Mark Reads ‘The Two Towers’: Chapter 11

In the eleventh chapter of The Two Towers, Pippin’s curiosity over the crystal sphere that Saruman threw at Gandalf at the Orthanc gets the best of him, and he makes a critical mistake. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read The Lord of the Rings.


This book is seriously getting progressively more fucked up. I swear.

There’s a sizable bit of info-dumping in the chapter, but it’s made so much more interesting because it comes from the questioning of Gandalf by both Merry and Pippin, who take turns being incessantly inquisitive with the wizard. It’s a dynamic we haven’t seen much because these two hobbits really haven’t spent that much time with him, and we see how much they mutually respect one another. Plus, I forgot that Merry and Pippin have both been a tad out of the loop when it comes to information, especially since they’ve spent so much time with Treebeard. They don’t even know what Helm’s Deep is! OH GOD, THAT’S KIND OF GOOD. Ugh, that chapter nearly destroyed me.

The final chapter of the first book of The Two Towers isn’t very long, but it’s packed with two huge events that set the tone for whatever is going to happen in the next book. Most of this concerns Pippin, who is still restless even after the group stops to rest near the Dol Baran. Despite being rather exhausted by the journey they’ve been on with little to no sleep, Pippin is still bothered by something. That “something” is revealed to be the glass ball that Saruman cast out of the tower of Orthanc. It’s important to note that Merry points out that amidst all this, Gandalf does seem to have changed a bit, and I initially thought this was why Pippin brought up the glass ball. I started to guess that it had some sort of power that affected Gandalf, but then I quickly realized this didn’t make much sense. Gandalf was now the White wizard, taking Saruman’s place, and that sort of power could certainly change a man.

But the glass ball haunts Pippin in a way that was so confusing to me at first. I understood the sensation of being curious, but why was he so desperate to find out what it was? However, as soon as he got up and then started creeping on Gandalf, all I could think was YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE. Multiple objects in the Middle-earth world have a power to attract attention or interest, and I knew that’s what was at work here. But why? Why was Pippin drawn to this glass sphere, and what power did it hold? Also, never has a character more needed a Sassy Gay Friend, but unfortunately, Pippin was stealing from the sassiest member of their group. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

Ruining it. That’s what he was doing. Albeit temporarily, of course, but HOLY SHIT. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Suddenly, Pippin is basically paralyzed by whatever power lives in that glass ball, and Gandalf is pissed off. This is the angriest I have ever seen Gandalf, and I don’t like it. It scares me. Plus, Gandalf clearly knows what this thing is, so it’s not like he’s confused about what Pippin’s done.

‘It is not for you, Saruman!’ he cried in a shrill and toneless voice, shrinking away from Gandalf. ‘I will send for it at once. Do you understand? Say just that!’


‘I saw a dark sky, and tall battlements,’ he said. ‘And tiny stars. It seemed very far away and long ago, yet hard and clear. Then the stars went in and out – they were cut off by things with wings. Very big, I think, really; but in the glass they looked like bats wheeling round the tower. I thought there were nine of them.’

Oh, just great. GREAT. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Was that a vision or an actual glimpse of the Dark Tower? I mean, clearly it’s a reference to the nine Riders, but they’re in BAT FORM NOW? OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL??? It’s so terrifying because then we learn that Sauron SPOKE THROUGH PIPPIN. That was him saying, “It is not for you, Saruman!” Well, at least telling Pippin to say that, that is.

Thankfully, while Gandalf knows that this is a serious development, he doesn’t seem too bothered by this development. It certainly spoils the fact that the hobbits are not in the possession of the Orcs anymore, that perhaps Saruman has failed in some regard, and it’s not much longer that Sauron will be mistaken about his knowledge of Gandalf and the hobbits. Still, Gandalf knows that this object – called a palantír – cannot be around Pippin anymore. Like the Ring, it has a sort of pull on whomever touches it, and now Pippin will be more attracted than ever to it.

Also, LOL at the idea that Aragorn is pissed that Gandalf even barely insinuated that he might want to be wary when holding it. ARAGORN YOU ARE SO FULL OF PRIDE AND I LOVE IT.

Before Gandalf gets to reveal too much about what the palantír is and does, though, the group witnesses a Nazgûl passing overhead and, in a haste, Gandalf grabs Pippin, throws him on the back of Shadowfax and the two just leave. JUST LIKE THAT. Separated from the group after being reunited for less than a day. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? Tolkien, why? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO THESE BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS? You just brought them together! AHHHHH WHYYYY

Yet I can’t lie to y’all: the scene of Pippin and Gandalf riding upon Shadowfax, quietly discussing what’s happened and what lies ahead is genuinely one of the best-written parts of this whole book. Gandalf is both reserved and energetic at the same time, eager to reach their next destination, but a bit reluctant to share everything with Pippin. Thankfully, the Orthanc-stone is back with Aragorn, so at least no one has to worry about Pippin acquiring it again. I think that’s why Gandalf decides to tell Pippin exactly what that thing is. I was totally surprised that the palantíri had nothing to do with the Dark Lord, that they were innocent tools used to communicate. It’s actually yet another fascinating detail of Middle-earth that helps build up the history of this world in a new way. It’s especially cool because we only know where two of the stones are; the other seven are still missing. OR ARE THEY?

There’s an interesting bit where Gandalf muses about him possibly using the stone against the Dark Lord, and it’s here that he sort of scorns Pippin for stealing it from him, even for an instance. Yet as harsh as he is with Pippin, he knows that the experience was the lesson in and of itself. Pippin touched the Orthanc-stone when it was thrown, and it would have drawn him to itself regardless.

Admittedly, this is now a complicated and delicate situation. The plot is so much more detailed than it ever was before. I was shocked when Gandalf revealed that they were heading straight for Minas Tirith. That meant that there were, once again, three plotlines in the story. Where were Merry, Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn headed to? What the fuck have Sam and Frodo been up to? Will the journey to Minas Tirith be sidetracked at any point? Will Sauron figure out what’s going on, or has Gandalf delayed this by giving the Orthanc-stone to Aragorn? I just have so many questions and I don’t want to wait for any of the answers. WHY AM I READING THIS BOOK LIKE THIS? I regret everything.

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  1. Becky_J_ says:

    And now, my friends, for my reaction to this chapter…. IN GIFS.

    To Pippin taking the Palantir:
    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;

    That's all for now, folks!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT BOOK FOUR BRINGS!!!!
    <img src=""&gt;

  2. Becky_J_ says:

    Lbh thlf.



  3. Tauriel_ says:

    Grrr. I had a nice long post prepared, with Linguistics Corner and everything, and just when I was about to save it, my computer froze. :@ I hate it when this happens…

    Anyway, I'm at work now, so no time to type a long post (and no resources available), so just very briefly from what I remember:

    Tauriel's Linguistic Corner

    palantír – "that which gazes a long way off", in other words, a "television". 😀 It's of Sindarin origin: palan- is a prefix meaning "far off", "over a wide area"; tir- means "look", "watch", "guard". The same root appears in Minas Tirith = "Tower of the Guard"; and here in Tirion = "The Great Watchtower".
    Eldamar – "Elvenhome". Quenya origin: Eldar is one of the names of the Elves in general, meaning "People of the stars" (from the stem el = "star"); mar – "home", "house", "dwelling".

    As for this chapter, a short list:

    – Pippin, you inquisitive fool of a Took! You should count yourself lucky that there was no lasting damage done (and we've pretty much established by now that the magic in Middle-earth happens mostly on mind level).

    – Love the history of the palantíri and how the Dúnedain brought them to Middle-earth. <3

    – Nice to see Gandalf, a very powerful wizard, openly acknowledge Aragorn's status and heritage, and give him proper credit and respect. <3

    – The banter between Pippin and Gandalf. <3 <3 😀 It's great in the book, and I'm pleased to say it translated very well to the big screen – Ian McKellen and Billy Boyd have great chemistry together.

    – And the Fellowship is splitting up again – Gandalf and Pippin are off to Minas Tirith, whereas Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are going with Théoden and the Riders of Rohan.

  4. blossomingpeach says:

    "Gur svany puncgre bs gur svefg obbx bs Gur Gjb Gbjref vfa’g irel ybat, ohg vg’f cnpxrq jvgu gjb uhtr riragf gung frg gur gbar sbe jungrire vf tbvat gb unccra va gur arkg obbx. "

    Vs ol arkg obbx ur zrnaf gur arkg obbx bs Gur Gjb Gbjref…abg fb zhpu. OJN UN UN UN. Arire cercnerq!

    • flootzavut says:

      YBY fb gehr, ur'f tbaan syvc bhg jura ur vf gbea njnl sebz nyy guvf sbe n jubyr obbx. Zhnunununununun!

      In other news: Oh Pippin. I love you, but you are an eejit. V ybir guvf ovg va gur zbivrf, Ovyyl Oblq ernyyl fryy guvf fprar, naq Tnaqnys'f natre gheavat vzzrqvngryl gb pbaprea fubjf ubj zhpu nssrpgvba ur unf sbe gung qenggrq uboovg. Nyfb, va gur npgef pbzzragnel, Ovyyl Oblq gnyxf nobhg jung vg'f yvxr gb or fgenqqyrq ol n 7 sbbg zna (Gnyy Cnhy) juvpu vf nyfb nzhfvat, orpnhfr yrg'f snpr vg, Ovyyl Oblq vf n shaal, shaal thl 🙂

      • blossomingpeach says:

        V pna'g vzntvar n orggre Cvccva guna Ovyyl Oblq. Ur cynlf nyy gur ynlref cresrpgyl. V guvax vg pbhyq cebonoyl or rnfl gb znxr Cvccva xvaq bs naablvat, ohg ur znxrf uvz rirel ovg nf raqrnevat nf ur vf va gur obbx. <3

        V unir n irel pyrne zrzbel bs ernqvat guvf puncgre sbe gur svefg gvzr. V jnf fvggvat va n obbxfgber jvgu zl bja pbcl bs gur obbx, ernqvat, juvyr V jnvgrq sbe zl cneragf gb qb fbzr fubccvat. V tbg gb gur raq bs guvf puncgre, ghearq gur cntr naq fnj Sebqb naq Fnz, pnfhnyyl syvccrq guebhtu gur erfg bs gur obbx ybbxvat sbe Cvccva be Tnaqnys…naq jnf irel hcfrg. JUNG UNCCRAF GB CVC?

        • flootzavut says:

          Hah I can so imagine!

          Naq V gbgnyyl nterr nobhg gung ovg bs pnfgvat. cvccva vf gbgnyyl vashevngvat ohg pbzcyrgryl nqbenoyr, naq ur ernyyl vf lbhat – gb zr vg nyjnlf frrzf yvxr ur'f jung lbh zvtug pnyy "lbhat sbe uvf ntr", znlor sebz nyjnlf univat Zreel naq pb nebhaq gb ybbx bhg sbe uvz. Pbafvqrevat Ovyyl jnf gur byqrfg uboovg, vg nyjnlf synooretunfgf zr ubj lbhat ur frrzf nf Cvccva. Naq ur gbgnyyl anvyf gur "srry" bs Cvccva – gung lbhatre oebgure jub pna or ernyyl naablvat ohg ab bar pna or naablrq jvgu uvz gbb zhpu orpnhfr ur'f fb yvxrnoyr naq shaal naq nqbenoyr!!

          OK, showing Billy some love because I can't resist naq V'z abg tbvat gb unir na rkphfr sbe n jubyr OBBX:

          <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

          Hobbit synchronicity:

          <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

          Just too cute for words:

          <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">


          • Mandy says:

            These pictures and gifs makes me want to hug my pc screen!
            I love Billy so much, naq vg'f ernyyl fnq abg unir n rkphfr gb gnyx nobhg uvz sbe n jubyr obbx 🙁
            V pna'g jnvg gb Znex znxr gur erivrjf bs gur zbivrf, fb jr pna nyy gnyx nobhg ubj ybinoyr naq ornhgvshy naq gnyragrq Ovyyl Oblq vf!

            • flootzavut says:

              I know! V znl unir gb fgbpx hc ba gur xvaq bs tvsf gung unir jbeqf ba gung Ovyyl vf va sbe nccebcevngr zbzragf, gurer zhfg or fbzr, evtug? Pbf bgurejvfr V'z tbaan zvff uvf nccrnenapr va gur pbzzragf fbbbbbbbb zhpu.

              Naq lrnu, V guvax gung'f nabgure guvat Znex vf hacercnerq sbe, gur fyrj bs "BUZVTBFU OVYYL OBLQ!" nqbengvba gung'f tbvat gb fhesnpr gur frpbaq ur nccrnef ba fperra *teva* V frevbhfyl whfg snyy va ybir jvgu uvz naq uvf eraqvgvba bs Cvccva rirel gvzr V jnpgu gur zbivrf <3

            • flootzavut says:

              PS isn't that little grinning gif just THE CUTEST THING EVAH!?!?!?? <3

              • Mandy says:

                THE CUTEST! He looks so young on the movies, and I really didn't believe at first that he was the oldest hobbit. And he has the cutest smile, and just the way he gestures make me fall in love with him. Not to metion that accent, gosh.<3

                • flootzavut says:

                  He's just an adorable guy 🙂 and yes… I'm a big fan of accents in general, Scottish accents are my favourite, and Glaswegian accents are my favourite of those… basically, any man who has that accent or who can imitate it well = about a gazillion times more attractive <3 and our Billy starts off pretty darn cute without it!

                • Harper E. says:

                  ah I know this is old but that's because he isn't supposed to be the oldest hobbit! billy boyd was the oldest of the actors but out of the four characters pippin is supposed to be the baby :p

          • Fiona says:

            V pna frr jul Ivttb xvffrq uvz :).

            Is Mark going to watch all of the behind the scenes stuff as well sometime? I was just wondering because there's so many great stories behind it and I don't want to spoil any of them for him.

            • flootzavut says:

              Totally! V guvax V'q fabt rvgure bs gurz tvira unys gur punapr, fb vg vfa'g fhecevfvat gurl raqrq hc xvffvat – V erpxba vg jnf cebonoyl gur pbzovarq qrfverf bs gubhfnaqf bs crbcyr bire gur jbeyq punaaryyrq guebhtu gurz obgu…

              (BX, V znl arrq zber fyrrc…)

              I believe he's going to watch/review at least some of the extras, and I dare say once he gets going he may well watch them all though I can't imagine he'll do separate reviews for everything! But yes, it's my distinct impression (though I can't remember where from) that he's going to watch them, and that we can hope for at least some comment on them.

              • Fiona says:

                Definitely :D. The whole cast is very good looking really.

                Great, I can't wait. I can definitely see him ploughing his way through all of the commentaries after he finishes. When I first watched them I just wanted to know EVERYTHING about them, although that may be because I'm slightly obsessed with behind the scenes trivia :).

                • flootzavut says:

                  I'm obsessive about that too, so I completely understand!

                  And yes, it is a ridiculously attractive cast 🙂

            • flootzavut says:

              I found a very simple and realistic explanation why Ivttb xvffrq/jnf xvffrq ol fb znal bs gur pnfg:

              <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

          • AmandaNekesa says:

            Excuse? zru, V qba'g guvax lbh arrq na rkphfr gb cbfg Zreel/Cvccva & Qbz/Ovyyl cvpf/tvsf…vs jr rire arrq n cvpx-zr-hc, V guvax gung'f nf tbbq na bppnfvba nf nal gb ohfg gurz bhg! But that's just me talking here…I could go on awhile just posting these pics/gifs 😀

  5. Dreamflower says:

    Yes, Pippin is a Fool of a Took! Yes, he was compelled by having touched it to do something extremely stupid. BUT Peregrin Took was in direct communication with the Dark Lord, who was trying to get information from him, and he manages NOT to give Frodo away, and lets slip nothing more than the rather obvious fact that he's a hobbit!

    Talk about Occlumency!

    Truthfully, it's nothing more than hobbit toughness and loyalty. Pippin, you are a Fool, but an HONEST FOOL!

    And you will note hobbit resiliency: He's up to interrogating Gandalf when he gets the chance.

    • flootzavut says:

      An honest fool and much sturdier than he might at first appear! Ahhh, Pippin! <3

    • JustMalyn says:

      Really good point 🙂 This adds to all the reasons I love hobbits.

    • Zoli says:

      Hobbits have amazing will saves.

      Also +2 against fear! (though really it should be higher).

    • Icarus says:

      Okay, but it's also that the Dark Lord's over-eagerness. He wanted to question Pippin himself, and not in front of Saruman. I'll bet the Dark Lord knows well enough not to trust Saruman and didn't want Pippin to give away the location in front of the ring where Saruman might hear.

      • Icarus says:

        Er… give away the location where Saruman might that should say….

      • Dreamflower says:

        Except all of this was going on inside Pippin's head. So Saruman wouldn't have heard.

        Still, yes, if Sauron had pressed the matter longer and not wanted to gloat over having a hobbit prisoner, he probably could have gotten the information from him.

        But Pippin still held out longer than expected!

    • Pippin really deserves a degree of credit that when everything went so terribly wrong he still didn't reveal Frodo.

    • Katarina_H says:

      I don't know if it's the slow reading, but I'm getting second-hand embarrassment from Pippin's Tookish foolishness to a much higher degree than I usually do. Gunax Tbq ur trgf gb or nyy hfrshy naq fghss va EbgX.

      • emillikan says:

        I know, I always have a hard time reading this chapter. It's not so much the Bad Things Happen as the shame. Kinda reminds me of all the stupid stuff I've ever done/said? I only read this during the day now. Same with Galadriel's mirror, for some reason.

  6. JustMalyn says:

    Oh Sassy Gay Friend, why do you never show up when you're truly needed? AND BAT NAZGUL. Nightmares forever. (off topic: there's an ad for Breaking Dawn at the bottom of my screen. HOW DARE TWILIGHT DESECRATE THE LOTR AWESOME)

  7. Alice says:

    So sad that they take their farewell to Treebeard :(.No,Pip,don't do it..damn! And now he and Gandalf are leaving for Minas Tirith. And the Nazguls now have wings?!…Great!

    …And a Saruman feast 😉 apparently :p .

    <img src=""width="600"&gt;
    Donato Giancola-Saruman's choice

    <img src=""width="600"&gt;
    Hildebrandt Bros

    <img src=""width="600"&gt;
    Angus McPriders-Saruman(and Grima lurking?)

    <img src=""width="600"&gt;

    sketch by Alan Lee

  8. rabidsamfan says:

    I am laughing so hard, because when I finally read LotR I did it for a college class, and was conscientiously saving each chapter for the last piece of my homework at night and only once in a while reading a bit farther. But you have now reached the place where my plans went all awry.

    I read this far, looked at the clock, saw it wasn't midnight yet, and turned the page just to see. "Sebqb naq Fnz" V fnvq gb zlfrys. "V yvxr Sebqb naq Fnz." I decided to read until midnight…

    I finished Return of the King as the sun was coming up.

    You are so unprepared….

    • Dreamflower says:

      V, BGBU, tbg gb gur raq bs GG, naq fpernzrq va sehfgengvba, orpnhfr V qvqa'g lrg unir n pbcl bs EbgX!

      • flootzavut says:

        I had to WAIT for the person I'd borrowed the first two from to finish reading it. He's a much slower reader than I am. I was badgering him all week, Have you finished it yet? SO FRUSTRATED!

        • Dreamflower says:

          I was in a similar situation– I'd checked the first two out of the school library, but the third was checked out by someone else. I would go in to the library twice a day bugging the librarian: "Has it been turned in yet?"

      • wahlee says:

        Me neither! I'd read FotR for a college class, got TT for Christmas, and finished TT at midnight and DIED. But then I remembered that my parents had read LotR together shortly after they got married and asked if they still had their old copy. I found it in a box in a closet in about 4 pieces, and as I read it gradually disintegrated even more. When I finished it at about 4 in the morning I gathered up the scattered pages and threw it in the trash (then went out and bought my own copy the next day :P).

    • fantasy_fan says:

      "V yvxr Sebqb naq Fnz."

      That cracks me up. Done in by the Sebqb naq Fnz ybir.

      Gurer ner znal gvzrf V whfg ernq gur Sebqb naq Fnz puncgref, fxvccvat nebhaq fb gung V trg gurve jubyr fgbel havagreehcgrq. Bar bs zl snibevgr guvatf gb qb.

    • castlewayjay says:

      I love your comment, rabidsamfan!!!! LOTR was a "I can't put it down" book for me also

    • Wheelrider says:

      Hell yes. The first time (age 14), I would read until 2 or 3 in the morning, go to school in a fog, come home and start reading again, fall asleep sometime during that, wake up to eat dinner, then go back to reading. Homework? pffft.

      • Wheelrider says:

        So once again, THANKS MARK for encouraging me (and all of us) to slow down for once! I'm getting so many more little things, especially in the Two Towers, this time around.

  9. castlewayjay says:

    Love that Sauron gets misdirected by Pippin and the Palantir, thinking Saruman was in control of a hobbit in a tower.

    I was always a little confused at this point why Gandalf took off for Minas Tirith.

    Mark -THANK YOU for not calling the Palantir a crystal ball. It's a communication device not a fortune-telling tool.

    As always, can't wait for tomorrow's chapter. I could never stop at the end of some chapters – I have to read ahead.

    • Mart says:

      I was always a little confused at this point why Gandalf took off for Minas Tirith.

      I don't think this is a spoiler, but rotting anyway: Vg unf orra rfgnoyvfurq gung gur Anmtûy ner orvat xrcg ba gur Zbeqbe fvqr bs gur Terng Evire naq ner abg fhccbfrq gb fubj gurzfryirf lrg hagvy fbzr fcrpvsvrq zbzrag (frr sbe rknzcyr Tevfanxu'f fcrrpu ba gur Sylvat Anmtûy).

      Vg vf uvagrq ng ol Tevfanxu, naq vzcyvrq ol Tnaqnys'f nynez, gung guvf fcrpvsvp zbzrag vf gur fgneg bs gur jne.

      So Gandalf is heading for Minas Tirith to be in the thick of things before the first battle of the war falls on Minas Tirith.

    • flootzavut says:

      Just a little addition to Mart – V nyjnlf unq gur vzcerffvba gung Tnaqnys zvtug unir sryg vg jvfr gb trg Cvccva gur uryy njnl sebz Rqbenf, naq znlor gubhtug gung Zvanf Gvevgu, juvyr boivbhfyl ba gur sebag yvarf bs gur jne, jbhyq or n fnsre cynpr sbe uvz, znlor fbzrjurer ur ZVTUG whfg trg vagb yrff gebhoyr (rfc jvgu Tnaqnys xrrcvat n orrql rlr ba uvz) – naq jbhyq xrrc uvz njnl sebz gur Cnynagve. Ohg gung'f nyy whfg zl urnqpnaba, V qba'g xabj vs V nz evtug!

      • Dreamflower says:

        Abg whfg urnqpnaba. Ur znxrf vg pyrne gung Nentbea vf gb xrrc gur cnynagve njnl sebz Cvccva. Naq bapr Fnheba svaqf bhg gung Fnehzna qbrf abg unir gung uboovg va uvf xrrcvat, ur'f tbvat gb jnag gb svaq vg– guhf gur qvfphffvba bs gur Anmthy. Rira vs gur svefg bar'f abg pbzvat sbe Cvccva, vg'f pyrne gung fbzrbar JVYY or frag sbe uvz.

        Naq vg'f zber pyrneyl fcryyrq bhg va zbivr-irefr, bs pbhefr!

  10. Saphling says:

    I felt something of panic when Pippin and Gandalf had to leave the rest of the Fellowship. Pippin and Merry together can face anything. Splitting them up just… it's… it's just wrong! *clings to them*

    • Dreamflower says:

      Vg jnf zhpu zber rzbgvbany naq gehnzngvp va zbivr-irefr! Naq lrg fbzrubj Zreel'f yvtug wrfg va gur obbx frrzf gb pbire hc dhvgr n ybg bs cnva naq natre. Vg'f n zhpu zber uboovgl ernpgvba. Ohg V yvxr gur pubvprf znqr sbe gur svyzf va guvf pnfr– vg jbhyq or gbb uneq gb fubj gung uvf jbeqf urer jrer n pbire-hc.

    • flootzavut says:

      So true *all the sad* Merry and Pippin being separated is just WRONG.

      Gjb bs gur cbvagf va gur zbivr thnaneagrrq gb znxr zr pel: Zreel naq Cvccva cnegvat, Zreel fb fbyrza naq Cvccv fnlvat "Zreel? Zreel?" naq ernyyl abg pbzceruraqvat jung'f unccravat gvyy gbb yngr. Naq Cvccva svaqvat Zreel ba gur onggyrsvryq naq fnlvat ur'f tbvat gb ybbx nsgre uvz. :'( fb ornhgvshy!

  11. flootzavut says:

    I know in the context the lack of a Sassy Gay Friend is tragic rather than comic but this:

    "Also, never has a character more needed a Sassy Gay Friend, but unfortunately, Pippin was stealing from the sassiest member of their group. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?"

    … totally made me laugh 🙂

    It always upsets me when Merry and Pippin get separated… lifelong friends, and just like that, Pippin's off with Gandalf. Gung nyfb frevbhfyl trgf zr rirel gvzr V frr gur zbivr NYY ZL PERLF.

    "I just have so many questions and I don’t want to wait for any of the answers. WHY AM I READING THIS BOOK LIKE THIS? I regret everything."

    Gur hacercnerqarff unf ernpurq pevgvpny yriryf, thlf. V'z jbeevrq sbe Znex'f fnavgl urnqvat vagb obbx gjb bs GGG, V gehyl nz 😮

  12. knut_knut says:

    FINALLY!! We get a Pippin/Gandalf chapter! It was nice to see them actually carry on a conversation, instead of Gandalf just sassing Pippin. AND it was a nice info dump!

    "A beautiful, restful night!" said Merry to Aragorn. "Some folk have wonderful luck. He did not want to sleep, and he wanted to ride with Gandalf – and there he goes! Instead of being turned into a stone himself to stand here forever as a warning."
    LOL, MERRY. I can’t decide if he’s the worst best friend ever or the best. Pippin is chased by the Nazgul, hunted by Sauron, and this probably the last time you’ll ever see him – now is not the time to sass him! Poor Pippin can’t catch a break.

    Movie Spoilers: V NYJNLF grne hc ng guvf cbvag va gur zbivr. Gur jnl Cvccva pnyyf bhg Zreel’f anzr vf fb qrfcrengr.

    • blossomingpeach says:

      Naq gur jnl Zreel ehaf hc gur yvggyr gbjre-guvatl gb jngpu gurz evqr njnl. V jrcg bcrayl gurer va gur gurngref…

    • flootzavut says:

      SO AGREE with your ROT13 comment. Nyy zl perlf! Naq gura gurve erhavba jvgu Cvccva fnlvat, "V'yy ybbx nsgre lbh abj, Zreel." Vg'f fbbbbbbb ornhgvshy, naq V gbgnyyl oryvrir naq ohl vagb gurve sevraqfuvc rirel frpbaq. Cyhf, naq guvf unf bayl whfg bppheerq gb zr, vg'f n ornhgvshy jnl gb fubj ubj Cvccva unf zngherq, jura Zreel vf gur bar jub'f vapncnpvgngrq, ur'f ernql naq jvyyvat gb gnxr ba gur pnergnxre ebyr. Bu Cvccva! <3

    • monkeybutter says:

      Htu, V xabbbbj. Vg whfg haqreyvarf ubj haguvaxnoyr vg vf gb frcnengr gur cnve. Naq jung vf vg jvgu crbcyr pelvat bhg Zreel'f anzr va urnegoernxvat jnlf? Rbjla qbrf vg, gbb, naq V'z greevsvrq sbe uvz.

    • Dreamflower says:

      V nterr gung gur zbivr-irefr irefvba vf fb zhpu zber rzbgvbany naq fpnel-fnq! Naq V guvax gung guvf vf bar bs gur tbbq punatrf CW znqr sbe gur svyz.

      Ohg gurer'f zber gb Zreel'f ernpgvba urer guna WEEG frrzf gb fubj hf. Ur gheaf njnl jura rirelbar ryfr vf fgnevat ng Cvccva. Naq gura ur fcrnxf engure yvtugyl– n uboovg punenpgrevfgvp gung V guvax Zreel rzobqvrf zber guna gur bgure guerr, bs uvqvat uvf gehr srryvatf. Vg'f abg fbzrguvat V abgvpr ba n svefg ernq-guebhtu, ohg jura lbh tb onpx gb er-ernq nsgre univat ernq gur Ubhfrf bs Urnyvat puncgre, lbh ernyvmr ur'f cebonoyl obgu shevbhf ng uvf pbhfva naq greevsvrq nf jryy.

  13. monkeybutter says:

    "…oft evil will shall evil mar."

    I love that sentence. Tolkien has lots of fun playing with language doesn't he.

    Was that a vision or an actual glimpse of the Dark Tower? I mean, clearly it’s a reference to the nine Riders, but they’re in BAT FORM NOW? OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL???

    I know, right? Sauron's in league with Dracula, now. brb, writing fanfic about a ringwraith and a warg fighting for the affections of an orc maiden.

    Important stuff happens here, but I'm mostly devastated that Pippin and Merry are being separated. It's just so sudden! [Movie talk: guvf cneg xvyyf zr, naq V'z xvaqn tynq gung vg jnf yrsg hagvy EBGX, orpnhfr univat gurz frcnengrq sbe gur orggre cneg bs gjb zbivrf jbhyq or haornenoyr.] I know Gandalf and Pippin are guaranteed to be wonderful together, but Hobbits belong together, dammit!

  14. Tauriel_ says:

    Vg’f rfcrpvnyyl pbby orpnhfr jr bayl xabj jurer gjb bs gur fgbarf ner; gur bgure frira ner fgvyy zvffvat. BE NER GURL?


    • Wheelrider says:

      Ahahahahahahahahhhaaaaaaaa!!! I about fell out of my chair reading that.

      • Tauriel_ says:

        Jryy, lrnu – gur bayl bgure Fgbar gung nccrnef va gur fgbel vf gur Fgbar bs Zvanf Nabe gung jnf hfrq ol Qrargube naq orpnzr cerggl zhpu hahfnoyr nsgre Qrargube ohearq uvzfrys juvyr ubyqvat vg. Urer'f gur gbgny pbhag bs jung unccrarq gb nyy gur cnynagíev:

        1. Fgbar bs Naaúzvanf – ybfg va Sbebpury
        2. Fgbar bs Nzba Fûy – ybfg va Sbebpury
        3. Fgbar bs Gbjre Uvyyf – erznvarq gurer hagvy gur raq bs gur Guveq Ntr jura vg jnf gnxra gb gur Jrfg jvgu gur Guerr Evatf
        4. Fgbar bs Begunap – gnxra ol Nentbea gb Zvanf Gvevgu naq vg erznvarq shapgvbany sbe gur hfr bs gur Xvatf bs Tbaqbe va gur Sbhegu Ntr (gur bayl shyyl shapgvbany Fgbar va Zvqqyr-rnegu)
        5. Fgbar bs Bftvyvngu – ybfg va Naqhva
        6. Fgbar bs Zvanf Vguvy – gnxra ol Fnheba nsgre Zvanf Vguvy orpnzr Zvanf Zbethy, jnf rvgure ohevrq haqre gur ehvaf bs Onenq-qûe be jnf qrfgeblrq ol gur rehcgvba bs Zbhag Qbbz
        7. Fgbar bs Zvanf Nabe – eraqrerq hahfnoyr ol Qrargube'f fhvpvqr – jbhyq bayl fubj gjb jvgurerq unaqf va synzrf hayrff vg jnf hfrq ol n crefba bs terng fgeratgu bs zvaq

  15. bookworm67 says:

    Movie spoilers: Guvf fprar nyjnlf greevsvrq zr. Fbzrguvat nobhg gur pbzovangvba bs gur ivfhnyf, gur npgvat, naq gung zhfvp… oeee. Naq V arneyl pel jura Cvccva naq Tnaqnys gnxr bss, naq Zreel xabjf jung'f tbvat gb unccra naq Cvccva qbrfa'g hagvy gur ynfg frpbaq, naq ntnva jvgu gur zhfvp! Q: GUVF OBBX. GUNG ZBIVR. (Npghnyyl V pna'g erzrzore – vf gung GG be EbGX?)

    Pippin and Gandalf are the best <3 MAYBE THEY CAN BE SASSY GAY FRIENDS TO EACH OTHER??

    • Zoli says:

      V guvax guvf fgvyy unccraf va gur Gjb Gbjref zbivr; vg'f Sebqb naq Fnz'f ovg gung trgf punatrq va gur zbivrf.

    • flootzavut says:

      I think it comes in zbivr!EbgX. Naq lrf, vg'f ornhgvshy naq fnq naq V hfhnyyl pel yvxr n onol…

      Rkprcg abj V nz qbhogvat zlfrys… V'ir jngpurq gur RRf bs 1 naq 3 naq gur GR bs nyy guerr fb znal gvzrf bire gur ynfg srj jrrxf gung V qba'g xabj nal zber…!

      • bookworm67 says:

        Yes, exactly! Well, not over the past few weeks, but when I lived in the US it was practically an EVENT with my mom whenever they had a LoTR weekend on ABC Family or whatever (wait, ABC was Harry Potter…was it Spike? No, that was Star Wars…). I've like memorized everything now…it just all kinda runs together… >_>

        • flootzavut says:

          Yeah 🙂

          V guvax jvgu gur RRf rfcrpvnyyl, gurl orpbzr yvxr gur obbx – rira gubhtu lbh'q cebonoyl abg jngpu gurz nyy gbtrgure rirel gvzr, gurl'er yvxr guerr frpgvbaf bs bar zbivr!

      • arctic_hare says:

        Vg'f qrsvavgryl va zbivr!EBGX, orpnhfr gurl qba'g rira evqr hc gb Vfratneq naq trg gur Cnynagve gvyy gur ortvaavat bs gung bar (naq bayl va gur rkgraqrq rqvgvba qb jr frr gur pbairefngvba jvgu Fnehzna).

  16. @MeagenImage says:

    Also: every wizard should have some hobbits around to keep him grounded. Because a hungry/tired hobbit will not be deterred from asking "when do we stop for a rest and food?" by any amount of Important History Happening. HOBBITS: KEEPIN' IT REAL.

    • sixth_queen says:


      V whfg svavfurq gur svefg puncgre bs EbgX, naq Cvccva qbrf rknpgyl gung jvgu Orertbaq. Jne vf oerjvat, Tnaqnys ehfurf gurz obgu gb frr Qrargube, naq jung jnf Cvccva juvyr evqvat ba Funqbjsnk? Ybbxvat sbe vaaf nybat gur jnl!

  17. I freak out every single time I read about Pippin going to take the Palantir. Every single time. I know what happens, I know what's coming, and still all I want to do is reach in the page and tackle him to keep him from being such an idiot.
    But this same mistake leads to so many things that I love that I put up with it. Aragorn taking charge of the stone is one such event; I love that he's finally starting to show that he is of the lineage we know him to be. I like how his character has been gradually shown and revealed, with bits and snippets of this grandeur (and arrogance 🙂 ) in Fellowship, and than a little more in Two Towers. It's a nice way of handling that aspect of him- if he had acted so regal from the start, I think he would have fallen flat. But instead we met him being brusque and sharp and mysterious, and now that he's starting to truly come into his own, it's comforting rather than annoying.

    My favorite exchange in the entire chapter also comes from Pippin's mistake:
    "But I should like to know-" Pippin began.
    "Mercy!" cried Gandalf. "If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?"
    "The names of all the stars and of all living things and the whole history of Middle-Earth and Over-Heaven and of the Sundering Seas," laughed Pippin. "Of course! What less? But I am not in a hurry tonight."

    Bear in mind this is coming from the person who back in Fellowship wasn't interested in any of the maps of Middle-Earth and who wasn't exactly renowned for his learning ability. I love it so much. And I love that he recovers so quickly after seeing the Enemy in the Palantir- after only a matter of minutes, he's back to laughing and annoying Gandalf. It's beautiful. <3 <3 <3

  18. Zoli says:


    Nnnnaq abj jr yrnir Znex unatvat nf gb gur sngr bs Cvccva naq Tnaqnys sbe, jung, nabgure gra puncgref? UNUNUNU. NYFB GUR PYVSSUNATRE NG GUR RAQ BS OBBX SBHE, PNAABG RIRA JNVG.

    Frevbhfyl, guvf zbfg erprag erernq vf gur bayl BAYL gvzr V unir abg fxvccrq vzzrqvngryl gb gur ortvaavat bs Obbx Fvk gb ernq nobhg Sebqb. Zl svefg gvzr guebhtu V jnf yvxr SHPX LBH CNPVAT, VZZN FRR VS SEBQB'F BXNL. Sbe lrnef V jnf fb sehfgengrq ng gur jnl gung Gbyxvra fcyvg gurfr obbxf hc. Abj, V guvax V svanyyl haqrefgnaq vg. Gurer vf whfg fb zhpu tbvat ba va Tbaqbe/Ebuna gung vs lbh jrer fcyvggvat puncgref orgjrra gung CBI naq Sebqb/Fnz'f, vg jbhyq or rira zber pbashfvat guna vg nyernql vf. Vg znxrf zber frafr gb xrrc gurz frcnengr, rira vs vg qbrf znxr sbe greevoyr pyvssunatref.

    • flootzavut says:

      V srry Znex vf tbvat gb pbcr ONQYL jvgu gur pyvssunatref…

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      Naq erzrzore gung vs lbh'er ernqvat fgenvtug guebhtu, gur Zbhgu bs Fnheba fnlvat Sebqb vf qrnq vf gur svefg lbh'ir urneq bs Sebqb fvapr ur jnf pncgherq, fb vg'f n trahvar cbffvovyvgl. Vg'f n funzr gur zbivrf pbhyqa'g xrrc gung srryvat va.

      • Zoli says:

        V nccynhq nalbar jub unf gur jvyycbjre gb ernq fgenvtug guebhtu. V nz ernyyl onq nobhg gung; V graq gb fxvc fgenvtug nurnq gb gur erfbyhgvba bs jungrire ubeevoyr pevfvf vf unccravat.

      • flootzavut says:

        V pna haqrefgnaq jul gurl punatrq gung, ohg lrf, vg vf n ubeevoyr zbzrag va gur obbxf, jurernf va gur zbivrf lbh xabj jung Nentbea naq pb pnaabg cbffvoyl xabj.

    • Dreamflower says:

      WEEG vf n znfgre bs pyvssvrf. Abj gung ur'f gheavat gb Sebqb naq Fnz, Znex jvyy or yrsg unatvat nobhg Cvccva naq Tnaqnys (naq gur bguref) sbe frireny zber puncgref.

      V qb graq gb fxvz gur Sebqb naq Fnz puncgref n yvggyr va er-ernqvat, ohg zbfgyl orpnhfr vg'f qrfpevorq fb cnvashyyl jryy, naq vg'f uneq sbe zr gb ernq bs gurve fhssrevat. Gurve ebnq vf FB zhpu uneqre guna gur bar gur bguref unir– rira jvgu nyy gur jne naq fhpu.

    • atheistsisters says:

      V hfrq gb pbzcynva nobhg gur ybat jnvgf orgjrra eryvrs bs fhfcrafr, ohg riraghnyyl V ernyvmrq ur pna'g uryc vg – ab znggre jurer lbh ner va gur fgbel, naq rira ab znggre ubj znal gvzrf lbh'ir ernq gur jubyr guvat, lbh ner fgvyy greevoyl nakvbhf nobhg gur bguref rira juvyr oernguyrffyl nofbeorq va gur pheerag sbphf.

  19. T.J. says:

    I haven't been reading along with you, Mark, since I remember most of what happens and I am WAY too busy with school to re-read LOTR right now but last night I had some free time and thought "Oh, I'll just read the next chapter of LOTR so I can be even more amused by Mark's unpreparedness."
    BAD IDEA. I am now being drawn to the book like Pippin was drawn to the Palantir stone. I have the urge to take it to class and read it under my desk like I did when I read for the first time back in the 6th grade. (I used to read it while walking between my classes. My teachers used to worry I'd walk into things but I never did).
    OMG Gandalf and Pippin are the best ever here! I want a hobbit to be my companion and teach me the meaning of the word unquenchable too, Gandalf. Please?

    • Icarus says:

      And this is how I end ended reading the LOTR about 40 times….

      • Dreamflower says:

        40 years ago I lost track at 53 times; I've read it at least that many times since then, plus countless dips into favorite bits of it for one reason or another. I practically have Appendix C memorized.

        But honestly, this is the VERY FIRST TIME I have forced myself to read One.Chapter.At.A.Time. I am trying very hard to stay not more than one chapter ahead of him. It is REALLY HARD to do!!!!

  20. unefeeverte says:

    Reading this chapter, I just kept imagining how amazing it must have been back in the day, when the palantíri were still in use, that Elendil could just pick up a palantír and check up on every corner of his kingdom. THE PALANTÍRI ARE OBVIOUSLY THE IPHONES OF MIDDLE-EARTH.
    Srsly. That would have been SUCH an asset in a world where it takes weeks to bring messages from point A to point B.

    Also, I think there were only seven palantíri in Middle-earth, so only five are not accounted for at this point.

  21. Geolojazz says:

    When I set up my first wireless network, I named it Palantir.


  22. GamgeeFest says:

    Woohoo! I finally caught up and just in time for you to start reading book IV!

    Sebqb naq Fnz tbbqarff! Jbbg!

  23. LarrikJ says:

    Mark should totally post Book 4 predictions in the comments.

  24. floppus says:

    The Spoiler-Free Map of Middle-Earth

    Normal / blurred

    In this chapter, we learn about the ancient Seeing-Stones, and where they were kept after the Númenoreans brought them to Middle-earth: Osgiliath, Minas Anor, Minas Ithil, Orthanc, Annúminas, Amon Sûl, and the Tower Hills. You can see how far apart these places were and how useful it might have been to have a fast method of communication.

    • stardate47988 says:

      Looking at maps of Middle Earth always makes me want to go there… Why don't we have a Middle Earth theme park?

      • flootzavut says:

        ^ THIS. So much. That would be such a perfect holiday.

        I think New Zealand is as close as anyone's going to get…

  25. arctic_hare says:


    Oh, Pippin. 🙁 🙁 🙁 WHY YOU DO THIS FOOLISH THING. I LOVE YOU, BUT STOP. Although I'm glad you recover quickly, and even sass Gandalf! <3

    Movie stuff: Gur snerjryy fprar orgjrra Zreel naq Cvccva va gur svyz vf fb urnegoernxvat. Urer gurl qba'g trg gb fnl tbbqolr, juvpu vf tbvat gb srry jbefr sbe gurz, ohg V pna vzntvar gurer jnf n fvzvyne pbairefngvba orsber gur Anmthy jnf fcbggrq, frrvat nf Zreel ghearq njnl jura rirelbar ryfr jnf fgnevat ng Cvccva. Bu, zl uboovgf. V'z tynq V xabj lbh obgu raq hc bxnl, ohg gung qbrfa'g znxr gung fprar va gur zbivr nal yrff fnq.

    Sil stuff: BZT V sbetbg nyy nobhg guvf zragvba bs gur Abyqbe naq Srnabe! Vg vf fb snagnfgvp gb pngpu nyy bs gurz abj gung V'ir ernq fb zhpu bs gur Fvyznevyyvba. V pregnvayl jbhyqa'g or fhecevfrq vs Srnabe jnf gur bar gung perngrq gur cnynagvef, vg jbhyq qrsvavgryl or va uvf pncnovyvgvrf. Thl jnf frevbhfyl gnyragrq. Naq bu zna, V pna'g oynzr Tnaqnys sbe jnagvat gb hfr vg gb ybbx onpx guebhtu gvzr gb Gvevba, jura Srnabe jnf gurer naq pensgvat nyy gurfr nznmvat guvatf, jura gur Gerrf jrer fgvyy yvivat.

    To conclude this, artses. This is titled "Gandalf and Pippin", and it is by the artist Luca Michelucci.

    <img src="; width= "600" height= "600">

    • Oh, Pippin. I can never stay angry at that character, because I was such a nosy broad as a child. *COUGH* –Still am– *Coughs again*

    • flootzavut says:

      Movie: Gung fprar oernxf zr rirel gvzr. Nyfb jura Cvccva svanyyl svaqfn Zreel nsgre gur onggyr naq gryyf uvz ur'f tbvat gb gnxr pner bs uvz. NYY ZL PERLF.

    • stefb4 says:

      Ahh, I told you about that Sil thing! I love name drops 🙂

      V yvxr gb guvax Sënabe perngrq gurz. Orpnhfr ur'f njrfbzr rira gubhtu ur ERNYYL arrqrq gung fnffl tnl sevraq. YBBX NG LBHE YVSR, YBBX NG LBHE PUBVPRF.

      • msw188 says:

        Lrf, vs gurer jnf nalbar va Gbyxvra'f jbeyq jub ERNYYL arrqrq n fnffl tnl sevraq, vg jnf nyzbfg qrsvavgryl Srnabe. Naq V srry yvxr vg jnf pbasvezrq fbzrjurer (Fvyznevyyvba, be znlor Hasvavfurq Gnyrf) gung Srnabe qvq znxr gur cnynagvev, ohg V pna'g erzrzore sbe pregnva.

  26. PrefectSarah says:

    Am I the only one who was irrationally mad at Pippin!? I swear, his nosiness puts me over the edge…

    Fool of a Took. Siriusly. STOP TOUCHING SHIT!!!

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      There's a nice added line in the movie: "Jul qb lbh nyjnlf unir gb YBBX?"

    • ladysugarquill says:

      I was more annoyed at Gandalf. Pippin is the hobbit equivalent of a teenager, and Gandalf is always being mean to him 🙁

      Gandalf's "sass" in general rubs me the wrong way. He just comes off as rude and arrogant to me.

  27. PrefectSarah says:

    On another note:

    I just started rereading The Hunger Games in anticipation for the movie!!! And rereading Mark's HG reviews!! I almost forgot how amazing those books are!


  28. arctic_hare says:

    Right? They're all great, but that one is my favorite!

  29. Poor Pippin, he's like a little magpie, sometimes… ever driven to meddle with something shiny. Pippin would have been the kind of child who would never be satisfied with "because I said so"…
    "Pippin, do not poke the hornet's nest with a stick."
    "Why, Pa?"
    "Because I said so."
    "But WHY?"
    "Stop that."
    "Because I said so. Go amuse yourself."
    **Pippin jabs the nest and chaos ensues**

    I'm so excited to see him interact more with Gandalf.

  30. bugeye says:

    Sil spoiler: Gur jubyr yvar nobhg Srnabe naq Gvevba. Gb frr ntnva jung jnf va lbhe lbhgu nf vf jnf naq jnyx ntnva va gur yvtug bs gur gerrf. Whfg evcf or hc.

    • arctic_hare says:

      Lrf, zr gbb! V qvqa'g shyyl trg gung yvar jura V svefg ernq gur obbx, ohg abj vg whfg uvgf zr fb uneq.

  31. Seumas the Red says:

    "Palantír" and "ThisLAN" are cleverer and better names than "Abe Linksys". 😛

    • Zoli says:

      I'm glad you approve! Honestly we have been trying to come up with alternatives just because after like…four or five years, ThisLAN is getting a little old. But alas, nothing else has come to mind!

      I mean, we could make some kind of Portal reference but that's pretty much asking for trouble any way you slice it.

  32. flootzavut says:

    LOVE THIS LIST. I want a hobbit withme at all times. *sad that I do not have a hobbit friend:(*

  33. flootzavut says:

    I feel like I'm missing something totally obvious but: huh?

  34. @sab39 says:

    The second-last item is redundant. Based on all the singing, a hobbit IS a reliable source of music!

  35. castlewayjay says:

    interrupting to post this Hobbit Song, just in case it hasn't been seen

    • rubyjoo says:

      He's collected quite a few Misty Mountain versions together – there's been a lot of support for it on YT and people are looking forward to earing the whole thing. But I'm not quite sure why an English mythology has been headed up with a Scottish song and a picture of William Wallace, however, since Tolkien said there was nothing "Celtic" (ie Irish and Scottish) about LotR.

  36. Zoli says:

    I play a lot of D&D, and when I do, I almost always play halflings. They really do get a +2 bonus on all saves vs. fear.

    Sadly, will saves are determined by class and not race. Otherwise halflings should by all rights get like +5 bonus on will saves. Because hobbits are awesome. They don't care if your three times their height, they will END YOU. Or die trying.

  37. Becky_J_ says:

    Monsters Inc. might be one of my alltime favorite movies ever. I think it is appropriate for EVERYTHING 😀

  38. Tavyan says:

    The ride to Minas Tirith and the dialogue between Pippin and Gandalf is my absolute favorite part of the entire series and holds a dear place in my heart for anything I've ever read. I keep a quote log of things I come across and like or that hold meaning to me, and this holds a special place in it.

    "But I should like to know–" Pippin began.
    "Mercy!" cried Gandalf. "If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?"
    "The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and the whole history of Middle-earth and Over-heaven and of the Sundering Seas," laughed Pippin. "Of course! What less?"

    I connect with Pippin so much through this whole book and the endless need for knowledge is my life. And to be able to finally get answers from the person you respect the most in the whole world… I love this scene.

    ((Gura, zhpu yvxr gur Enirapynj Gbjre va UC7c2, gur guvat V jnf zbfg ybbxvat sbejneq gb frrvat bafperra jnf yrsg bhg naq V jnf yrsg hggreyl, hggreyl qvfnccbvagrq.))

  39. Hotaru_hime says:

    You are so not prepared for the rest of this series.

  40. Billie says:

    Unq gb tb guebhtu nyy gur pbzzragf naq guhzof-hc rirel fvatyr guvat gung rira zragvbarq gur Cvccva/Zreel frcnengvba fprar va gur svyz orpnhfr ZL PERLF NYJNLF. Jho. V ybir gurz. Va n fboovat naq purrevat fbeg bs jnl. Va n Cvccva-vf-zl-npghny-snibhevgr fbeg bs jnl. Cebonoyl orpnhfr ur tebjf fb zhpu! Ur'f fvyyl naq shaal naq ur'f gur lbhatrfg naq nyjnlf jvgu gur sbby-bs-n-Gbbx, ohg ol gur raq ur vf erfcrpgrq ol nyy gurfr jbeyq-punatvat crbcyr (naq boivbhfyl vf n jbeyq-punatre uvzfrys). Jru, V pna'g or zber negvphyngr guna gung, gbb znal srryf. <3

  41. EvaLilith says:

    Omigosh I'm so happy I found this on a Monday and have a whole week of this to look forward to now. This is the best thing in existence. Everything is amazing.

  42. MsSméagol says:

    Jnvg, qbrf Znex abg xabj gung gur Anmthy naq gur oynpx evqref ner gur fnzr crbcyr/perngherf/guvatf?

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