Mark Predicts ‘Deadline’

Hello, Newsflesh friends! It’s time for MY VERY FIRST PREDICTION POST FOR THIS TRILOGY. Celebrate my wrongness! Laugh at my ability to eerily get things right! Scratch your head at some of my stranger predictions! LET’S DO IT.

So, a note about the upcoming schedule: next week, I’ll split Countdown, the prequel novella for the Newsflesh universe, into two posts that go up on Tuesday and Thursday. On the following week, I’ll start Deadline. You can purchase both books on Amazon, and if you buy Countdown or Deadline from there, click those two links first. I’ll get a nifty commission for every copy sold, as well as a percentage of anything else you buy after clicking that link. Neat!

All right, onwards to my very bad predictions, since I have little to go on:

  • We will find out that Shaun has not gone out on one Irwin adventure since his sister died.
  • Ryman / Rick will have won the election, or they’ll win it during the book.
  • Rick will get another cat to replace Lois.
  • Shaun will not talk to his parents once in the book.
  • Some event or some person will convince Shaun to stop being a recluse, and he’ll go out on an ~adventure.~
  • After the End Times will gain a new staff member who will travel with Shaun.
  • We’ll find out who got Georgia’s bike. Bonus points if Shaun let Rick keep it.
  • We will find out who the donors at the CDC were.
  • Not only that, the group behind Tate’s plan to trick the public into voting for him will have a resurgence. We will learn who these people are.
  • I am desperately trying to think of predictions, but Mira Grant really didn’t give me much to go on. UNFAIR.
  • I’ll be unprepared?
  • Mahir dies. SOMEONE IMPORTANT HAS TO DIE. It’s a zombie apocalypse.
  • Okay, my big theory/prediction about Deadline: Shaun will at one point hear of a possible cure to Kellis-Amberlee, but will learn that it isn’t real.

This was really hard? Oh god, that’s frightening. I truly have no idea what’s coming.

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