‘Mark Reads Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ is now out!

This took longer than expected because my first tour delayed it, but I’ll have you know I’ve already started on the Goblet of Fire book SO MORE BOOKS ARE ON THEIR WAY.

I am particularly happy with how this turned out, and now I shall reveal these two glorious covers for both the digital and print versions of this book!

Mark Reads Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is available in three formats (Kindle, ePub, PDF) for just $3.99. There are many ridiculous footnotes. You’ll get this gorgeous cover by Jamie Herman. There are ridiculous footnotes. There are twenty-two brand new reviews, all re-reads of Prisoner of Azkaban that I completed recently. TWENTY-TWO NEW REVIEWS. Also, I found out how to stick inline images in footnotes and no one should have ever given me this power. IMAGES IN FOOTNOTES EVERYONE.

I have finally figured out how to sync this process, so today, you can also buy the physical copy of this wonderful book, with a different cover designed by the talented Hannah Ambruso!

This book is available in my Lulu storefront for the low price of just $13.00 before shipping. It’s 241 pages long, contains all images, footnotes, embedded fonts, and a special cover that only comes with the physical edition.

All proceeds go towards keeping Mark Does Stuff online, so thank you in advance for your support! My next book to come out in a couple weeks is Mark Watches Doctor Who: Series 1, which will also include full re-watches reviews, too! ahhh TOO MUCH FUN STUFF ALL AT ONCE. Thank you!! Please let people know this is out; I know a lot of the folks who followed MRHP still don’t know these exist. <3

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