss, for all the trauma and horror she has gone through, is a rather simple and innocent girl. She's never really been able to understand the complexities of everyone's plan and mainly goes with her instinct.

  38. JoanieM says:

    Yeah, the "I am an avox, mute" was one instance where the, I dunno, ableism I guess, pulled me out of the story. More on a meta textual level… Collins created the idea of the avoxes and to now use them like that? It feels a bit too much like she was trying to be clever. I'm much more willing to excuse things that are idioms, rightly or wrongly, but this is something Collins came up with completely on her own. It rubs me the wrong way.

    The rest of the chapter is creepy love, though <33 And I love seeing more of Prim!

    • erin says:

      But she didn't say "I am an Avox, mute." She said "I am Avox mute." In other words, "as mute as an Avox." It's a simile. I think it has a different connotation then if she had actually called herself AN Avox.

  39. Mimi says:

    I was not a big Prim fan (she was just kind of there in the other novels, ya know?) until this chapter and then I was like, OH LOOK, IT TALKS. Oh and… shit, it reasons pretty well too. A doctor you say? Rock on girl!

    I found myself skimming this chapter to escape the unbelievable feeling of dread and claustrophobia it invoked.

  40. Cheri says:

    Mark, please don't put Haymitch in the same catagory as Coin and Plutarch!!

  41. thefbm says:


  42. bendemolena says:

    Just for that, I am going to upvote every post.

  43. Not_Prepared says:

    Team Prim
    Team Gale
    Team Buttercup
    Team Haymitch
    Team Mags
    Team Foxface
    Team Peeta
    Team Posy
    Team Cinna
    Team Beetee
    Team Finnick
    Team Johanna

  44. lyric says:

    why did you write "The scream begins in my lower back and works its way up through my body to jam in my throat. I am Avox mute, choking on my grief.

    No, Katniss, you are not an Avox. Shut up"

    Katniss says "I am Avox mute" which isnt the same as saying she is an Avox, am i missing something?

    • Phoebe says:

      its because some people do not have the choice to be mute, and the fact that she is freely using that term is not very polite.

  45. finnickodair says:

    Buttercup's log:

    2120: Subject hisses at me. HISSES at me. What. A. Bitch.

    But in all seriousness, this is like the funniest image ever to me….

  46. Revolution64 says:


    <DIV style="OVERFLOW: auto"><img src=""&gt;

    Yeah. That much badassery.

  47. blessthechildren says:

    "The scream begins in my lower back and works its way up through my body to jam in my throat. I am Avox mute, choking on my grief.

    No, Katniss, you are not an Avox. Shut up"

    Hang on to your manger there, Mark.

    Katniss isn't claiming to BE an Avox, she is qualifying herself as being an Avox level muteness in that she cannot physically overcome it. She's using figurative language – not quite a metaphor, more like a simile without a "like" or an "as" – I fail as an English teacher right now. Need coffee!

    A mimile? A simaphor? Not quite a hyperbole….

    Anybody want to help me out here?

    • erin says:

      Agreed. I called it a simile further up the page, but I guess when you think about it, "Avox" is describing the level of muteness, not the subject, Katniss. So it's… neither? Just an adjective describing another adjective? Hell, I dunno… SIXTH GRADE ENGLISH SEEMS SO LONG AGO!

    • Saber says:

      Analogy I believe it's called.

      • blessthechildren says:

        That sounds pretty accurate… I think it's a combination of simile and analogy if that makes sense… wHY IS MY BRAIN FAILING ME? I guess I wasn't prepared 🙂

  48. Outhoutsign! says:

    First things first: I am German so I apologize for possible bad English.

    To all those people who complain about that Avox line being ableist:

    I'm fat. I am aware that being fat is nothing compared to having cancer etc. so please no comments in that direction.
    I know how it feels to be constantly attacked for being different. So after i found that my complaints and punches (I was very aggressive as a kid) had no effect at all I learned that just not giving a fuck is the only way to shut those people's mouthes. I am not very self-confident but that doesn't matter. I am still able to just not give a goddamn fuck.
    So if people just didn't care about every little thing someone says to them this world would be a way more relaxed place and all the assholes who are trying to hurt people with words would just vanish because nobody would listen to them.
    You all just need to chill more and stop being whiny.

  49. Fuchsia says:

    I think the people in District 12 knew how important Prim meant to Katniss, and how much she would do to keep her alive. The rebels in 12 totally could've passed that information on to however found it useful (Effie was totally in on it).

    And Katniss' dad was absolutely a rebel. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. That was my theory even before I started reading Mockingjay (my other part of the theory was that he escaped and was smuggled out to 13 but so far, no such luck). He was mentioned way too often to just be unrelated to all of this.

  50. Fuchsia says:

    I KNOW! But I bet the thing I most want to talk about is the silliest and nobody else is as eager to talk about it as I am.

    • sdempster1016 says:

      …tbh I literally cannot thing of a single thing coming up that is silly, but to be fair I haven't read the book in its entirety since it came out.

  51. karadudz says:

    When I was reading this book and reached this chapter I said to myself "WHY IS THIS BOOK SO SAD AND INTENSE AND IT'S ONLY CHAPTER 10?!"

    And now as I'm reading your review I'm thinking "HOW CAN I COMMENT WITHOUT SPOILEAGERY?!"

    Oh and I just realized that you can literally fill a room with your TEAM _____. or _____ FOR PRESIDENT with the characters of this book (and that includes Buttercup)

  52. TreesaX says:

    I've held off on commenting about Prim (and about Mockingjay) until this chapter so I can finally have something to refer to without spoiling you, hehe.

    I know a lot of people have complained about the lack of Prim in the past books, and how it's hard to feel this supposed unconditional love that Katniss has for her sister if we saw them barely talk in the past books. And now here in Mockingjay you're getting a whole lot more of this sisterly connection than in the first two books. In my opinion Collins planned this all along from the very beginning, and it shows in the conversation between Katniss and Prim, especially in this section"

    ..“I should wake you up more often, little duck.”

    “I wish you would,” says Prim.

    Since this is a first-person narrative, all we see is Katniss' view and feelings on things. I think the reason why we don't get much interaction with Katniss and Prim in the beginning was that there was so much horrible things happening, Katniss wanted to keep Prim out of it. Katniss, in every way possible, was protecting Prim. By volunteering for her in the Reaping and also not talking to her about what was going on. She wanted to keep Prim's sweet nature and innocense. She wanted Prim to think that her older sister was gonna make sure everything was gonna be alright.

    And now her in Mockingjay, and especially in this chapter, we learn that the evil in their world has not gone unnoticed by Prim, and that even though she's young and innocent, she's not naive. And she's smart and brave, and unfortunately growing up way too fast. This is what Katniss has figured out this chapter and what the rest of the readers now know as well.

  53. MowerOfLorn says:

    This chapter stood out perhaps the most strongly from the book for me. It really was chilling, all these people hiding down below in the bunker, silent and afraid. Its powerful writing.

    Now, I know Prim really isn't all that developed, but I do think what we see here lets her get fleshed out more. I also really love Prim, despite her being somewhat flat. I think this is because I have a sister, too; she's sweet and goofy, but now that she's growing up she often shocks me with an incredibly astute statement. That seems a lot like Prim to me, and like Katniss, I honestly think I'd do anything to protect my little sister. I love her more than she knows.

  54. Phoebe says:

    thats really sad that her sister is in a way saying that even by killing her mother and her, katniss wouldn't be as affected if snow killed peeta. really heartbreaking.

    • notemily says:

      Was she saying that, or was she just saying that since the Capitol HAS Peeta, they can use him to "break" her? I read the chapter in a frenzy this morning, so I could be forgetting something.

  55. Mowgli3 says:

    Mark and readers/commenters: Can I just tell you how much I hate you all (not really) because I spend SO MUCH TIME reading Mark's reviews and then, of course, all the comments, and NOT WORKING.

    Which, okay, is really my fault, but I blame you guys. 😛

    Mark, I think I've said this before, but I ~siriusly~ love reading your reviews, even though I've already finished the books, because it brings back the excitement I felt when first reading them. ILU!

    Also, where is the place we go to talk about spoilers? BECAUSE I WILL NOT SPOIL ANYTHING FOR MARK BUT I GOTTA TALK ABOUT *STUFF HE CAN'T SEE YET.*

  56. 4and6forever says:

    "The scream begins in my lower back and works its way up through my body to jam in my throat. I am Avox mute, choking on my grief."
    For the Avox bit of that: I feel it could go both ways, really based on how you look at it. I see it as a metaphor- comparing how she cannot speak to how an Avox cannot speak, even though she is obviously not an Avox, and has not gone through what they have.
    If it was written "I am an Avox, mute…", then I would consider it abliesm. Katniss is not an Avox. She does not understand what it is like to be an Avox.
    Just my view on the matter, please correct me if I am wrong.

  57. canadadian says:

    I will not spoil Mark. I will not spoil Mark. I will not spoil Mark. I will not spoil Mark. Fish are friends, not f – wait…

  58. Quizzical says:

    i love this moment with prim. not so much because 'yay prim!' which, well, yeah. but more because it highlights that thing that katniss has loved the 'idea' of prim for so long, but pretty much been blocked off from actually knowing her. and for all we can complain of not seeing enough of her, the point is that KATNISS has not seen enough of her, to truly know her. so she is getting surprised by this growth, too.

    which points also to what the hunger games et al have taken from them all.

    also the claustrophobic element to all this made me have to actually go walk outside and look at the sky for a bit before i could keep reading.

  59. BradSmith5 says:

    Oh man, I just read the first ten chapters all at once. Holy crap, why didn't anyone TELL me this book was about TV commercials!? I would have cracked the thing open IN THE STORE if you'd have told me that! I mean, I have my television and Hulu running at ALL TIMES just so I can gaze at magnificent ads! And now––at long last––someone has found a way to incorporate them into fine literature! Genius!

    What is this chapter's purpose though? Who put a war in the middle of my Peeta commercials? Bombs? Characters interacting? What is this crap? Oh well. At least my second favorite thing, READING SIGNS POSTED ON WALLS, is here to tide me over!

  60. Alalala says:

    You must be pretty talented to type while sitting on your hands.

  61. trash_addict says:

    'I kind of had a feeling that, as Katniss came upon the guards closing the door to the bunker, that Collins wouldn’t SERIOUSLY lock Prim out. RIGHT. Like…she isn’t that awful, is she?'

    Considering her habit of not letting us ever have nice things, I am intrigued by your faith in Collins.

  62. HungryLikeLupin says:

    That's possibly the most tragic thing about Peeta's situation right now–after wanting to remain himself even more than he wanted to remain alive, he's been turned into the Capitol's mouthpiece. There's no way to tell how much of it is what they've written for him and how much he really believes. I think of all the characters in these books, it's most tragic to have this happening to him.

  63. HungryLikeLupin says:

    Heeee, thanks! ^_^ (When that song showed up on the list for Rock Band 2, I literally squee'd. Out loud. Not gonna lie.)

  64. notemily says:

    OK, I doubt anyone will see this, but re: the whole "Avox mute": ableism or not? debate, I FINALLY found the link I'd been looking for about "offense" and how it's not a great way to determine harmful language. Plz read:

    • drippingmercury says:

      You're awesome for bringing up the systemic harm vs personal offense issue and then defending it throughout the comments. +1 all over the place.

  65. ThreeBooks says:

    OH GOD, you know what ads are on MarkReads?

    Ads for a site that promises you true love… "Find Your Own Edward."

    Pics or it didn't happen, you say?

  66. vampira2468 says:

    A lot going on

  67. Pk9 says:

    Not gonna get into the whole ableism debate, but Marks' comments are funny. Let me paraphrase.
    Katniss: "I am like an Avox, unable to speak."
    Mark: "No, you aren't. You can totally speak. So don't speak."


  68. Alex says:

    Can we have a spin-off just about buttercup? please? i will forever be happy
    and also Prim is amazing in this chapter. i love her so much 🙂 PRIM FOR PRESIDENT

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  70. Hanh says:

    Well my Prim prediction was wrong. Y U suddenly include her Collins?

    I really, really hope Johanna isn't dead but considering there's no one Snow can use her against, chances aren't good.

    I very much appreciated seeing how organized D13 was during that bombing. I hate seeing people lose their shit during crises. I get it. You're frightened. Shit is going down but I seriously can't think if I have to slap the shit out of each and every one of you.

    Plutarch's comment was very typical of a Capitolite: well meaning but still insulting.

    Yeah, she gets a square to share with her family. A SQUARE.
    They are underground Mark! Getting bombed. Let's just try to focus on surviving the night and deal with real estate some other time.

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