A bit of an update before we begin in full tomorrow!

Gosh, this is so terribly exciting to me. I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITES. I feel like I can now tell people I’m an adult or something. hi guys i make mature decisions.

Anyway, three things and then we begin in earnest tomorrow:

1) Remember I tweeted that Wizarding Life interview I did? Well, the folks at WL have moved shop as well and my interview now has its own page. Please visit it if you haven’t read it and give them some love. They’re doing something pretty special and you should be a part of it.

2) I know that there’s an issue with finding this book in other countries and I know some of you don’t really have the money to buy a trilogy of books. Never fear! The wonderful DameDallas pointed this out this morning, but the ENTIRE BOOK IS ON GOOGLE BOOKS. Please go wild! I hope that many of you will join me in reading this series!

EDIT: Ok, Google Books limits the pages you can read, but check out the comments for other ways to digitally follow along if you can!

3) Do any of you have an overwhelming preference to use a specific type of message board software for our forum that I’m going to build? I was thinking of using Simple:Press because none of you would have to get new accounts. Your WordPress log-ins would work fine. But I could always go with phpbb or vBulletin. Or something else. THOUGHTS?

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62 Responses to A bit of an update before we begin in full tomorrow!

  1. Syd K. says:

    I like Simple:Press because I am lazy.

  2. Married In Pearl says:

    SOOO EXCITE. I just reread The Hunger Games in preparation for this.

  3. elusivebreath says:

    Oh, thanks for the tip about Google Books! I was stressed about not having the book yet, lol.

  4. 1foxi says:

    OMG the book is online – Jackpot! I'm from the UK didn't know if I would be able to read along with you – says the book would take 2 weeks to ship. I am so happy now <3

  5. Jake says:

    Oh how wonderfully excite I am. Now I wait to hear you on made of fail which I'd never heard of until I stalked your twitter this morning!

  6. Terra says:

    No, the entire book is not available on Google Books, as much as I wish it was. There are some pages here and there randomly omitted, but more importantly, they impose a limit on the number of pages you can view (not sure how many it is, though). I've read as many as 60 or so pages of some books for free, though, and that's much better than nothing. So for people on a waiting list at libraries or something, this is helpful, but you can't read the whole thing.

    Also, FORUM. 😀

  7. DameDallas says:

    Glad to be of help! Google Books has been a lifesaver for me since its existence. Gotta love the interwebz.
    I can't wait for your review tomorrow; my excitement feels palpable! 🙂

  8. Chelsea says:

    I was just checking out the Google Books thing, and while it may seem like they have the whole book? It's just select pages. It looks like entire chapters are missing, more towards the end. Just a heads up.

  9. Silverilly says:

    This will at least tide me over until my copy comes in to the library. YAY!!!!

  10. DameDallas says:

    Okay, addendum to the Google Books select chapter craziness:
    I went to OnRead.com and once you register for free, you can read it online. I literally clicked through EVERY SINGLE PAGE up to page 417 to make sure we all could see them. 🙂
    Also, here's another link to read it: http://www.wattpad.com/223750-the-hunger-games?p=
    It is a bit wonky with the layout, but all of the text is there.

    Hopefully now, we can all follow along with you, Mark!

  11. aficat says:

    There's an announcement about Starkid Potter on the site with your interview too!

  12. Nakeefeet says:

    You’ve probably said, but are you doing one chapter per day of Hunger Games? I’m going to start reading tonight and didn’t want to go too far. I’m so excited to read a book that’s new to me with you!

  13. Loss Thief says:

    Thanks for the online books tip! I just read through Chapter 1, and…would it be alright if I posted a mini-review in the comments of your reviews? :$

  14. Flowerstar says:

    Wow, thank you for the tip with Google Books! I have them ordered but they haven't shipped yet and I was feeling bad I can't read along from the beginning! Now, when to read the first chapter …

    Also, damn it, I registered a WP account for this site – why the hell isn't it working -___-?

  15. hassibah says:

    The only one of those formats I'm familiar with is phpbb, but basically I am good with any board that will make individual comments easy to link to and find. Signing up for one more site isn't a huge deal but scrolling through a ton of comments to look for a reply gets time consuming. My only other issue with wordpress is that I post on a lot of *really* different sites and I don't really think I want my Harry Potter thoughts on my profile mixed in with comments I might drop over on academic or poli sci blogs, but I can make a separate account for that so that's not really a big deal.

  16. celestineangel says:

    OMGs SO EXCITE. I will be picking up my copy of the first book (hopefully, assuming the bookstore has it) tomorrow between chiropractor and seeing HP7 (I AM LATE), and so it will be later in the day before I can read the first chapter and come check out your review, but it shall happen!

    I have no preference for forums, mostly because I have no idea about anything.

  17. Gabi says:

    If you're not against torrenting, just Google for torrents of all of the Hunger Games books. They're all up and pretty easy to find; I've got PDFs of all of the books, so…

  18. bookling says:

    YAY HUNGER GAMES. Is it time yet? Is it time yet? I AM SO EXCITE.

    <img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/_3lVOb8wvDlE/TOmzsQQMzDI/AAAAAAAAAxM/Datt7rxlDSM/doggie.gif"&gt;

  19. DameDallas says:

    Here's another PDF for the entire book over at e-Pub: http://www.epubbud.com/uploads/1/9/197874/ebooks/

    • riddlemesphinx says:

      Am I crazy? All the pages show up as blank. D: Saddest of days!!

    • Silverilly says:

      This is my favourite out of all the suggestions given. Thanks so much!

    • karadudz says:

      Oh my goodness!
      thank you so much for this link!!! =D
      this will keep me up to date with the blogs until i go get my own copy!
      (yes i'm a teensy bit overdramatic =P)

    • katherinemh says:

      Thank you so so much for the link! I meant to read along with Mark, but I ended up staying up until 3AM to finish it… How do you get PDF files from e-Pub? I tried to download Catching Fire, but I can't figure out how to turn it into a PDF…

    • lindseytinsey says:

      SWEET! Thank you for this! Will start reading now =)

    • ldwy says:

      Hello, I was just wondering (I don't know if you'll see this) if you could answer a question I have. I have never used EPubBud (I had never heard of it), and so I was sifting around and experimenting. You linked to a pdf of The Hunger Games (which I'm using to read along with Mark) but if I search "The Hunger Games" I only get html pages, without the formatting which is so great in the pdf. How do you find the pdfs? Do I have to make an account?

      • DameDallas says:

        Hi! No, I didn't sign up for an account. There are a few versions of the book when you do a search for it on ePub, and for some reason, only one of them is in PDF format (the one I linked to), so that's just the one I use. I wish all versions were that easy to read, but alas….

        • ldwy says:

          Hmm, when I go from the search, I find four versions (searching either "the hunger games" or "hunger games" and none of them are pdf. Basically, I can't get to the version you posted except by the link. Wierd. But fine for now, haha.

  20. Karen says:

    I'm just stupidly excited for you to read these books. I read them a few weeks ago when you announced you'd be doing The Hunger Games next. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I just meant to read a chapter or two so I could figure out if I wanted to read the whole series along with you.. but then I read the whole trilogy in 2.5 days. lol. I got sucked in hard core. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

  21. bookling says:

    Where do my comments keep going? I commented twice already and then when I come back to the page, it's gone. Let's try this sans gif, maybe that's the problem.

    YAY HUNGER GAMES. Is it time yet? Is it time yet? I AM SO EXCITE.

    • howardfinehoward says:

      Haha, I had the same problem. I just came back to make sure my last one stuck. How long until we break wordpress?

  22. howardfinehoward says:

    I can't wait for you to start! I've been meaning to reread The Hunger Games since this summer, so this is a great excuse. I admire your dedication to reading and reviewing for our entertainment. Whatever you decide on for the forum is fine by me!

  23. thefolester says:

    I read the first two Hunger Games books yesterday. Meh.

  24. ikkyg says:


    I will have to endeavour to locate this book!

    Ps. I wish you had put all your reviews on one site… I’m lazy 😛

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  25. eeshannon says:

    So excited for you to start Hunger Games! I read the first two, I haven't been able to get my hands on the third yet.

  26. simply_shipping says:

    Got my copy of the book, and I'm going to try and read along with you, because I don't think i'll be able to resist spoilering you if I read ahead. How often do you think you'll update? I'm an impatient so-and-so. 😀

  27. Rodinia says:

    Woo! Just read chapter 1, looking forward to doing a readalong with Mark!

  28. Kiwi says:

    Oh yay! I bought the first book a week ago (First time I'd ever seen it in fact… thank you NZ for being lame with books…) and have been waiting. Now I am excited!

  29. kaybee42 says:

    Read the first chapter digitally last night and now I am just about to pick up my copy from the library 🙂 has Mark confirmed that it will be a chapter a day (unless he can't resist occasionally)?

  30. plaidshorts says:

    I'm super excited for this re-along! I've never read Hunger Games, so I read the first chapter last night in preparation for today. I can't wait to hear Mark's thoughts!

  31. Karen says:

    UGH. I KNOW, RIGHT? When I bought the trilogy (I bought all three at once without having read any of them because they were on sale for buy 2 and get the third free… and well, I can't say no to a deal), I was a bit wary because of that. I was giving my copy some major side eye. But then I got into it and all was forgiven. I mean, even Stephenie Meyer/a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  32. artsyjeans says:

    I'm so grateful for these links to the book online. I was all set and ready to start reading because my daughter read the books last month in school and got to keep all her copies 🙂 Yesterday I asked her for the first and she told me she lent it to my sister! So I will hopefully find the first few chapters on line before we get the copy back from my sis, but she took a months to read Wicked so I'm not holding out for a quick return.

  33. simply_shipping says:

    Ah, that's probably why I never bought it. I like dystopian future books, but I refuse on principle to buy anything Stephenie Meyer endorses. Luckily, my principles don't apply to reading online.

  34. riddlemesphinx says:

    I had the exact same problem. Whenever I tried to log in, it would say my account wasn't recognized. I even reset the password a few times and tried a few different things, but no go. I ended up with an Intense Debate account too.

  35. Aimee says:

    I like the system now because I have a WordPress account and I'm lazy.

  36. karadudz says:

    I was wondering if you would consider James Dasher's books "The Maze Runner" and the book after that one….?

    I honestly haven't read it yet but I read the synopsis and it was on the recommended book links when I was buying the hunger games online…and can I just say: IT LOOKS MAD AMAZING. and INTENSE.

    or maybe i'll read it before you and let you know how it is…unless someone else here has read it and would like to share their thoughts on it =)

  37. Rowan says:

    Can I just say that you are probably one of the most awesome people ever?
    And I was watching this AFI video and you popped up and I was like OMG WHAAAT
    just like that
    that was unbearably amazing since I had no idea you were a fan of them. (I'm obsessed with them. A lot.)

  38. It was some sort of pleasure locating your site this morning. I came up here today hoping to learn something new. I was not upset. Your ideas about new tactics on this subject were informative and a terrific help to my family. Thank you for making time to write down these things and for sharing your mind.

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