Mark Reads Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is available for purchase!

Hello, Harry Potter fans! I’ve just completed the ebook edition of Mark Reads Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and this wonderful collection of unprepared sadness is now on sale for YOU for just $4.99 per copy!

This stunning cover, designed by Jamie Herman, represents my eternal struggle to escape spoilers at all costs. UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT’S SO GOOD Y’ALL.

You can purchase a Kindle, ePub, or PDF file of this new book, and you will get the following:

  • The newly edited set of the original reviews that once lived on Buzznet.
  • NINETEEN (19) BRAND NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN REVIEWS THAT I WROTE JUST FOR THIS BOOK TO COVER ALL OF HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. It’s less than the actual chapter count because certain chapters were combined into one review to provide a better flow. These reviews are spoilerific re-reads of Half-Blood Prince.
  • 71 footnotes.
  • A full color cover embedded in whatever file you purchase.
  • LOTS OF ENTERTAINMENT, including the full story of the Great Ginny Slutshame War of 2010, as well as two personal stories!
I’m kind of sad that I’ve only got one more of these left before I’ve completed the Mark Reads Harry Potter series. I will have something special planned for then, including a bundle pack where you can buy all 7 books in one format for a discounted price.

I am very thrilled to release these books, and I’m super happy that so many of you have bought them. They help keep all three of my sites running, help pay my bills, and go towards new projects, such as purchasing stuff for double features or buying software/tech to record Mark Plays videos. I appreciate you for helping me out, and I hope I have entertained you for just $5.

Feel free to browse around to buy any of the other eBooks I’ve released. I will have physical copies of this and the last two MRHP books on my LuLu page soon, and I’ll make a separate post for that.


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