Mark Re-Reads ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’: Chapter 14

In the fourteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid shares in a secret of his: he’s going to try to raise a dragon. When this is easier said than done, Harry and Hermione decide to assist Hagrid in getting rid of Norbert. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to re-read Harry Potter.


I think all of us have a collection of side characters (or even main characters) who we’d like to see more of, and I think that’s largely a testament to how real they all feel. Admittedly, sometimes it’s because Rowling never really gives them as much time as we think we want or they deserve. (Ginny got shafted GIVE ME A GINNY BOOK. That’s what I’m sticking to.) And while that’s certainly the case for most of us who are fans of this series, I really enjoy that Rowling does give us time with so many different characters. Chapter fourteen is largely the part of the story that belongs to Hagrid. We begin to see how his obsession with magical creatures and species goes just beyond fascination. He almost feels a kinship with them, even if that kinship is one-sided. Does he do it because he’s lonely? I imagine that life as the gamekeeper at Hogwarts, restricted from using magic, isn’t exactly the most accepting life. We see later how the regular bullies despise Hagrid, but even those who normally aren’t raging fuckfaces turn against him and his manner of thought.

I’m glad, then, that Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow so close to him. Here in chapter fourteen, maybe their motives are more for their own desire to know about the Sorcerer’s Stone, at least initially. But at the same time, I can’t ignore the way they show Hagrid that they care and are concerned for him. They’re first drawn to him after a particularly frustrating bout of studying for first-year exams. (God, I made study schedules, y’all. I AM HERMIONE GRANGER. I seriously am!!!!) Hagrid, being absolutely awful at the concept of “inconspicuous,” wanders into the library, and Ron figures out he’s looking for books about dragons. This sort of makes me want to re-write a Sherlock Holmes story with Hagrid as Holmes because he would be shit at it, and it would be so glorious.

It really doesn’t get much more magical than dragons, and I love how much they play into this series. They’re here, providing the situational set-up for this books endgame; they’re deeply important to the plot of Goblet of Fire; and the dragon scene in Gringotts in Deathly Hallows is one of the most tense moments in all seven books. Like most of what’s found in these books, Rowling is very matter-of-fact about it. Dragons just exist. They’re here. Ron’s brother raises them and studies them. And you can hatch their eggs by putting them over a fire. Even further, she gives us small details about them, such as the fact that they differ by geographical location, or that the Ministry of Magic works to keep their existence a secret.

So the trio go to visit Hagrid to get more information out of him, and I like that Hagrid finally just gives up. I mean, not only are these kids persistent as hell, but I think he knows it’s pointless to try to keep much from them. Unsurprisingly, they all flip out when they find out that Snape was one of the professors who helped place a spell to protect the Sorcerer’s Stone. DUN DUN DUN, the plot thickens. But their attention is lost because HOLY SHIT A DRAGON EGG WHAT THE FUCK.

“Where did you get it, Hagrid?” said Ron, crouching over the fire to get a closer look at the egg.

I’m pretty sure Viserys gave it to him THIS IS WHERE HE TRIED TO SELL DANY’S EGGS. Ok, kidding. Let’s instead enjoy the constant state of oblivion that Rubeus Hagrid lives in. It truly is a beautiful thing to behold: A grown man, obsessing over a dragon egg, unaware (or just uncaring) that his house is made out of wood, caring for the egg until it hatches, calling himself it’s “mommy.” Sure, maybe Hagrid lacks any sense of tact or practicality, but I don’t care. It’s beautiful. His pure heart is beautiful. More than anything, that’s what I take away from the character of Hagrid: he may be foolish and stubborn, but his heart is full of so much love and wonder. And perhaps that’s what I saw in him in chapter four that caused me to adore him so much. He’s been through so much, faced so much possible discrimination for being part-giant, and been left out of large parts of the wizarding world for what happened in the past. Yet it still doesn’t distinguish his vibrant outlook on life, and I really love that about him.

That’s what makes the plan to give up Norbert so depressing. Hagrid has Fang, sure, but there’s something about getting to raise Norbert that’s touching to me. Does Hagrid want children? Does he want to have the experience of raising a kid? Sure, I’m probably reading too much into this, but why would Hagrid become attached to the idea and then the dragon itself in such a short span of time? This means so much more to Hagrid than it being a banned mythology creature. He’s certainly not doing it just to be edgy. He wants this, and when Harry and Hermione come to take it away from him, it’s too much for him to handle. I mean, seriously: he packs a teddy bear in Norbert’s crate. IT’S SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.

Simultaneously with this, we learn more about how Malfoy is a fucking asshole. Thankfully, he gets more complex as the series progresses. Because sweet christ he is unbearable in these early books. Spying on Hagrid? Teasing Ron about his dragon bite? Stealing books and then trying to set up Hermione and Harry to get in trouble? I still remember how victorious I felt when his plan backfired and McGonagall got him in trouble for being out in the castle. I consider that sweet, sweet victory, especially since the vast majority of my bullies never faced any negative repercussions for their actions. I SHALL VICARIOUS LIVE THROUGH YOUR NOVELS, J.K. ROWLING.

At the same time, I also like that we, the readers, have this moment of exhilaration, and then Rowling reminds us that Hermione and Harry also broke the rules as well. I know that the trio sort of get special treatment later in the series, and quite often at that, but I like that there’s still a sense of responsibility. They took a risk coming up to the tallest tower, and now they’re paying for it. OMG THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK. I FORGOT WHAT HAPPENS TO IT. Oh, this is just so fun to read again.

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  1. I heart Hagrid forever! I hadn't thought about Hagrid having children, but wouldn't he be absolutely the best ever? Also the most fun? Just look how he was when he first met (and rescued!) Harry – he listens and understands and is the best ever (I know I said that)! He listened to all their woes, such as when Harry was worried about not fitting in at Hogwarts, he was an ear for Hermione when the boys weren't talking to her in PofA (well just Ron, but Harry tends to side with Ron) etc! Any other examples?

    Ginny totally got shafted! I would have loved to just get to know her, and see Harry get to know her properly. Not seeing that was definitely an aspect of the books that saddened me.

    By the way, as I just read the newest Harry Pottery re-reads reviews – (delicious!) I wanted to add that the houses at my school were named: Keller, Nightingale, Tudor and Boudicea!
    Can you guess who they were named after?

  2. Ryan Lohner says:

    "And you can hatch their eggs by putting them over a fire."

    Well, it's easier than burning a witch and your dead husband.

    It's pretty amusing rereading this chapter knowing Norbert is actually female. I have a friend who made the same mistake with her two turtles; we all got confused at why the female was growing so much more than the male until an expert let us know she'd mixed them up. So now we all call it Georgia rather than George.

    Also fun when rereading even this book alone is seeing how all the chapters that seemed like standalone bits of character development the first time (the troll, the Mirror of Erised, Norbert) all play into the climax.

  3. Maya says:

    Yesssss more Ginny please! I would looooooove a book about her trying to get over what happened second year and becoming the fierce girl from the fifth book who finally gets Harry to notice her as something more ~haters to the left~

    I want Hagrid as my uncle who brings you those presents that are slightly weird but turn out to be totally awesome and is happy to just hang out.

    • Kiryn says:

      That was always one thing that slightly bothered me about Ginny's character. The fact that her mentioning the possession to Harry in OOTP was the ONLY implication that we got that the Chamber experience had traumatized her in any way. I can't remember anything else in her behavior to indicate such a thing. And I would like to assume that there was some kind of trauma and recovery for it, because that'd be the more realistic way to go about it, but we don't get to SEE it, and ennnnhhhhh.

      …And this all makes me sound like a sadistic person who wants to watch Ginny suffer. And it's not that, I just gravitate more towards the more human and tragic characters than any others.

  4. pica_scribit says:

    I’m pretty sure Viserys gave it to him THIS IS WHERE HE TRIED TO SELL DANY’S EGGS.

    I didn't just lol; I cackled.

  5. monkeybutter says:

    Hagrid's dad is a Targaryen. They're known for their odd reproductive practices, after all.

    I think Hagrid as Sherlock Holmes would essentially be Inspector Gadget with an umbrella wand. Hermione would be his Penny, of course, and Fang would be Brain. Maybe you can convince CBS to do that instead of their totally original Modern Sherlock idea.

    I know it's a stereotype, and it's not true for all pet owners, but a lot of people do treat pets like trainer kids (or actual children). Obviously, not every pet owner wants to have kids, but I've noticed that as my friends have developed baby fever, the amount of pet photos that I HAVE TO SEE have exploded exponentially. I tremble in fear of the onslaught once they start having babies. Anyway, I think you're onto something about Hagrid and his love of animals, especially since he doesn't truly have a family of his own. Dumbledore and the trio love him like family, and Hogwarts is his home, but I could see him trying to create his own family with animals. He got Aragog right after his dad died, right? I think Hagrid would be a good dad, especially with someone like Madame Maxine to balance him out. I really hope they got together after the series ended.

    There's actually another character mentioned in this chapter who I've always wanted to see more of: Charlie. I've always had this inexplicable love for Charlie, but there's no real place for him the story, so I sadly never got to see much of him. He's one of the many characters I hope there's a ridiculously detailed backstory for in Pottermore.

    • knut_knut says:

      NYOOOOOOOOO Now I have the Inspector Gadget song stuck in my head! Would Crookshanks be MAD Cat? He doesn’t really do anything, though, unlike Crookshanks who was clearly the most competent character in PoA

      I think Rowling said Hagrid and Madame Maxine didn’t get together in the end and Hagrid was forever alone πŸ™ If he and Charlie met up and became dragon bffs I wouldn’t mind! They could go on dragon adventures! πŸ˜€

    • cait0716 says:

      Definitely agree with the pets as starter kids idea. I recently started hinting around that I want kids (in the next few years) and my boyfriend's response was "let's get a dog".

      • monkeybutter says:

        Haha, my parents did something similar. They had cats while they were dating, but they got a dog after getting married, as though they were progressing towards children. They joked about him being their first kid, and they actually bought a station wagon when he was a puppy so he would be comfy on car trips.

        • theanagrace says:

          Lol, I'm actually planning something similar. I want a dog, and I think it would be good practice for my husband and I to have responsibility for something more demanding than our budgie, Dingo. I'm hoping we can find a reputable dachshund breeder in my area, and then we can start our baby-training course. πŸ˜›

    • episkey825 says:

      Oh no! I've been posting way too many pictures of my cats on Facebook lately.

  6. I also drew up study and revision schedules, which were beautifully colour-coded of course.
    High five for geekiness?

  7. stellaaaaakris says:

    My favorite parts of this chapter: Ron knowing exactly which Warlock Convention outlawed dragons in the UK. How very Hermione of him. Also him wondering what a simple life would be like. Ronnykins, you're life is simple right now. You have a friend who wants to raise a dragon; so what? It's not like you're hunting for pieces of the soul of one of the most powerful dark wizards in history so you can destroy them, bring him down, and save humankind, all while being in love with a girl you're convinced is in love with your best friend. This chapter, psh, piece of cake.

    • Elexus Calcearius says:

      I thought that seemed a bit weird as well, but then I wondered if its just one of those important dates you get rammed into your head. Like how we all know about the 'I Have A Dream' speech, or something.

    • Kateness says:

      I imagine Ron knows this because he has a tendency to idolize his older brothers, one of whom works with dragons.

  8. Jacob says:

    So, Viserion, Balerion, Rhaegon, and Norbert?

  9. knut_knut says:

    This is one of the few chapters in all of the HP series that I sometimes skip over because I can’t take Hagrid losing Norbert and then the trio getting in trouble for something as silly as leaving the invisibility cloak behind! It’s too much disappointment and stress!

    I like the idea of Hagrid Holmes! Who would be his Watson? A blast-ended skrewt perhaps?

  10. I'm almost done with my audiobook re-read of the series, and as far as shafting goes, where is our Book 7 set at Hogwarts full of Neville Fucking Longbottom being all STFU DEATH EATERS for nine months?

  11. Sarah says:

    I was one of the lucky few who got early access into Pottermore. And, Mark, let me tell you… you will get SO much more character depth out of Pottomore! There is a LOT more back story that you can "unlock" and read. It's really, really amazing. Part of the fun too is that you "unlock" more and more information as you go on. So far only PS/SS is open but I am just itching to get into CoS and learn more! The site is beautiful, fun, and fascinating! So when it opens up to the public next month, you need to register! All of you!! You won't be disappointed!!

    PS: I got sorted into Ravenclaw! YAY! Nerds of the world, unite! πŸ™‚

    • monkeybutter says:

      Congrats! I'm glad you got the house you wanted!

    • settlingforhistory says:

      I agree Pottermore is already so wondeful and it is only beta.
      There is nothing new about Hagrid, though I hope we will get mor info in CoS when his past is seen through the Diary.
      McGonagall's backstory almost made me cry, i wish we had that much depth for all characters.

      PS. I'm a Slytherin and having so much fun in that house!

      • bingo0007 says:

        mcgonagall's backstory is awesome.hope we get something similar for all the major guys know that hermione has zero backstory right?

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, McGonagall's story is so great! And I loved that it continued as you went through the book. I'm sure she'll open up more backstory on other characters in future books when the timing seems right.

        Booo Slytherin! πŸ˜‰ You guys are right on our tails for the house cup!

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      CONGRATS! I have an account, but still no access. NOT FAIR.

      • rumantic says:

        Me too! It's okay, we'll just sit over here in the reject club πŸ™

        • Kiryn says:

          And I am extremely super jealous. I can't wait for it to be open to the public. A question, though…is Pottermore going to replace her plans to publish the Encyclopedia?

        • theanagrace says:

          I was feeling the EXACT same way last week, and I got my email on Saturday morning at 8:54. Don't give up hope, it will come.
          (I got my wand and cat yesterday, and I'm going to go get sorted tonight!)
          When you get on, add me; SparksSky101

        • Saber says:

          *is also in the regect club*

          ausigjgkdf STOP MAKING ME WANT IN SO BAD

  12. Shira says:

    I could never really get behind Ginny in the books, exactly because we don't get a chance to see her character development. She's adorably shy for 4 books and then suddenly in Book 5 she's all, "Oh hey Harry, sup. I snog other boys now." Her end character would be so much more awesome if we could see the moments where she broke out of her shell.

    OMG does this mean I have to worry about RE-SPOILING YOU?? (Re-Read Spoiler Policy with new and improved threats to transgressors, y/n?)

  13. FlameRaven says:

    I always identified most with Hermione too, but I never went so far as to do study schedules. Probably because I never really studied for anything until college. I tended more to wander into class and go "oh, wait, today is the test day?" and then get an A anyway. Actually, I did that in college too, for most of my non-art classes.

    Granted, Hogwarts sounds way more difficult than most US high schools, and the amount of papers they have to write definitely feels more like college-level work, which is… interesting that they give that much work to eleven-year-olds. If I'd had that much homework, I would have probably spent more time studying, too.

    • Becky_J_ says:

      "I tended more to wander into class and go "oh, wait, today is the test day?" and then get an A anyway. Actually, I did that in college too, for most of my non-art classes. "

      I'm sorry, are you me??? Because seriously, this is my life at this exact moment in time.

    • episkey825 says:

      Yeah, that was me too.

  14. arctic_hare says:

    I love Hagrid and his love of magical creatures. <3 I'm a big animal lover myself, big big animal lover, so I totally empathize with him, especially since if I got to live in a world with so many fascinating magical creatures I'd probably be the same as Hagrid. I do think life as the Hogwarts gamekeeper is a bit lonely for Hagrid, and was even more so before Harry came to Hogwarts and started visiting him. Poor Hagrid. πŸ™ He's been through so much, you're right, and yet he continues to be full of such love and wonder for the world around him and the many interesting creatures in it. I wish I could go to Hogwarts and give him a hug and be his friend. Hagrid rules. He's so sweet with Norberta (ahahahaha) and it warms my heart. <3 I remember reading your initial read of this book and being tickled pink that you just took to him right away, it was just like how I'd felt when I first read it. <3

    I'd love a Ginny book! I agree that she got shafted. But you know what I'd love even more? A LUNA BOOK.

    • Maya says:

      Oh my god, can JKR write a Luna book that's basically stream of consciousness? I want so very badly to be inside her head!

    • nanceoir says:

      I do think life as the Hogwarts gamekeeper is a bit lonely for Hagrid, and was even more so before Harry came to Hogwarts and started visiting him.

      Maybe Hagrid's life at Hogwarts gets much, much better by the time Professor Longbottom is there. They totally bonded during the last book, you know, and when Neville came back to Hogwarts to teach, he and Hagrid probably hang out together and tell students stories of the year Voldemort took over and how they rebelled and fought back, and everyone will love and respect Hagrid and it will be an honor to get invited over to his hut or to get to see his creatures outside of class, and troubled students will turn to him if they're having trouble or are homesick or something, and Hagrid will be as loving and wonderful as he's always been.

      Yes, that must be what happens. πŸ˜€

      • theanagrace says:

        Ooooh, yeah! Add these things to my wishes for Hagrid's happy ending down below!!

        • nanceoir says:

          Yes, I think your Hagrid happy ending works perfectly with this. In fact, I'm merging them together in my head as I type. I think, really, he knows a lot of practical magic; he'd just need to work them out for the examinations. I suspect he has a good handle on Charms; the boat thing didn't seem to be any trouble. McGonagall would have to work with him a fair amount on Transfiguration. Then again, his botched spell on Dudley was clearly NEWT-level work, and he obviously hadn't gotten to that in school. I think he'd be great at Herbology; I think he and Professor Sprout (and Neville) bond over the out-of-doors stuff. Potions, though… If his cooking is any indication, Potions may not be his best subject. But, he's resourceful, so I'm sure he could earn an OWL in that as well, and I bet Slughorn wouldn't mind helping Hagrid on some of the finer points of Potion-making, in exchange for some difficult-to-obtain thing from a magical creature. For his own study, of course.

          Yeah, I'm liking that. Hagrid's expulsion is overturned and he's got a proper wand again and he's allowed to be properly trained to use more advanced magic, and then Neville comes back to Hogwarts to teach and they have a great time and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

          This happened, and no one can convince me otherwise. (Actually, JKR might, but I hope she doesn't.)

      • arctic_hare says:

        Awwwwwwwwwww! That is the sweetest, most beautiful thought and MUST BE CANON!

      • pennylane27 says:

        I can also imagine the "second generation" kids crowding Hagrid's hut all the time.

        And now I'm somewhat misty eyed from all these lovely images.

    • Rebecca says:

      Luna book
      Ginny book
      Neville book
      yes yes yes

  15. Hanah_banana says:

    Oh Hagrid, you own my heart <3 He is such an essentially GOOD person, all about the love and consideration and caring for other people, that you don't mind that he cannot keep a secret to save his life and he has no concept of the danger of things (it took me a long time to forgive him for putting Harry and Ron through Spider Central in CoS, my arachnophobia is awful and I would probably never have recovered from the psychological trauma of it if I'd been in their shoes. That's not even an exaggeration – just seeing regular spiders can set me off into a panic attack so I would probably be curled up in a ball forever if I was confronted with hundreds of massive spiders trying to eat me /end tangent) and is so spectacularly naive. He quite often feels like a giant cuddly child, in that he just wants to look out for you and he doesn't understand that actually these creatures WILL TRY AND EAT YOU and no you SHOULD NOT TRUST SKEETER OR TALK TO MADAME MAXIME ABOUT BEING A GIANT OH HAGRID WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS.

    And of course, he saved Harry from an eternity with the Dursleys, for which we are all eternally grateful.

    • pennylane27 says:


      Hagrid I love you.

  16. nerdybirdy says:

    OMG YES A LUNA BOOK. I think I would straight pass out from the sheer awesomeness of such a prospect.

    I’m not above begging to Jo for this.

    And OMG, i can haz Hagrid as my crazy uncle? Plz? Kthnxbai. πŸ™‚ I’d love having him bring me crazy new pets. That would just be full of win.

    • arctic_hare says:

      Let's say wacky instead of "crazy", "crazy" falls under the ableist language that Mark doesn't want on this site.

  17. drop_and_roll says:

    I think all of us have a collection of side characters (or even main characters) who we’d like to see more of, and I think that’s largely a testament to how real they all feel. Admittedly, sometimes it’s because Rowling never really gives them as much time as we think we want or they deserve.
    Mark, are you on Pottermore? If not, make sure you sign up for it when registration is open. Because OMG the extra material is amazing. The thought of there being six more books to cover makes me so happy.
    I won't go into detail in case anyone feels it's spoilery, but it's definitely worth anyone who loves Harry Potter making an account and getting access to it.

  18. Starsea28 says:

    (Ginny got shafted GIVE ME A GINNY BOOK. That’s what I’m sticking to.)

    Mark, I know you don't know me from Lyra Belacqua but CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS ON THE ASTRAL PLANE? πŸ˜€ Your love for Ginny never stops making me smile.

    I definitely think Norbert speaks for Hagrid's frustrated maternal/paternal instinct. He's never going to get married and Norbert is the closest thing to a baby he'll ever have. And he has to give him up!

    Also, there is a Dragons of Atlantis advert on this page and the dragon reminds me so much of my vision of baby!Norbert. <3

  19. Starsea28 says:

    I used to agree with you but now I think Hagrid sending Harry and Ron to Aragog in CoS was something that even HE wouldn't have done in normal circumstances. But they were taking him to Azkaban and there wasn't time. I think that if he could have, he would have gone with them. He obviously thought being his friends would be enough – Harry and Ron never actually tell him that he was wrong! *lol*

  20. akacj18 says:

    Ginny got shafted GIVE ME A GINNY BOOK.


  21. pennylane27 says:


    Anyway, I have nothing of substance to say. I am so full of deep love for Harry Potter AND ALL THE CHARACTERS EVER. Ok, not all of them, but you know what I mean.

    Also, having just experienced this book through Pottermore, I can say that I'm loving it more than I used to. It was one of my least favourite ones, probably because I read CoS and PoA before, so PS seemed more simple and childish when I finally got to read it (I was still a child, but that didn't matter to the self-important 11-year-old me).

  22. notemily says:

    Dude, this chapter has Harry looking up "Dittany" in a book about magical herbs. !!!

    I think Hagrid empathizes so much with magical creatures because he almost is one himself. He's big and scary-looking, but really gentle and kind–so he wants to believe that all big and scary-looking animals are gentle and kind too, like him. In some cases, like with Fang, he's pretty much right. In others, not so much. But I love that he wants to believe the best of all of them even when they're biting his leg off.

  23. Anonymous says:

    A Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter crossover is just waiting to happen! XD

    That's an interesting point with Hagrid being so affected by having to let Norbert go. So many of the HP characters grow up with less than welcoming childhoods- Hagrid would be an orphan for almost all of his Hogwarts life and it's likely to say that he did indeed get bullied because of his half-giant status. And then, of course, being expelled would just isolate him even further. And, that's what Tom Riddle so deviously planned; he WANTS people to feel unloved and desperately alone (look at what he does with Muggleborns, werewolves etc) so that their lives are filled with resentment.

    Fortunately, on the whole, Hagrid rises above this. He only lets himself be lead by love- particularly regarding Harry, as is displayed so poignantly, especially in Deathly Hallows.


  24. improved says:

    "They’re here, providing the situational set-up for this books endgame; they’re deeply important to the plot of Goblet of Fire; and the dragon scene in Gringotts in Deathly Hallows is one of the most tense moments in all seven books."

    This is what I love about the Parallel theory. The seven books in the series mirror their counterparts in so many ways, and this just is another example of that. SS and DH are very similar in their quest and events – seeing Gringotts for the first time, Ollivander's appearance, encountering Harry's parents in the Mirror and then through the Stone, the centaurs warning Harry of the danger of the Forbidden Forest to him in SS and how he dies there in DH, etc. etc. GOF is very much the transitional novel, so many of these moments are prevalent in that book (Ollivander only appears in SS, GOF, and DH, the dragons' presence, Harry's parents once again, etc). COS and HBP have glaring similarities as well, what with the focus on the Horcruxes, Ginny's prevalence, the necklace in Borgin and Burkes being used to try to kill Dumbledore, the appearance of and then death of Aragog, the Vanishing Cabinet first appears in COS and then is used in HBP, etc. And POA and OOTP are very much focused on Sirius, his relationship with Harry, and how he's introduced in POA and dead in OOTP, flight of magical creatures for saving someone (Buckbeak and then the Thestrals), and an understanding of his parents' generation and Snape's rage.

    There are literally hundreds of more parallels between the respective books, and it's one of my favorite theories to think about given the grand scope and depth of the series. Others feel free to chime in with your parallels!

  25. Sophie says:

    I am convinced we meet Tonks for the first time in this chapter.

  26. theanagrace says:

    Speaking of Hagrid, can anyone remind me if he gets a full pardon for the Aragog incident in his 3rd year? Because if he did, then couldn't he legally take magic classes and become a full wizard?

    I like to think that he did end up doing some night courses with the other teachers over the years following the books, and he got a new wand from Ollivander and got as many OWLs as Ron did, and continued to teach Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts, and in the summer went to visit Charlie and Norberta in Romania (and maybe the occasional visit to Mme Maxime). Hagrid deserves his own happy ending.

  27. t09yavors says:

    I cannot give you a Ginny book Mark but I can give you this:

    <img src=""&gt;

    via @Lord_Voldemort7

    whoa, that's huge. is there a way to make it smaller?

  28. Becky_J_ says:

    I have never thoroughly thought through the reasons I love Hagrid so much…… so I am going to attempt to do so now.

    1. As you mentioned, his loving, pure, wonderful heart. I mean, he's got childlike simplicity with adult-like understanding and humanity. Who couldn't love that??
    2. He is the first person we meet from the wizarding world (we as in Harry, and first as in first he is old enough to remember). Therefore, I hold him directly responsible for introducing us to this wonderful place, and I love him endlessly for it .
    3. He named a three-headed-dog Fluffy, and a female baby dragon Norbert. I'm sorry, is there any place this isn't amazing?? I think not

    There are many other reasons, but I think that about covers it for now. But another thing about Hagrid…. how heartbreaking would it be to live on the grounds of Hogwarts, see all these students growing up and becoming wizards and doing magic and so on and so forth, and not be able to participate?? I think that's why he is so enchanted with these fantastic, magical beasts…. that's just it, they're magical. And he can interact with them, take care of them, and be around them. It's as if he was fully magical too (which he totally is, by the way, in his own way ).

    I mean, come on…. you know we would all die if we saw a thestral in real life, let alone get to hang out with it. I understand you, Hagrid!

  29. Gen says:

    I have very little to add to this review except that I will never stop being really charmed by just how much you love Hagrid.

    Also that Hagrid is exactly as excellent a character as you say.

  30. Quincy Morris says:

    Nice to see you're reading good books again.

    Anyway, since I know a lot about this series, I'll try to contribute to the discussions as best as I can.

    Oh, Ginny. How I wish we could actually see what you and Harry do in your private moments.

  31. Lady X says:

    I just love this series so much πŸ™‚

  32. arctic_hare says:

    I saw your tweet about fandom crossovers, Mark, and got inspired to do one on my LEGO shelf.

    Rex and Hagrid are having a playdate, and Buzz Lightyear is punching out Draco Malfoy. πŸ˜€

  33. eternaleve says:

    You know, this has made me realise that my stepfather and Hagrid are pretty much the exact same person. Really tall and hairy, looks pretty fierce but cries when our chickens are ill and treats the dog like a baby.

  34. Susan says:

    Love you forever Hagrid!

  35. bookgal12 says:

    I always thought Hagrid was another caring adult figure for Harry to look up to and see an example of that not everyone is like the awful Dursleys. I think Hagrid probably didn't have that many students who would regularly visit him, and was happy to have Harry, Ron and Hermione visit him all the time. I also like the continuous small references to Hagrid's bad cooking but the three of them try to eat it anyway, that's true friendship. Hagrid's love of all animals is also adorable how close he is to all of his animals and it shows through his care for them.

  36. Chris Durston says:

    Does Hagrid refer to himself as Norbert's 'mommy' in the American version? Being a Brit, my version of the books have him calling himself 'Mummy', since 'mum' is our version of the American 'mom'. Basically, does the text actually remove 'Briticisms' so that a US audience can understand it better?

  37. Araxie says:

    See, it still annoys me that it was on THIS occasion that the trio had to be punished so severely. I mean, they were just trying to help out a friend, who honestly ought not to have put them in such an incriminating position in the first place.

  38. It‘¦s really a great and useful piece of information. I‘¦m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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