The official ‘Mark in the Park’ tour 2014!

So, it’s time to start planning a year of ridiculous events. Inspired by the absolutely ridiculous #MarkInThePark event that was entirely spontaneous in London last summer, this year I’ll be hosting a series of free events in public parks across the United States, Canada, and Europe. (There’s one exception, but you’ll see why below.) You can also help plan an event so that I can come to your town! LET’S DO THIS.

Current Dates

June 14 – SACRAMENTO, CA – Details TBA, but 2:00 – 5:00pm will probably be the time!
June 15 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Golden Gate Park, 2:00pm – 5:00pm, specific location TBD

July 16th – SANDUSKY, OH – Cedar Point Amusement Park, 10am – 10pm

August 10th – MANCHESTER, UK – Location TBD, 2 – 5pm


  1. When each event is given a Facebook event page, please RSVP either there or through email if you do not have FB. My email is markreadsandwatches at gmail dot com.
  2. Please bring any blankets, towels, umbrellas, sunscreen, or any other items you may need to be comfortable. Sometimes, I’ll be able to secure actual seating if I can pay to reserve a space, but expect to be in the grass. If we can’t find shade big enough for everyone, you might also be in sunlight. If you have accessibility needs for the event, please let me know so that you can be accommodated completely. Everyone should be able to come to an event!
  3. Events are free always. You are welcome to donate to help pay for my travel/housing costs! I’ll have my Pigfarts Donation Jar. The one exception is Cedar Point. I have wanted to have an event there for two years, and the time between my Chicago and Detroit cons is perfect for it. You should expect to pay for yourself to get there!
  4. Feel free to bring food for yourself or potluck/picnic style! Make friends! Please be prepared to list any possible allergies on your food if you bring it for the group.
  5. Bring things for me to read! Terrible fanfiction, badly written romance novels… anything that’s relatively short, not triggering, and I know as little about as possible is best.
  6. Please use the #MarkinthePark tag on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook for all social media! Then, other people can keep track of photos and videos of the tour throughout the year.


Like tours in the past, I go where I am wanted! Would you like a MarkInThePark event in your town? Feel free to pitch it below and offer up anything that might help, particularly if you can help book a spot at a public park of sorts. Most of these events will be Friday – Sunday. It’s easier for me to travel that way and to schedule them DURING the day so that it’s not cold or super dark out. Plus, then I can keep up a more regular review schedule during this time.

If you can also offer up a couch or a comfortable floor for me to stay on, that will definitely increase the odds that I can come to your city. Please do not take it personally if I ultimately do not accept your offer. Remember, most of you are strangers to me, and I have to look out for my own safety and comfort.

Oh gosh, LET’S DO IT. Make sure to check out my other tour dates unconnected to MarkInThePark right here.

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