Mark Demands All ‘Lord of the Rings’ Stuff He Has Missed

I never properly got a day after finishing Harry Potter to have people send me fandom-created brilliance so I could see what I missed out on. I don’t want to diminish what I’ve read before for Mark Reads, but finish The Lord of the Rings truly feels like a gorgeous, beautiful journey, and I felt just as sad/weepy during the ending as I did when I wrote that ridiculous play about the ghost Hogwarts Express. (No, for real, I wrote that in between work at my old job, and, at one point, I was crying so hard I had to leave the office and go walk around the block.)

I’ve also come to realize that the Lord of the Rings fandom is one of the oldest fandoms ever, which means I’ve got over half a decade of fanart, music, videos, playlists, interpretive dance, and other shenanigans that I’ve missed out on. I want to know what I am missing. Here are the rules:

1) There are no rules.

Well, okay, don’t break the site rules, but honestly, I want to know EVERYTHING. Please label if something is from the movie or uses clips from the movie. I’m not particularly keen on being 100% unspoiled for the films, so I’m totally fine watching some things, but let’s just be careful, okay?

I will be spending today posting more comments than you can shake a stick at, so you’re welcome to interact with me as I learn what a true loser I am. I MEAN THAT IN THE MOST AFFECTIONATE OF WAYS POSSIBLE. Bring it, The Lord of the Rings fans.

As requested, here’s the schedule for LotR-related posting!


3/21-3/23: LotR Appendices Posts
3/24: The Hobbit (animated) liveblog
3/25: The Hobbit discussion post/review.
3/26: Mark Reads The Princess Bride
3/31: The Fellowship of the Ring liveblog
4/01: The Fellowship of the Ring discussion/review
4/07: The Two Towers liveblog
4/08: The Two Towers discussion/review
4/14: The Return of the King liveblog
4/15: The Return of the King discussion/review

IMPORTANT: ALL LIVEBLOGS AND DISCUSSION POSTS WILL BE ON MARK WATCHES. Follow me on Twitter @MarkDoesStuff for updates and times. I will post the time of the liveblogs once I’ve figured out the logistics of them. 

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6 Responses to Mark Demands All ‘Lord of the Rings’ Stuff He Has Missed

  1. david says:

    Listen to the movie scores by Howard Shore! They’re a masterpiece. And there’s a lot of lyrics from Tolkien’s songs and poems used on the score, and performed by the cast.

  2. Tauriel says:

    Question: Will you read and review the Silmarillion? *crosses fingers*

  3. Roxanne says:

    How Lord of the Rings should have ended.
    Its sorta a parody of the movie (and by extension the books) but it doesn’t use any clips from the movie. Its all done in animation. So I would say its movie spoiler free.

    But Its funny. You should watch it.

  4. Julie says:

    It isn’t a fan created work, but ‘Leaf by Niggle’ is a short story written by Tolkien. It’s a charming story that explores the consequences of living as an artist and sheds light on how Tolkien viewed his own masterpiece.

  5. Roxanne says:

    I know you don’t really like Cassandra Claire/Clare….BUT, the very secret diaries of Lord of the Rings are hilarious.

    So, check them out if you want! (They’re best read in order from top to bottom)

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