Mark Reads ‘Mockingjay’: Chapter 26

In the twenty-sixth chapter of Mockingjay, HOW THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING OH MY GOD I AM NEVER GOING TO RECOVER FROM THIS BOOK. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Mockingjay.

Out in the hall, I find Paylor standing in exactly the same spot. “Did you find what you were looking for?” she says.


My god, Suzanne Collins, this is so depressing. Beyond depressing. I’m gutted. What you have done here is so unbelievably poetic IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE. I mean…this is some deep shit. And I don’t mean that facetiously, either. The way you have just twisted the rebel leadership to be no better than the Capitol…my god. You are a genius.

Somebody hold me.

Strangely, Katniss seems unable to figure out if Snow is telling the truth. However, I get the sense that deep down, she knows he is right. The actions are simply too absurd for the Capitol, and that’s saying a lot.

Suddenly, I’m thinking of Prim, who was not yet fourteen, not yet old enough to be granted the title of soldier, but somehow working on the front lines. How did such a thing happen? That my sister would have wanted to be there, I have no doubt. That she would be more capable than many older than she is a given. But for all that, someone very high up would have had to approve putting a thirteen-year-old in combat. Did Coin do it, hoping that losing Prim would push me completely over the edge? Or, at least, firmly on her side? I wouldn’t even have had to witness it in person. Numerous cameras would be covering the City Circle. Capturing the moment forever.

To be honest, I’d not even considered the possibility. I’d just assumed that it was coincidence that Prim was there, a form of commentary on Collins’s part about how war in unpredictable, brutish, and nasty. But now, I’m thinking about how sadistic and uncaring Coin and Plutarch have been this whole time. This now seems like an entirely plausible (and completely awful) possibility.

Desperate to help figure out the ramifications of what President Snow just told her, Katniss realizes there’s really only one person left for her to talk to: Haymitch. She can’t face Gale, knowing it may have been his bomb that killed Prim, and she doesn’t think burdening Peeta with this will help him at all. (That’s actually pretty considerate of her.)

We learn Haymitch is also living in the mansion and has resumed living in his normal squalor of rotting food, broken furniture, and alcohol. Katniss greets him with a familiar routine, too: waking him up with a pitcher of water. Unfortunately, the conversation is an instant disaster.

“I need your help,” I say.

Haymitch belches, filling the air with white liquor fumes. “What is it, sweetheart? More boy trouble?” I don’t know why, but this hurts me in a way Haymitch rarely can. It must show on my face, because even in his drunken state, he tries to take it back. “Okay, not funny.” I’m already at the door. “Not funny! Come back!” By the thud of his body hitting the floor, I assume he tried to follow me, but there’s no point.

It just all hurts at this point. I feel like Collins has brought all of her characters, all the people we’ve come to enjoy and cherish and even be annoyed by, to a point where they are damaged by the events of the past two years that there’s little chance they’ll escape the pain and the anguish of the Capitol. Even though the rebels won, Collins made sure to show us that it was not a cure-all to everyone’s emotional, physical, and mental ailments. That’s going to take a whole lot more.

The encounter with Snow opens the door to my old repertoire of nightmares. It’s like being stung by tracker jackers again.

As a reader, I just feel helpless. I want Katniss to be happy, more than anything else right now, and I can’t do a thing. Collins, you are making this one difficult read. It doesn’t get a bit easier when, later that day, Katniss is visited by a few surprise guests.

I rise and reach for a towel to smother it, when there’s a tentative knock and the bathroom door opens, revealing three familiar faces. They try to smile at me, but even Venia can’t conceal her shock at my ravaged mutt body.


“Surprise!” Octavia squeaks, and then bursts into tears. I’m puzzling over their reappearance when I realize that this must be it, the day of the execution. They’ve come to prep me for the cameras.

How horrifically ironic is this? Katniss went to the Capitol to kill Snow so she’d never have to participate in this charade again. And here she is, about to execute President Snow and she has to get made up again.

Fucked up. This is so fucked up.

In the bedroom, I find another surprise. Sitting upright in a chair. Polished from her metallic gold wig to her patent leather high heels, gripping a clipboard. Remarkably unchanged except for the vacant look in her eyes.

“Effie,” I say.

Ok, so I was literally in such a fragile state from the shock and terror of this book that when I read this, I almost burst into tears at the very concept that Effie was still alive. Good god, I missed her so much.

“Hello, Katniss.” She stands and kisses me on the cheek as if nothing has occurred since our last meeting, the night before the Quarter Quell. “Well, it looks like we’ve got another big, big, big day ahead of us. So why don’t you start your prep and I’ll just pop over and check on the arrangements.”

“Okay,” I say to her back.

“They say Plutarch and Haymitch had a hard time keeping her alive,” comments Venia under her breath. “She was imprisoned after your escaped, so that helps.”


No, wait, I’m not. Before we get to more sad, I had to laugh at this.

“I brought you this.” Gale holds up a sheath. When I take it, I notice it holds a single, ordinary arrow. “It’s supposed to be symbolic. You firing the last shot of the war.”

“What if I miss?” I say. “Does Coin retrieve it and bring it back to me? Or just shoot Snow through the head herself?”


“You won’t miss.”

Oh. Done with the LOLs.

“You didn’t come see me in the hospital.” He doesn’t answer, so finally I just say it. “Was it your bomb?”

“I don’t know. Neither does Beetee,” he says. “Does it matter? You’ll always be thinking about it.”

He waits for me to deny it; I want to deny it, but it’s true. Even now I can see the flash that ignites her, feel the heat of the flames. And I will never be able to separate that moment from Gale. My silence is the answer.

“That was the one thing I had going for me. Taking care of your family,” he says. “Shoot straight, okay?” He touches my cheek and leaves.


And this is when Collins does something that is so shocking, so mind-numbing, that I had to put down the book and take a walk because it upset me so much. Before taken to the execution, Katniss is lead to a room where there are six other people: Peeta, Johanna, Beetee, Haymitch, Annie, and Enobaria. They are the only seven surviving rebel victors. Coin arrives to announce what’s going on: Snow’s execution is just in a few hours. Hundreds of people are awaiting their execution. But Coin worries that this is not enough for the victims, that it is not enough to even remotely make up for the suffering the citizens of Panem have gone through. She does not want to kill all Capitol citizens, out of fear of being unable to sustain a population. She proposes her idea:

“So, an alternative has been placed on the table. Since my colleagues and I can come to no consensus, it has been agreed that we will let the victors decide. A majority of four will approve the plan. No one may abstain from the vote,” says Coin. “What has been proposed is that in lieu of eliminating the entire Capitol population, we have a final, symbolic Hunger Games, using children directly related to those who held the most power.”



“Are you joking?” asks Peeta.


“Was this Plutarch’s idea?” asks Haymitch.

“It was mine,” says Coin. “It seemed to balance the need for vengeance with the least loss of life. You may cast your votes.”

“No!” bursts out Peeta. “I vote no, of course! We can’t have another Hunger Games!”

“Why not?” Johanna retorts. “It seems very fair to me. Snow even has a granddaughter. I vote yes.”

“So do I,” says Enobaria, almost indifferently. “Let them have a taste of their own medicine.”



“This is why we rebelled! Remember?” Peeta looks at the rest of us. “Annie?”

“I vote no with Peeta,” she says. “So would Finnick if he were here.”

“But he isn’t, because Snow’s mutss killed him,” Johanna reminds her.

“No,” says Beetee. “It would set a bad precendent. We have to stop viewing one another as enemies. At this point, unity is essential for our survival. No.”

Three against two. Oh god, Katniss and Haymitch, please don’t vote yes. Katniss realizes that this must have been what happened seventy-five years before, with people arguing over murdering children just like this. This is exactly it. History is repeating itself.

I weigh my options carefully, think everything through. Keeping my eyes on the rose, I say, “I vote yes…for Prim.”

No. Katniss. No. You can’t do it. Oh my god, my heart just shattered into a trillion pieces. Please don’t get revenge like this. Please don’t murder children to get back at Snow.

A furious Peeta hammers Haymitch with the atrocity he could become party to, but I can feel Haymitch watching me. This is the moment, then. When we find out exactly just how alike we are, and how much he truly understands me.

“I’m with the Mockingjay,” he says.

I can’t. I cannot even. In a million years, I would have never guessed this ending. They have come full circle to continue the very thing they have been fighting to end. I can’t. I cannot deal with this.

There’s no time to mull over the dull terror spreading through me as Katniss is rushed through prep and taken outside the mansion to the City Circle, the same place where she watched her sister burned alive. Only now it’s frigid, freezing cold from the winter air, and I can’t help but feel that the contrast in weather/temperature is a commentary on how frozen these people’s hearts have all become. This is the tragedy to end all tragedies. My god.

I feel the bow purring in my hand. Reach back and grasp the arrow. Position it, aim at the rose, but watch his face. He coughs and a bloody dribble runs down his chin. His tongue flicks over his puffy lips. I search his eyes for the slightest sign of anything, fear, remorse, anger.

It’s really happening. The end is here. And I do not feel any surge of joy or ecstasy over the murder of Snow. Instead, I feel dead inside. This solves nothing, the war was fought to perpetuate the same ideals as before, just to a new “enemy.” I’m reminded of when I cheered so hard for Cato to get killed and then felt awful when he was.

But there’s only the same look of amusement that ended our last conversation. It’s as if he’s speaking the words again. “Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen. I thought we had agreed not to lie to each other.”

He knows. He knows that he won. He knows that this is a pointless gesture. Jesus christ.

He’s right. We did.

The point of my arrow shifts upward. I release the string. And President Coin collapses over the side of the balcony and plunges to the ground. Dead.




I’m sorry. This is worst plot twist in the history of all plot twist. I am in complete shock.


A quick note about next week’s scheduling. Here’s how it will go down:

Monday, March 7: Chapter 27
Tuesday, March 8: Epilogue/Final Thoughts/Series Wrap-Up
Friday, March 11: The beginning of Mark Reads The Book Thief


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  1. Pk9 says:

    This just popped into my Youtube subscription box. I thought it might be nice after the WORLDS OF SAD we've had this week. A flashback to happier times:

    [youtube KRA7_MnRKmk youtube]

    • Meghan says:


      I love his Panem CD

      Have you heard ALL CAP's Real or Not Real song? It's awesome. 😀


    • ThreeBooks says:

      …pffttthehehehehe, that's… I don't even know. Morbidly funny, I think.

  2. MowerOfLorn says:

    I reacted pretty much the same way to this chapter, Mark. The rebels have become the very thing they were fighting against. Katniss, a girl who in the beginning could think of nothing more horrifying than the Hunger Games, and seeing her sister in them, is now willing to send more children to the same fate she suffered. Yes, they were the children of those in power. But they had no more control over that, than she had over being born in District 12. I felt like yelling at her; "DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME??"

    But yet…it makes horrifying sense. You can't destroy the entire population of the Capitol, and I can see how easily the fighters' minds would jump to this prospect. For me, this is a far more poignent ending than pretty much any 'rebels win' story. In real life, when a totalitarian government is over thrown, the replacements aren't much better. And for me, this part of the story is probably the most terrifying; not only because it displays the horrors that average humans can submit to, but because unlike mutts and hijacking, it is completely real.

  3. Reddi says:

    I found Mockingjay so depressing, because Katniss seems to be on some sort of weird autopilot. She's going into a pit, and due to war she's become what she hated. She NEVER experienced that in the games, but in the full war, she did.
    I was NOT surprised she shot Coin. I figured Coin as a baddie from the get go. I'm just glad Katniss figured it out.

    I loved the spirit of Katniss and dear Peeta (thank goodness HE survived– and I mean his SOUL survived– one of the only ones who did) in the first two books, but this one… it just gets worse and worse and worse.

  4. lossthief says:

    Not related to the chapter, but since Mark announced it here, I went ahead and read the first chapter of "The Book Thief"

    It's…interesting so far. I won' read more until Mark starts.

  5. Cyna says:

    No. Katniss. No. You can’t do it. Oh my god, my heart just shattered into a trillion pieces. Please don’t get revenge like this. Please don’t murder children to get back at Snow.

    Oh Mark, so little faith in Katniss. IDK about everyone else, but I totally read this as Katniss manipulating the situation so that she could get a shot at killing Coin and ending the bloodshed once and for all. I DID NOT LOSE FAITH IN YOU KATNISS.

  6. Yusra says:

    First off: I read brutish as British. It made me laugh.
    Secondly: to think you thought of Effie as Umbridge at the beginning.
    Thirdly: This one plot-twist, I saw coming. I mean, I knew that Katniss had to kill Coin. And well. yeah. I saw it coming cause I'm Katniss. (well, if I were in Panem etc I would be Katniss).
    Fourthly: BOOK THIEF. Excite.

  7. embers says:

    I have to say that I never for one second thought that Katniss was voting for the future Hunger Games because she wanted them to take place: I always thought that Katniss voted for them to make Coin think that Katniss was still on her side. I never EVER expected Katniss to execute Coin, but I did think that Katniss was playing Coin with that vote.

    And I think that some how or other Haymitch knew or guessed that Katniss had something in mind and was supporting Katniss' move….

    After all, Snow is clearly already dead… and Coin deserved to die.

    • elusivebreath says:

      Same here, I was surprised when I started reading this comment to see that there are people who thought Katniss' yes vote was anything more than subterfuge. Interesting to see different perspectives, but for myself I never doubted for a minute that she was up to something.

  8. leirac1507 says:


  9. Kal says:

    I have already read this entire series. I already know exactly what happens. And I still feel anxious, nervous, and stressed out just reading the passages you include in your reviews. This book…all I can do is shake my head.

  10. Meghan says:


    Also, I've heard theories that Katniss voted for the new Hunger Games because she already knew that she was going to kill Coin and wanted her to trust her. By saying "For Prim" she was sending a message to Haymitch like all the times Haymitch was able to send her messages while she was in the games. Not sure if I agree with this just because it seemed like Katniss didn't make up her mind to kill Coin until that last second when she realizes that Snow hasn't lied to her, but I also can't imagine Katniss choosing for another Hunger Games. She and Haymitch both know who the real enemy has always been, and it has always been Snow and the Capitol, not its children.

    That being said, Annie's comment about what Finnick would do if he was there ;______;

    You should all read the Sewer King on deviant art. It makes things a little better.

  11. Moonie says:

    I haven't been commenting lately, but I'm coming out of the lurker zone to say


  12. RainaWeather says:


  13. Pelleloguin says:

    Like others have stated, it took me a while to realize that when she said yes, she was doing it to get close to Coin. The"For Prim" helped, but I don't think the scene was handled as well a it should have been. But then again, on my first read I was yelling at them because they rebelled due to the Games, why on earth would they go and do it again?! Coin, you truly were a soulless piece of evil wrapped up in a politicians body.

  14. Mauve_Avenger says:

    Since everyone else is generally just commenting on the end of the chapter, I thought I'd bring this up:

    "Ultimately, there’s only one person to turn to who might know what happened [with the bombing at the mansion that killed Prim] and might still be on my side. To broach the subject at all will be a risk. But while I think Haymitch might gamble with my life in the arena, I don’t think he’d rat me out to Coin. Whatever problems we may have with each other, we prefer resolving our differences one-on-one."

    So she goes to Haymitch because she understandably needs to find out who's responsible for Prim's death and Haymitch is the only person she can trust to help her do that. So what happens to that?

    "Haymitch belches, filling the air with white liquor fumes. “What is it, sweetheart? More boy trouble?” I don’t know why, but this hurts me in a way Haymitch rarely can. It must show on my face, because even in his drunken state, he tries to take it back. “Okay, not funny.” I’m already at the door. “Not funny! Come back!” By the thud of his body hitting the floor, I assume he tried to follow me, but there’s no point."

    You need to find out who MURDERED YOUR SISTER and you're giving up because a guy who's so inebriated he probably doesn't fully comprehend what he's saying made fun of you? The same way he's always makes fun of you? He even tried to apologize afterward, but you're having none of that, obviously.

    I mean, I get that what Haymitch said was hurtful (not as hurtful as murdering someone's sister, btw), but there's this thing called perspective that Katniss should definitely get and keep with her at all times.

    Seriously, though. She'll say yes to reintroducing the Hunger Games just so she can get closer to Coin and assassinate her, but heaven forfend that she withstand a single insult from Haymitch so she can figure out who freaking murdered her sister?!
    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;

    • Lynn says:

      I have to disagree with you. Katniss is in the most emotionally and psychologically fragile state she has ever been. She goes to Haymitch as a trusted friend and he says something rude and condescending when she has something serious to talk about. She felt hurt and betrayed and to me understandably decided maybe he was not one to talk to after all. I think it made her feel more vulnerable and helpless as she really had no one left to whom to turn. She couldn't trust Haymitch, and I don't blame her. I think she just decided to hell with it and left.

      I think that is a very realistic reaction given her emotional state. I don't think calm and logical would be her response. I would be amazed at someone who could have been so cool and calculating about their reaction given the circumstances. I don't get beating up Katniss over this reaction.

      • Gabbie says:

        This is strange… I agree with both of you. o.0 I mean, she's unstable and awfully fragile at this point, but she could have… I don't know, ignore him? (not sarcasm, I'm just confused)
        Anyway, I see both your points. Hope more people join in this conversation because I want to see what other people think as well.

  15. Ash says:

    "Friday, March 11: The beginning of Mark Reads The Book Thief"

    A thousand yays!

    Also all the way through this chapter I was just constantly kicking it in the face for being a complete basted in so many way. First I was severally angry at Katniss and that entire room of people, then I saw what she did there and became less angry and a little more annoyed and worried what would come of this action.

  16. klmnumbers says:

    Oh snap I actually have not read the book thief. I AM TOTALLY BUYING IT SO I CAN COMMENT ALONG. AMG. I AM SO EXCITE.

  17. TreesaX says:

    I forgot all this happened this chapter. I thought you (and invariably me, pulling my hair out in the process) would have to wait a whole weekend for you to read that Katniss kills Coin. I was shaking my head when u were talking about the execution of Snow and them restarting the Hunger Game as the big ending/twist. Is it horrible for to me to be glad your brain is probably bleeding right now from that ending? Welcome to the club Mark.. welcome to the club.

    I love, love, love Katniss and Peeta.. but I also really liked Gale as well, even after his behavior in this book. I had no problem with their closeness.. that they were the best of friends. I'm glad that Gale never really tried to "one-up" Peeta in Katniss' eyes. He could have gotten rid of Peeta so many times, but he didn't. So that little exchange they had in this chapter was really sad. He knows she will never be his now, but he doesn't try to change her mind of beg for her forgiveness. So I gotta commend Gale for that.

    This is kinda corny, but I'm kinda sad that we won't have these reviews for very much longer. I love the HG books and I'm really glad that I found this site and have shared this experiences. I'm gonna try to get The Book Thief so I can read along.

  18. Not_Prepared says:

    I like to think that Katniss died from her tracker jacker stings in the first book and everything that's happened in these last couple of books is actually just some strange hallucination before she goes into the afterlife…

  19. telephone says:

    Suzanne Collins, author… or evil genius? The end of this series is so exhausting that it’s absolutely unreal. You’re almost to the end, Mark, just keep going!

  20. michelle says:

    I knew she was going to kill coin, I just knew it. and then straight after I was like YES then I felt bad.
    but even though I knew it was gonna happen IT WAS STILL SUCH A GOOD TWIST.

    oh and like some others are saying, I thought that katniss only said yes to the hunger games so coin wouldn't worry about her and she could kill snow, so then she could kill coin instead.

    ALSO the thing with katniss and haymitch was really annoying.
    I mean I get she was upset and everything, but to not even try to talk to haymitch and just run off and hide? REALLY.

  21. ShiiShii says:


    What Coin's death tried to do:
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    My actual reaction:
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    Is it weird to say, that because of my rage fest about the previous chapter (that we all had that amazing discussion on &lt;3 ), I called this completely? I was like, 'JUST WATCH, she'll end up killing Coin since Snow is already on his way to hell with his coughing fit.' I called every step of this while reading this on my own: Katniss's false approval and Coin's death. I didn't see this as a twist at all; I found it rather predictable. : Maybe it's just me, but I found this to be anticlimactic.
    *runs to hide*

    • lossthief says:

      Though I can't see the images, IAWTP. As soon as it was revealed that Coin was responsible for Prim's death, I knew Kat was going to kill her, and in keeping with her track record she was going to do it in the most public place imaginable. I just hope the next chapter doesn't involve like a court case or something for Kat. That would be the most anticlimactic thing for a final chapter imaginable.

  22. Bridget says:

    Oh you're reading the Book Thief? Its so good, but so sad, I truly hope you're prepared.

  23. helenablythe says:

    So I'm going to let the lit teacher in me loose and take this chapter apart, because I see so many people say how out of character it was for Katniss to side with Coin here. It wasn't. It would be if she actually agreed with Coin — but let's look at what really happens:

    1. The chapter begins with Katniss having to decide whether Snow is telling the truth or lying about the parachute bombs. Maybe he was, maybe not, but she realizes this —

    " What's irrefutable is that she's done exactly what he said. Let the Capitol and the districts run one another into the ground and then sauntered in to take power. Even if that was her plan, it doesn't mean she dropped those parachutes. Victory was already in her grasp. Everything was in her grasp.

    Except me.

    I recall Boggs' response when I admitted I hadn't put much thought into Snow's successor. "If your immediate answer isn't Coin, then you're a threat…"

    …someone very high up would have had to approve putting a thirteen-year-old in combat."

    I think that realizing that Coin was capable of doing the bombing, that knowing she would have done it if she felt it would benefit her, removes the issue of whether or not Snow is telling the truth. It doesn't matter where the truth on this one issue is — Coin is capable of it. Snow is capable of it. Neither can be trusted because they are, essentially, the exact same sort of leader.

    2. From there, we go to the meeting where the Victors are assembled. The Victors who Coin was only grudgingly willing to accommodate in the first place. Now she's shuffling off a matter of national policy on them because the true authorities can't decide? Really, really odd. Coin's concern about not executing so many is the issue of "maintaining a sustainable population." Not whether it's right or wrong to kill so many. Not national security. Practical utilitarianism. Coin will always do what works and what keeps her in place.

    3. While Katniss is mulling over how the very first Hunger Games were established, we have this bit: "The scent of Snow's rose curls up into my nose, down into my throat, squeezing it tight with despair. All those people I loved, dead, and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now."

    Simply put, the rebellion has failed. The point of the rebellion was to liberate the districts from their unjust, exploitative and oppressive government. But all they've done is change one heartless oppressor for another. "Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now." Katniss knows this right then.

    4. She keeps her eyes on Snow's rose and votes yes, for Prim. I suspect that Coin knew Katniss would recognize the double bombs Gale and Beetee developed and would know they were from 13, not from the Capitol. And it was a warning to her to comply, if she survived. Haymitch knows Katniss well enough to know why she is doing this. She's still playing the Hunger Games. She's still playing for her life, for Peeta's life, for her mother's life. She is only useful to Coin if compliant. Coin now holds the sum total of all of the power in their nation. If the motion for a new Hunger Games had not passed, I believe Katniss never would have left the hallway outside of that room alive. Quite possibly all of the Victors would have been killed.

    So she plays the Games, treating the execution platform like it's part of the arena and, just like she pulled out the nightlock berries, just like she shot the force field, she takes all the Gamemakers by surprise and plays by her rules.

    This is, I believe, completely in character for Katniss from start to finish, once you fully understand exactly what she was doing.

  24. vampira2468 says:

    Think I really need to reread this

  25. qwerticle says:

    The Book Thief is next? I totally just fist pumped in excitement.

  26. adev0tchka says:

    <img src=""&gt;
    The Execution by dot-dashlee on deviantart

    Oh, Katniss.

    What now???

    • Gabbie says:

      Oh, mai. My thought process viewing the picture:
      I didn't think Katniss shot her in the head, but the heart, like she was supposed to with Snow. Oh, wait, Coin doesn't have a heart. Nevermind. 🙂

    • iolchos says:

      I know it makes me sound weak and hypocritical because I can deal with the death in the text, but I really wish you'd put this as a link with a warning, because it was pretty upsetting for me to look at.

  27. Rose Brazeale says:

    There's a couple things I just want to tell you guys about.

    1) There is Hunger Games songs. Here's one that I know has no spoilers:

    2) The Harry Potter Alliance is doing their annual book drive, Accio Books. You can go to their website to get more information, but this year's donations go to a school that doesn't have a library, so we're going to build them one.

  28. Quinn says:

    I kind of agree with the decision. I mean it is only a FINAL Hunger Games. Just for revenge. Just one Games.

    • Gabbie says:

      But why sink to the Crapitol's level? Why have a full-circle? If they go through with the Games with Capitol children, its shows the districts, the ones who suffered for so long at the Capitol's expense, are no better than them. That nothing will ever change.

    • iolchos says:

      the point is that it wouldn't stop there, and further, they'd still be punishing children who DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG which was part of what precipitated this entire war in the first place. Revenge isn't going to be constructive in building peace and stability, it's just a way for people who are angry to feel good about themselves.

  29. Lumosnox says:

    Ever since Bogg's death, my reaction each chapter has basically been THIS IS HORRIFIC IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE. And each time it HAS. Before I started Mockingjay I thought it wouldn't be as exciting because there wouldn't be any Hunger Games. BUT IT IS TEN TIMES AS INTENSE. Now I look back to the very first book and marvel at how TAME it is.

    AND SHE SHOT COIN OMG NO NO NO NO WHAT IS GOING ON KATNISS WHAT ARE YOU DOING you better not become best friends with Snow or something

  30. Quizzical says:

    so not prepared.

    katniss voting for the last hunger games is very much in character, but horrified me so deeply that i almost didn't finish the book.

    the next twist was awesome, though. shooting coin instead. yeah. now it's really a new beginning i suppose?

  31. notemily says:

    First of all:


    Okay, now on to actual things:

    – I was blown away by this chapter. I remember sitting in my car after having just had a fight with my mother. I had to drive home, but I couldn't because I was too upset and besides I NEEDED TO KNOW THE ENDING TO THE BOOK. So I read, and between the fight and the book, I was just bawling everywhere. PRIM.
    – Whose death, by the way, I was spoiled for. THANKS YOUTUBE COMMENTERS.
    – Another Hunger Games. I just couldn't conceive of the possibility that Katniss would vote Yes for them, so I figured there had to be something else going through her head, and I was right. When she killed Coin I was like FUCK YEAH KATNISS REMEMBERING WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS. It's the people who think MURDERING CHILDREN IS A GOOD IDEA.
    – I love the parallel between all three book endings, where Katniss does something game-changing (uh, literally sometimes) and everyone is like *KEYSMASH*. First the berries, then the force field, and now Coin. Oh Katniss.
    – Anyway, it was nice to read this chapter without reading it through A HAZE OF TEARS AND ANGST, because I could slow down and really see what was going on. I love Haymitch saying "I'm with the Mockingjay." He knows what's on Katniss's mind and he stands behind her 100%. ILU Haymitch you drunk bastard.

  32. wendebular says:

    I can't believe it's so close to the end of the series! When I first read Mockingjay, I wasn't surprised that Katniss killed Coin, but I didn't associate it with the yes vote for the Hunger Games (which did surprise me). It's not until I read some of the great comments on this review that I fully realised Katniss's intent. Well done, Ms Collins!

    As an aside, I am totally obsessed with my new Kindle 3 (amazing birthday gift from my boyfriend), and as well as having a whole bunch of books on it, I have set it up so I can read Mark Reads on the subway every morning before work (time zone puts me at a disadvantage; I'm 13 hours ahead of EST). Exciting! Also, The Book Thief is both on my list of books to read and on my Kindle, so I am even more excited that Mark is reading it next. I don't know anything about it at the moment, except that from the comments here, it is going to be SAD. I hope I don't cry too much in public.

  33. CaptainHammer says:


    You will enjoy it, I promise. Zusak is a genius.

  34. Random Weirdness says:

    Crazy huh?
    In earlier parts of the book there were a few times where I briefly thought Katniss killing Coin was a possibility, but by the time it was at this point I didn't even remember that because of all the horrible things that had happened since.

    I read the MRHP and have been lurking this new site for a couple of weeks and I finally decided to comment. I actually just finshed Mockingjay last week, so I thought i'd actually say something this time.

  35. campie says:

    Never ever prepared ever.

  36. Saber says:

    I bought the Book Thief today! SO EXCITED
    I barely know what it's about and I'm excited.

  37. kellylea says:

    I had to do a double take at the end of this chapter. (Can you double-take a book? I'm going to go with YES. YES YOU CAN.)

    That's all I'm going to say for now. ALMOST DONE. This has been just as emotionally painful for me the second time around as the first. I'm going to need special therapy for when the movies come out.

    Also: YAY A NEW BOOK! I shall order on Amazon post haste so I will have it to read along with.

  38. Lily says:

    approximately 25 more hours until the torture and suspense ends . . .

  39. lala says:

    check out these Katniss pics!!!! this girl should be katniss!!!!!

  40. Lei says:

    Does anyone remember when Boggs tells Katniss “don’t trust them” and Katniss was confused about what that meant. This is an obvious foreshadowing of what was to come and Coin’s real plan. Unfortunately, I missed this little hint. Bleh!

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  42. ALynnJ42 says:

    So apparently my post on last chapter was an accidental spoiler. Well, if it was just speculation it can't be a spoiler right? When Coin told them that they were voting on a Hunger Games: Capitol Kids Edition I was like "What the fuck? For real? How did I know this???"

    Overall I loved this chapter.
    I loved how Annie now seems stronger. I was scared she was gonna live forever in the fetal position.
    I loved how Effie came back! A few chapters back I thought Katniss had killed her when she mentioned magenta hair. Now if only Cinna would just come out of hiding…
    And I LOVED HOW KATNISS FUCKING SHOT COIN!!! To be honest, when I was reading the execution scene and she was talking about how she read Snow's face I thought "Oh, she's not gonna do it" Then I read on and completely missed the fact that she shot Coin and was like "Oh… she did…" For some reason I guess I just assumed it was Snow so I didn't really read the name, so I was really confused at the WTF? gifs at the end of the review and the mention of a plot twist. I was like, "What plot twist? She killed Snow." Then I reread it and got so excited that she killed Coin that I started jumping on my bed @ 1230am whisper-shouting "Fuck yeah! Wooo hooo!!!"

  43. @ChessOsborn says:

    That Mark Salling gif is invaluable. And yes, I was completely unprepared for this, too.

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