I am proud to announce my YA debut, ANGER IS A GIFT

The day has come, friends. Paste Magazine has the HUGE reveal: Title! Cover! Release date! AN EXCERPT! Y’all, I have a book. A book! With my name on the cover!

Your announcement here is much shorter because this release does not affect any part of the Mark Reads schedule. We will still be pushing forward with Young Wizards and Discworld! Splits for Lifeboats are nearly done, too, so I will post those when they’re ready!

Otherwise: thank you. Thank you for supporting me and being such wonderful fans. As a reminder, I post announcements in my newsletter and all exclusives/secrets are posted to my Patreon. (They found out about the announcement in the vaguest of terms earlier this week.)

I am in debt to you all, and IS MARK SPOILS STILL DOING CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER READS, CAN THERE BE A READS SERIES OF MY OWN BOOK help me what has my life become


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