Mark Reads ‘Mockingjay’: Chapter 23

In the twenty-third chapter of Mockingjay, the survivors of the mutts’ attack regroup and try to find a way to escape Capitol detection and get to President Snow before it’s too late. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Mockingjay.

Five chapters left. That’s it. Somehow, this all has to come together in that amount of time. I can’t do it. I cannot figure out the endgame to this series. That is really exciting, sure. It’s also really stressful. This book is stressful. Also, I can’t believe I am so close to being done with all of this. What.

But let’s deal with a dead body first, shall we? Because Katniss just shot an arrow through a stranger’s heart. Turns out we don’t know who this woman is and, strangely, there’s no one else in the apartment with her. She was alone. I breathed a sigh of relief, but that was quickly gone once Katniss finds out where she is.

I go to a window that overlooks the street, and when I peek through the blinds, I’m not faced with Peacekeepers but with a bundled crowd of people going about their business. During out underground journey, we have left the evacuated zones far behind and surfaced in a busy section of the Capitol.

Wait, what??? See, I was under the impression that there wasn’t much left of the Capitol, but I was wrong. There’s still a safe zone in the center of town where business continues as usual. The thing is, as awful as it seems, Katniss recognizes that this is a chance for them to escape.

One glances at my companions tells me this is not time for a stealth attack on Snow. Gale’s still losing blood from the neck wound, which we haven’t even cleaned. Peeta’s sitting on a velvet sofa with his teeth clamped down on a pillow, either fighting off madness or containing a scream. Pollux weeps against the mantel of an ornate fireplace. Cresside stands determinedly at my side, but she’s so pale her lips are bloodless. I’m running on hate. When the energy for that ebbs, I’ll be worthless.

Easily the most depressing passage in all of Mockingjay. They have all lost someone. They are all in pain. They are all exhausted. And yet it doesn’t stop. They can’t stop at this point. Not only are they so close to Snow, but Snow is so close to them.

So Katniss knows they have to keep moving, so her and Cressida search the closets of the apartments they are in to come up with outfits the remaining survivors can wear so they can go out into the Capitol and try to find where to go next. Concealing themselves in Capitol wear, make-up thickly applied to their faces, they move out into the streets. The plan thankfully works and Katniss asks Cressida where they could possibly go. Confused at first, Cressida comes up with a plan and takes the group to a dilapidated store a couple of blocks over.

Collins doesn’t resist the chance to continue to add to the unbearable tension of the situation when she introduces us to Tigris. The entire situation just feels so wrong to me, and Katniss picks up on this immediately.

Behind the counter sits the strangest person I’ve ever seen. She’s an extreme example of surgical enhancement gone wrong, for surely not even in the Capitol could they find this face attractive. The skin has been pulled back tightly and tattooed with black and gold stripes. The nose has been flattened until it barely exists. I’ve seen cat whiskers on people in the Capitol before, but none so long. The result is a grotesque, semi-feline mask, which now squints at us distrustfully.

Ok, the person doesn’t feel wrong to me. I’ve come to accept that people in the Capitol simply look different. There’s nothing to distrust in this by itself. But Cressida asks Tigris for help and when Tigris doesn’t respond, Cressida says, “Plutarch said you could be trusted.”

Oh, wonderful. So she’s associated with Plutarch? That’s reassuring.

No, Tigris’s shop is not ideal, but it’s all we have at the moment.

Thus, Katniss doesn’t have much of a choice at this point. As Tigris looks at this haggard group, Katniss pulls down her scarf and removes her wig, hoping that Tigris will recognize her. She does and directs them to a small door hidden in the wall; it seems there is a long stairway hidden below the shop.

Everything about the situation screams trap.

I mean…right??? This is seriously shady, but what choice does she have?

“Did Snow ban you from the Games?” I ask. She just stares back at me. Somewhere her tiger tail flicks with displeasure. “Because I’m going to kill him, you know.” Her mouth spreads into what I take for a smile. Reassured that this isn’t complete madness, I crawl through the space.

Well, it’s a small sign, but maybe this will work for them. But what if she smiled because Katniss just told Tigris exactly what she needed to hear so she could notify Snow? Ugh, I don’t even want to think about that possibility. Besides, there are more important things to think about. The stairway leads to a small cellar, doorless and windowless, and just the right size that most people wouldn’t even think it was possible. Just after Katniss’s group joins her down stairs, the panel is slid back closed and now they really don’t have a choice about hiding out here.

Katniss begins work on doing a rough job stitching up Gale’s neck as best as she can as Cressida and Pollux find a way to make suitable sleeping mats out of the pelts in the cellar. She moves on to Peeta to help him with the cuts on his wrists from the handcuffs and a moving, surprise game of Real or Not Real breaks out.

“You’ve got to keep them clean, otherwise the infection could spread and—“

“I know what blood poisoning is, Katniss,” says Peeta. “Even if my mother isn’t a healer.”

I’m jolted back in time, to another wound, another set of bandages. “You said the same thing to me in the first Hunger Games. Real or not real?”

“Real,” he says. “And you risked your life getting the medicine that saved me?”

“Real.” I shrug. “You were the reason I was alive.”

“Was I?” The comment throws him into confusion. Some shiny memory must be fighting for his attention, because his body tenses and his newly bandaged wrists strain against the metal cuffs. Then all the energy saps from his body. “I’m so tired, Katniss.”

I can’t even imagine how these people feel. The last few hours have been an utter nightmare, but the last couple years haven’t been all that great either. At this point, they have to be exhausted to a point of terror, and Peeta’s admittance of being tired just made me incredibly sad. I just want this to be all over for these people.

At the very least, it’s nice that they all realize that standing guard is pointless, so it’s not long before they all drift to sleep. I didn’t really find Katniss’s dream all the significant, but once she mentioned Effie, it made me wish she was still around. :/

If anything, though, this chapter is about accepting loss and death, and that’s the first thing Katniss does the next day when she wakes up. In her head, she goes over the eight people killed in the last twenty-four hours, and feels personally responsible for the six who died below ground. They died because of her, in a way, since she lied to them about her mission from Coin.

When everyone finally awakens, I confess. How I lied about the mission, how I jeopardized everyone in pursuit of revenge. There’s a long silence after I finish. Then Gale says, “Katniss, we all knew you were lying about Coin sending you to assassinate Snow.”

Ha, was she really that obvious?

“Do you really think Jackson believed you had orders from Coin?” Cressida asks. “Of course she didn’t. But she trusted Boggs, and he’d clearly wanted you to go on.”

“I never even told Boggs what I planned to do,” I say.

“You told everyone in Command!” Gale says. “It was one of your conditions for being the Mockingjay. ‘I kill Snow.’”

Well, touché, Gale. But that still brings up another point…why did Boggs say exactly what he said before he died? And why did he insist that she kill Peeta?

Regardless, Gale has a point. He even points out that, casualties aside, their mission has actually proven to be kind of successful, since they’ve infiltrated the Capitol undetected. Katniss, however, doesn’t believe anyone until she asks Peeta what he thinks.

“I think…you still have no idea. The effect you can have.” He slides his cuffs up the support and pushes himself to a sitting position. “None of the people we lost were idiots. They knew what they were doing. They followed you because they believed you really could kill Snow.”

Peeta’s statement is one of faith and trust. (I love the call back to the last time this was said.) Maybe, subconsciously, that’s what Katniss sees in this, because she immediately realizes the only way to pay back the debt of what has happened in the past day is to go forward with her plan to kill Snow.

That’s much easier said than done, of course, as the five survivors can’t seem to come up with a realistic plan to kill Snow. After Finnick’s revealing speech earlier in the book, it seems Snow doesn’t make many public appearances. Katniss suggests offering herself up to be a prisoner in the hopes that Snow will execute her publicly, giving Gale a chance to assassinate him. Peeta’s quick to point out that there are way too many things that could go wrong with that plan, and Gale agrees it’s far too extreme to start off with.

Still brainstorming, the group hears Tigris close up the shop above them and then open the panel to invite them up to eat what little food she has. There, they watch a Capitol broadcast that names the five of them as the actual survivor of the previous days’ events, which makes their efforts even harder. They’ll have to try even harder not to be recognized once they leave the shop.

It’s unsettling that there is no answer to this conundrum by the end of this chapter. They are no closer to a solid plan than at the start, though Katniss does agree that they should try to infiltrate the President’s mansion before Katniss offers herself up for bait. But besides that? They are completely stumped.

To make matters more complicated, that night, Katniss wakes up to overhear a conversation between Peeta and Gale. Unsurprisingly, that conversation is about her.

There’s a long pause before Peeta speaks again. “That was funny, what Tigris said. About no one knowing what to do with her.”

“Well, we never have,” Gale says.

They both laugh. It’s so strange to hear them talking like this. Almost like friends. Which they’re not. Never have been. Although they’re not exactly enemies.

I suppose it’s something they would eventually have to talk about, right? I think Peeta honestly doesn’t see Gale as a threat to him and I found it kind of funny that both dudes had a healthy sense of self-deprecation masking their conversations. Peeta believes that Katniss truly loves Gale, while Gale is convinced he could never match up to what Peeta has done for her. It’s kind of a strange conversation, though, because I feel like it almost addresses the reader’s thoughts a bit too much, as if Collins is acutely aware of the audience reading her books.

“I wonder how she’ll make up her mind.”

“Oh, that I do know.” I can just catch Gale’s last words through the layer of fur. “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”

This worries me because I fear Katniss actually won’t get to make this choice, that Collins is fully prepared at this point to kill off either Peeta or Gale. And how fucked would it be if she finally “chose” who she wanted and that one died?

I don’t even want to think about it, honestly. It’s simply too distressing for me. I am kind of ticked off at the idea that Gale and Peeta are saying this sort of stuff while she’s in the room, as it’s a tad presumptuous, but either way, shit is about to get real and I just want to hide. NOT PREPARED.

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  1. bell_erin_a says:

    But what if she smiled because Katniss just told Tigris exactly what she needed to hear so she could notify Snow?
    I was antsy the whole beginning of this chapter because what if that's what's happening? Does Plutarch really know who is and isn't to be trusted (and I'm not so fond of the guy that I would willingly put my life at stake based on his judgment)? What if it is a trap? I guess we know where the next five chapters are going, in that case. But Katniss really has no choice, just like she's had no choice for most of this series. She has to trust Tigris/Plutarch because that's the only option she has left.

    I didn’t really find Katniss’s dream all the significant, but once she mentioned Effie, it made me wish she was still around. :/
    Where is Effie? I've missed her for a while now.

    In her head, she goes over the eight people killed in the last twenty-four hours
    This looks more and more like the arena all the time, since the Quell lasted about two days, and I think pretty much eight people were killed each day, then. 🙁

    Oh look! It’s the Mockingjay tent scene! Katniss is so lucky! All of us girls dream about being stuck in a real-life love triangle and waking up in the middle of the night to hear both love interest guys talking about how we are so awesome and they don’t deserve us, etc! I like to think this is Collins taking another jab at Twilight, since I don’t think we’ve seen one since way back when Peeta ~sparkled~ (Oh god, who could have seen the “shininess” being such a significant plot point later, forever unprepared). A sort of “you think your scene was so great? Well read mine. It’s ridiculous. Yours was, too,” if you will. Sarcasm done, but that's honestly where my mind goes every time I read this scene, although I suppose you're right in saying that this is something Gale and Peeta do need to talk about, Mark.

    “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”
    What’s that supposed to mean? That she doesn’t care for either of them and is just stringing them along so that she can gratify her consuming need for attention? I don’t think that’s the way Katniss operates, Gale.

    • andreah1234 says:

      <img src=""&gt;
      ^^Even he aproves. (I'm sorry, I'm so sorry 😀 Couldn't help it)

      Twilight sarcasm. I'm pretty sure we've all used it at some point. Ironic how a lot of people are saying "Hunger Games it's the new Twilight", Eh NO. Hunger Games has a much bigger plot and character development, the main characters aren't a bunch of idiots, and the girl doen's go mad is she doesn't has a permanent partner. Which is good. Also, I find it funny how Meyer reviewed the books and said "LOL IT WAS AWESOME" even though, Collins clearly took a few jabs at her shit, I mean books.

      I didn't noticed the "shininess" thing until you pointed out, AND OMG MIND BLOWN.

    • Ida says:

      Haha.. When I first read that scene where Katniss overhears Gale and Peeta talking I groaned out loud because it reminded me to much of that tent scene in Eclipse. It's an awkward scene and I don't know how Collins could have made it better, but it's a hell of a lot better than the one Smeyer wrote.

    • CuriosityShoppe says:

      I like your idea that the scene was a jab at Twilight, because I'd always taken it as Collins being completely serious and straight-faced… which made that scene so cringe-inducing for me. I think the Mockingjay scene is much better written and far less awkward, but it reminded me so strongly of Edward and Jacob talking about Bella while she "slept" that I couldn't read it without cringing. It's the only scene I had to skip over when I re-read Mockingjay, simply because I couldn't handle the intense secondhand embarrassment I felt.

      So, yes. From now on, I'm choosing to believe this was just Colllins taking the piss out of Twilight. Yay the scene is saved for me now.

      • Gabbie says:

        I had a similar reaction to this scene, but I bet she was laughing her head off writing it. (I think of her as a nice yet hardcore, awesome person who would totally call Smeyer out on her book series)

    • SecretGirl127 says:

      Based on the Twilight references, Peeta is clearly who she will end up with since he, like Edward, is a pillow biter.

    • Clare says:

      Effie died or something, I think they mentioned it when Peeta came back cause they mention how snow executed Peeta style team and Effie was no where to be found.

      Also yes, when I got to this chapter all I could think of was that Twilight chapter and it was just awkward the whole time I was reading it….

      • Mauve_Avenger says:

        I don't know why this got downvoted (well, I think I know why, but it seems really stupid)*, but…

        Plutarch said that Peeta's stylist and prep team were executed, but Effie wasn't included in that statement; he specifically said that they haven't been able to find out anything about what happened to Effie.

        *Is it that hard to hit 'reply,' type "no, that actually isn't the case, you were mistaken," and hit 'submit?' This is getting kind of ridiculous. Unless of course people thought it was true but not revealed until later, in which case there's a big blue 'report' button that's used on spoilers, right there on the right side of the page. Not. That. Hard.

  2. Andrea says:

    While the conversation between Peeta and Gale was happening at the end of the chapter, all I could think about was the tent scene in Eclipse when Jacob and Edward are arguing over Bella. But while Jacob and Edward were all "I am the one for Bella! Not you!", Peeta and Gale are all "you are so awesome, Katniss loves you."
    Although the content of the conversation is in complete contrast to Eclipse, I agree with Mark, its still presumptuous.

    • Kinduh says:

      Lol THANK you for pointing this out, I was just about to leave almost the exact same comment. It smacks a bit of Twilight, which saddens me greatly.

    • Agreed, I was cringing, thinking of Bella playing footsie with the kid she rejected in a sleeping bag while he bonds with her cadaverous fiancé.

      • theanagrace says:

        That sentence is gloriously hilarious. +5 gold stars. You may redeem your stars at any time for fabulous prizes, simply contact your local branch of the Internet Hilarity Rewards Program.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      OH JESUS CHRIST I didn't even remember that scene.


    • lamuerta says:

      Ye gods. Yeah, it does smack of that stupid tent scene. It's a really cheap way of getting the two guys to say what they really think of the situation and the girl they are both fighting over, and I was just like *cringe cringe cringe*

  3. finnickodair says:

    So close to the end, I cannot handle it. I feel as if I'm still not prepared, even though this is about the third time I've read Mockingjay…

    Mark is unprepared as well.

  4. Mary says:

    As much as I hate what's going on and what all the characters are going through, I'm glad Peeta is starting to return to "normal."
    But as far as this chapter goes, soooooooo depressing 🙁 I just – reading it makes ME feel exhausted.

  5. MeasuringInLove says:

    Tigris sounds to me like an anime character gone wrong. I know that most animals have tails, but humans with tiger (or other large cat) tails is kinda freaky. She seems nice though!

    Sigh. I miss the rest of the Star Squad. There is no grieving time, of course, and it is just so saaaaaaad. Finnick, bb.

    I would usually be annoyed with the love triangle in the midst of a war, but as Ron Weasley once said, “All is fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both.”

    • stellaaaaakris says:

      Question: Did Tigris really have a tail? I thought she had tattoo stripes and whisker implants, but that the tail Katniss referred to was more of a metaphorical tail? Like, "If Tigris had a tail, it would be thumping in displeasure" or something.

      And I agree with everything else you say. Ron Weasley is full of wise.

      • calimie says:

        I don't think it was a metaphore, but I could be wrong. Now I'm wondering how could it work and whether those whiskers are "real" or some sort of plastic implants.

    • Laura says:

      Ron said that? Where? When?

      • Mauve_Avenger says:

        If I remember correctly, it's right after Ron comes back and destroys the locket Horcrux. Hermione wants to go to Xenophilius to find out about the Deathly Hallows symbol, but Harry's worried that it could be another lose end. Ron keeps coming down on Hermione's side (even when Hermione herself admits that her argument doesn't make any sense) and then settles it by a vote.

        Harry calls him out for sucking up to Hermione, and Ron says line in response before they head off to the Lovegood house.

  6. Karen says:

    I think Gale's “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without" is a pretty cold way to view the woman you supposedly love, GALE. Bah. If that's the way you view Katniss, then maybe you don't really know her. Or at least you don't know her now. I think that might have been true of her at the beginning of The Hunger Games, but I think that she's grown and changed so much. She has a much greater capacity for love and compassion than she did before.

    Heh. Although I like Gale's point that Katniss's kisses on the beach didn't look staged. DAMN STRAIGHT.

  7. Liz says:

    Is it just me or did the Peeta-Gale dialogue seem EXACTLY like the tent scene in Eclipse? I love the Hunger Games so much more than Twilight, but sometimes this love triangle is WAY too Bella-Edward-Jacob. The big difference is that Peeta and Gale speak with a sense of modesty and self-deprecation that is far more endearing than Jacob and Edward going BELLA WILL PICK ME.

    ALSO, Peeta and Gale could take out Edward and Jacob in like ten seconds. Gale would shoot them both in the face and then Peeta would frost them to death. FUCK YEAH.

    • theanagrace says:

      Lololol. One glazed vampire bon-bon topped with pearlescent dust served alongside a werewolf amuse-bouche garnished with hot pepper jelly.

      Please excuse my subconscious, I'm tired and hungry, so it's wandering off to some strange places, lol.

    • Lord, I had the same thought, lol. And yeah, I kind of wish this goofy love triangle never happened. It was definitely the least interesting thing about this series to me. I was always like, "OMG I DON'T CARE WHO SHE PICKS JUST TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!"

    • lamuerta says:

      Frost them to death! XDDDD That's a brilliant idea! And you won't even need to do much for Edward, since he's a sparkly adonis cupcake with honey eyeballs.

  8. mugglemomof2 says:

    We told you there was no preparing for this series. So close to the end.
    Oh the heartbreak…….Peeta/Gale….

    Editing to add: Am I the only one who pictures that woman who had plastic surgery to make herself look like a cat when they describe Tigris? They could have her play her int he movie and they wouldn't have to change a thing!

    • liliaeth says:

      Tigris reminds me a bit of Micheal Jackson, if I have to be entirely honest.

    • ldwy says:

      I think of that lady too!

    • calimie says:

      I don't think I've seen that lady, but I saw a man who did that. It was really disturbing. And yeah, I can't think of anything else when reading this part. I've tried to replace him with the Cats from Doctor Who but no luck so far.

  9. andreah1234 says:

    I think the only safe thing to say about this chapter is that everything is awful. The stressful feeling Collins is giving us in this chapter is very real and even though it fills me with dread I do think is awesome.

    I didn’t really find Katniss’s dream all the significant, but once she mentioned Effie, it made me wish she was still around. :/
    I miss you Effie 🙁

    “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”
    Ouch. Really Gale? THAT'S why you think Katniss keeps you around? Because she can't survive without you? Notice he didn't say live without, but survive without, which are two very different concepts. My vote is (well Team Peeta, but failing that), Katniss is used to surviving on her own, she did it on 12, she could do it now. cough*And Johanna could help*cough.

    Also, TIGRIS:

    <DIV style="OVERFLOW: auto"><img src=""&gt;

    Come on, I can't be the only one seeing that! Now the question is: WHERE IS THE DOCTOR TO SAVE THE DAY 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • jennywildcat says:

      Ha HA – LOVE!

      Wouldn't it be cool if they did a Hunger Games/Doctor Who crossover episode? Probably'll never happen – but that's what fanfic is for, right?

      • calimie says:

        And the Doctor comes in, saves everyone and takes Snow to an empty planet somewhere.

        Then, he takes Katniss and Peeta as his new companions and travel around for a while until Peeta is okay. NEW CANON.

        • andreah1234 says:


          (And he also takes Tigris back to her people in New Earth, I'm sure they'll be happy to see her (or maybe not)).

        • andreah1234 says:



    • Julia says:

      That is amazing!!! 😀

    • Gabbie says:

      I'm now going to imagine her like that. LOL xD Also, her voice was said to be gravelly, but I thought of Lady Gaga's strange, almost raspy/nasally voice. Anyone else?

    • Mary says:

      Oh my gosh!! This is what I pictured in my head, I just couldn't remember where it was from! THANK YOU

      Yes, where is the Doctor??

  10. "Oh, that I do know.” I can just catch Gale’s last words through the layer of fur. “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">
    Le rude. What are you implying, Gale?

  11. Darion! says:

    I think everyone’s taking Gale’s line a little bit too seriously. I think its more of a play off the idea that you need the one you love to survive. Sort of like feeling lost and broken without them. She doesn’t need either of them to physically survive and I doubt that Gale is insinuating that, but what he’s essentially saying (Or what I think that he is saying) is that she will pick the one she can’t imagine life without.

    Done rambling now. (:

  12. thewhiteknight says:

    nothing could prepare you for what going to happen in the next five chapters, that includes Finnick's death… REST IN PEACE FINNICK! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  13. bendemolena says:


  14. Helena says:

    Just realised I started both of those paragraphs with 'Am I the only one…?' Bugger. That should never be done. IGNORE PLEASE ARGH WHY CAN'T YOU EDIT COMMENTS GNAAAARGH. My inner grammar Nazi is foaming at the mouth with self-loathing.

    • syntheticjesso says:

      Sign up for an account, and then you can edit your TERRIBLE HORRIBLE GRAMMAR OF DOOM to your heart's content.

      (PS j/k about the terrible horrible part- I probably wouldn't have noticed that you started two paragraphs that way if you hadn't pointed it out, to be honest)

    • CuriosityShoppe says:

      You have to have an account to be able to edit.

      I always catch myself wanting to start out sentences with, "Am I the only one…?" so I can sympathize.

    • calimie says:

      Besides editing, you can receive answers to your inbox, which is great when a thread gets crowded and you may lose track of replies.

      • barnswallowkate says:

        And you get to earn/obsess over reputation points!

        • CuriosityShoppe says:

          …I was not aware of that. I don't think I like this idea. It goes against my preferred method of sticking my fingers in my ears and singing LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU EVERYONE LOVES ME AND I KNOW IT'S TRUE BECAUSE THERE'S NO PROOF TO THE CONTRARY LA LA LA LA LA.

          • Ishii_Era says:


            (What does that even mean?)

            • CuriosityShoppe says:

              "The reputation meter is a measure of strength of all previous comments made on our system by a certain commenter as judged by his or her peers. It is one way to tell whether the comment you are reading is written by someone well-regarded.

              62 points = Average, 52 points = Good, 102 points = Awesome"

              O I C. Well, at least you know you're AWESOME. xD

  15. prideofportree says:

    I saw the cat lady like that one guy…

    <img src=""&gt;

  16. NicciDawn says:

    Oh noes, so not prepared!!!!

    But in other, more exciting news, REAL LIFE MOCKINGJAYS!!!!

    Beetee and his meadow realized, amirite?

  17. barnswallowkate says:

    LOL @ Peeta biting the pillow & making me think of Breaking Dawn. OM NOM NOM

  18. stellaaaaakris says:

    This chapter feels like the calm before the next shitstorm of realness, so I don't have a lot to say on it.

    Every time I see Finnick's name, I tear up a little.

    I kind of like all the throwbacks to THG and CF, like the "Stay with me"/"Always" exchange from last chapter and the blood poisoning one from this one. Peeta's fighting the shiny memories.

    On to the writing style….

    I was one of the people who didn't like Mockingjay when it came out. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really like it (I'll talk about my reasons when Mark's done). But, unlike THG and CF (which I feel are really meant to be read in huge chunks, if not all in one sitting), Mockingjay, for me at least, is really benefiting from this slower pace. True, this chapter a day pace is a bit too much on the slow side, but I'm enjoying reading it a lot more this time around. I think the slower pace gives us readers a chance to grieve. In THG, we had sections where nothing happened (i.e. the cave), giving me time to mourn Rue and Thresh. CF took for-freakin'-ever to start and, even in the Games, we had scenes of napping and feasting on the beach when I could be sad about Mags and Wiress without being sad for everybody else. But in Mockingjay, I can count the happy moments so far on one hand and I don't even need all those fingers. The tragedy just never seems to stop now and we don't get a chance to digest or catch our breath. So I'm welcoming this break where we, including some of our favorite characters, can talk/eavesdrop about love triangles.

    I'm also very entertained by how every commenter is seeing some sort of Twilight connection, from the tent scene to the pillow biting scene to the sparkling hero. Very amusing 🙂

    • Clare says:

      I think I read MockingJay too fast the first time too. The emotional impact of the backstories of the characters, the horrors and sads that happen all over the place is just heartbreaking. I read Mockingjay in a day, and omg I felt drained.
      Then I had dreams about it for a week.

      But reading it at a slower pace here actually lets me take a step back, and I like the book so much better when I'm able to take a mental break from the horror and talk about what is all going on.

    • Hanh says:

      Yes, yes, yes. Even though I know Collins is just lulling us with a false sense of security right now, I like this filler chapter. I need time to digest the shitstorm that was last chapter.

  19. SophiePatronus says:

    I hated Gale's comment at the end of this chapter. Hated it. Whoever she thinks she can't survive without? Honestly? Whatever he meant by it, and I don't actually think he had bad intentions, it's still a bad way to phrase something.
    I don't like the Gale-and-Peeta-talking-about-Katniss scene. And how awkward would this be for both of them? It was bordering on laughable and unrealistic for me. I can't think of any two people I know who, if they were in love with the same person, would talk about it like this. Especially when said person was RIGHT THERE, whether the person was asleep or not.
    (Although of course still way, way better than the tent scene in Eclipse, as has been pointed out already.)

    On a different note, how depressing is it what happens to stylists? That was honestly one of the saddest things in all of Mockingjay to me, and that's saying something. But it also speaks volumes about the cruelty of the Capitol, how even stylists – the epitome, to me, of what the place superficially is – can wither away and become subject to the Capitol's core awfulness.

    Okay. This thought has been in my head for awhile now: It seems almost as if we've come some sort of full circle to the first book, and Collins has drawn a parallel of survival in Mockingjay to the survival in HG. The Hunger Games was pretty much about Katniss surviving, in the loosest physical sense of the term. It was about lots more, of course, but that was the basis of the plot. Mockingjay, to me, feels a lot like Katniss struggling for emotional and mental survival. There are people who want to tear down who she is, and even if she lives a long life, she'll still be haunted by everything that has happened. MJ is a Hunger Games for who Katniss is. That's what I got out of it, anyway.

    • Clare says:

      I love everything you said, especially:

      "MJ is a Hunger Games for who Katniss is."

      This is very insightful and so true!

  20. calimie says:

    I gave in and read the rest this morning and STILL UNPREPARED, NOT PREPARED FOR EVEN THESE REVIEWS. OMGOMGOMG

  21. Like others, this totally reminded me the tent scene, but played off much, much better.

    Am I the only one who is waiting for Katniss to either gush over Peeta or Gale rick roll style?! I mean…this could be a brilliant way for her to "reveal her decision" [assuming she has the opportunity to decide in the end]…

    <img src="; border="0"/>Katniss Rick Roll!

  22. Pk9 says:

    A jab at Twilight? I thought maybe Suzanne Collins had writer's block and so Stephenie Meyer wrote this chapter for her. Other than the infamous "Fire and Ice" scene, we also had Katniss suddenly grow a conscience and feel guilty about making everyone risk/sacrifice their lives for her. And then wanting to sacrifice herself as a diversion. Very much like this line from Eclipse: "people I loved were going to get hurt. Hurt because of me. Again. I wished my bad luck would focus a little more carefully. I felt like yelling up at the empty sky: It's me you want – over here! Just me!.

    The scariest part about this chapter? Gale. He doesn't respond with "No! I'll never let you do that!" Instead, he's all "It's a bit extreme, but if we can't think of something else, we can use it as a last resort." The guy is willing to sacrifice Katniss if it means killing Snow. It's totally "win at all costs" for Gale.

    • thatonegirl says:

      The guy is willing to sacrifice Katniss if it means killing Snow.

      Thank you! I thought that was a lot less cool than his "pick the boy she can't survive without" comment. If he really meant that he is scary. Who would agree to do that to one of their friends?

    • CuriosityShoppe says:

      I'm not overly in love with Gale (I much prefer Peeta… and Finnick… and Haymitch… and a whole host of other characters over him), but I think his reaction was more because he completely understands Katniss's willingness to sacrifice herself to make the world better. He understands that about her, because it's exactly the kind of thing he'd do himself. The fact that he doesn't challenge her didn't come off as uncaring to me, so much as him understanding and respecting that part of her and not trying to change it about her. Granted, it's not what you'd usually expect from a guy in love with a girl, but then, Gale's not exactly your typical guy, nor is he in a typical situation.

      I'm not saying I loved his reaction, but I think I understand why he reacted the way he did, and I don't think it means he loves Katniss any less.

      Eh, I didn't explain that very well, sorry. It sounded good in my head, but I had a hard time articulating it, lol.

    • RainaWeather says:

      He was just agreeing to what Katniss herself suggested.

      • PK9 says:

        Sure, Katniss suggested it herself. But Gale was willing to go along with it. That's what contrasts him from Peeta. (Non hijacked!Peeta). Peeta's sole purpose in life was to protect Katniss. Even when Katniss had a plan to sacrifice herself in Catching Fire, Peeta did everything he could to keep her alive.

        This also (ugh) makes me think of the Twilight parallel. Peeta – I would do anything to keep you alive. Edward – I want you to live a normal human life. Gale – If your death means stopping Snow I'll accept it. Jacob – I'd rather you die than become a vampire.

        • RainaWeather says:

          But it's Katniss decision what she does with her life, not Gale's or Peeta's. He's respecting her wishes and respecting that she herself is ready to do anything to destroy Snow. Ridding Panem of the dictator who has destroyed countless lives is more important than the lives of Katniss and Gale. It's not all about them. Katniss, Gale, and Peeta have all demonstrated that they're willing to give their lives to save people from a world where the hunger games exist. Gale is just the only one not acting selfishly by wanting the person he loves to live. Neither Peeta nor Katniss would ever make such a selfless choice. Remember when Katniss swore on her life to Johanna that she would kill Snow? Johanna made her swear on the people she loves because that would be the biggest sacrifice and Gale's the only one willing to make it.

    • Blessthechildren says:

      Gale has always been ‘win at all costs,’ and it creeps me out. He wanted to immolate all of the civilians in the Nut , and then he builds morally repugnant bombs with BeeTee, and he is cool with killing Katniss. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse things than dying, but isn’t that the point here? Shouldn’t Gale worry Snow will torture Katniss?

    • erin says:

      Er. If Katniss was determined to sacrifice herself to have Snow killed, would you rather have male love interests who forcefully kept her from doing so? It's not Gale's decision. He can fight her on it, he can try to reason her out of it, but in the end, shouldn't it be Katniss' decision? I'm confused how so many people can go into an uproar when Katniss drugs Peeta to save his life and then be annoyed when Gale won't do something similar to Katniss. Especially when the reason is so much more important this time around.

      • RainaWeather says:

        Exactly. Gale recognizes the sacrifice Katniss is willing to make and respects that.

  23. Pk9 says:

    Also Tigris is obviously a refugee from Thundera:

    [youtube fb50GMmY5nk youtube]

  24. paulineparadise says:

    I really wished Katniss would actually say something to Peeta and Gale. Like, "don't talk about me when I'm there but you think I'm asleep!" Gale and Peeta would be epically surprised. Katniss would then go and kiss/love/marry/whatever neither of them, but just be awesome on her own. Booyah.

    • monkeybutter says:

      Replace "be awesome on her own" with "join a lady crime-fighting trio with Johanna and Annie," and you've got my support.

  25. theresa1128429 says:

    And this is how the book will end. Pacman, take it away…
    <img src=""&gt;

  26. jennywildcat says:

    ARGH! I simply cannot post a proper response to this for fear of spoiling! Thus, I shall content myself with echoing "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" and leave it at that. And further bemoan Finnick.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Llama Face">

    FI-I-I-I-I-I-NNI-I-I-I-CK!! *sniff*

  27. RachelHs says:

    I think this is the proper time to confess that I ship PEETA/GALE and HAYMITCH/KATNISS. Yeah. I am not ashamed.

  28. knut_knut says:

    Ugh, Gale, why such a dick?

  29. Alexis says:

    Uh, is it bad if I pictured Joan Rivers but with tiger tattoos on her face?

  30. See, Gale, that might have a wee bit to do with why you be single, Mate. JUST A THOUGHT, ROMEO!
    Have a biscuit, and read some Jane Austen.

    For the record, Supreme Lord of Everything Buttercup requires that I add that he is a chick magnet. My boss is a demanding bugger.

    • andreah1234 says:

      Careful, He might poop in your bed for saying that.

      And I wouldn't be surprise if Gale is already doing that. And reading Twilight. That's where he got the inspiration from.

      • No doubt he reads Austen and says, "See, those are all the ways I *won't* try to win Katniss, because telling a girl you love her only makes you look stupid!"

        Your rude comment about Twilight made me squee. I shall adopt you as fam'bly on the Astral Plane.

        S.L.O.E. Buttercup poops in my bed to remind me that I'm an underling, so I'm used to it. I'm starting to stock up on fresh linens for such occurrences.

        • theresa1128429 says:

          Johanna and I have that same bed problem. Maybe SLOE Buttercup should start buying us sheets?

        • andreah1234 says:

          Oh Gale. *sigh*

          That's how I make friends you know? Insulting Twilight. Has worked pretty well so far. Also: *hugs*

          S.L.O.E. I feel proud to work for you. He can feel free to poop in my bed any time. I am glad you're prepared for such occurrences though, unfortunately that's something I can't say about Mark. 🙁

  31. tchemgrrl says:

    Tigris' shop stresses me out a lot. Boggs said not to trust anyone. Everyone who just died protecting Katniss was trustworthy, presumably. Gale and Peeta are trustworthy, presumably (well, not so much Peeta, but at least we know his deal). That leaves Pollux (who just had a bunch of ways to kill everyone else in the tunnels) and Cressida, who has all these Capitol contacts and friends, and who just led them to this incredibly creepy place. Augh! I do not trust her *at all*. Not to mention that a slow chapter this close to the endgame ratchets up the tension a ton.

  32. lani says:

    I already know I'm going to start crying, because sometime this week (how many chaps are left?) he'll get there and just thinking of Dear Mark reading that on his own makes me want to cry! :'(

    Let's all hug Mark
    *hugs you because you are not prepared*

  33. Depths_of_Sea says:

    It's good to have a breather chapter after all the hellishness that went on in Chapter 22. (I don't think I'll ever get over the lizard-mutts. NIGHTMARES FOREVER.) I'm glad Collins slowed things down to give Katniss and Co.-and her readers-some time to process things.

  34. Puel says:

    The callback to "the effect she can have" line literally made me shriek out loud. Oh, Peeta. He's still not okay, and I don't know if he'll ever fully recover, but I'm clinging to the hope that, well, there is hope for him. (Particularly since the rest of their situation seems pretty hopeless.)

    And as awful and nerve-wracking as this is, I like that the group is stuck and uncertain and unprepared — though not quite, perhaps, as unprepared as Mark. Katniss isn't a military commander, and she doesn't have any experience leading people, really; she's a seventeen-year-old girl who's used to looking out for herself and a few other people but not many beyond that. But she's trying to hold it together as best she can, and trying to keep everyone safe and keep her mission going (as incompatible as those two goals are sometimes), and damn, I have so much respect for her for that. Sometimes people are thrust into command before they're ready for it, but I think Katniss is doing her best to rise to the challenge. Sure, she fucks up, and yeah, she's in over her head, but I'll take her uncertainty — and determination — over Natural-Born Leaders of Men any day.

    …and there are other comments to make about the nature of this war and how so much of it is psychological and how I freaking love it even when it hurts like a bitch, but those remarks are best saved for when I am not terrified of accidentally spoilering y'all.

  35. Carrie Ann says:

    Aaaaand, this is where I jumped off the Gale-train for good: “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”

    The problem here isn't just that he's being a little cold, it's that he's got this shit completely backwards. If anything, one might say that Katniss would pick whoever she thinks couldn't survive without HER.

    I mean, Gale's the one who pointed out that she is always drawn to him when he's in pain. Beyond that, Katniss's defining characteristic is her fierce devotion to others, in sacrifice of her own interests. I'm not saying you have to love it, Gale, but if you understood her at all, I would think you would at least RECOGNIZE. Damn.

  36. RainaWeather says:

    To me "whoever she can't survive without"="whoever she loves the most/makes her happiest/keeps her the most sane." I don't think Gale is saying that Katniss is using the guys for her own selfish needs. There are all kinds of survival: physical, emotional, spiritual.

  37. LisBAMF Salander says:

    My comment didn't post =( Oh well.

    I really love how intense all of Mockingjay is. Collins really BROUGHT IT and I definitely admire her for it. Not enough writers take as many risks as she did. Though I didn't cry or anything (much), I was visibly shaken. It was like (allow me to be nerdy for a moment) playing Heavy Rain for the first time. For the whole ride I had the FUUUU face.

    I know it's a little early, but what will you be reading next, Mark? *crosses fingers for the Millennium trilogy* (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books.)

    • Simone says:

      If you go to the Suggestions page, it says what he is and isn't going to read. (I think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is on the rejected list…)

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      I think he said he'll be reading The Book Thief next, then His Dark Materials.

      • LisBAMF Salander says:

        Oh My! That's even better.
        I absolutely ADORED The Book Thief. The language is so beautiful.
        I read Book 1 & 2 of Dark Materials. I will have to pick up on it again when he starts it.
        Thanks. =)

  38. Shay says:

    Okay, honestly. I haven't read these books yet. I've read every review, however, and am desperately looking forward to finally reading them, though.

    • Shay says:

      And the second half of my comment:
      I can't remember if I cottoned this from an actual description from one of your earlier reviews (which I'm doubting, for some reason), but am I the only one who pictures Gale as green? Like with pea-green hair and lima bean-green skin? And his hair is always long. Like down to his waist.
      He's like a faerie Jolly Green Giant in my head.

      • xpanasonicyouthx says:

        I don't think that's canon, but LET US PRETEND IT IS BECAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS.

      • monkeybutter says:

        LOL I think Octavia was the green one, but a cranky celadon teenager is even better.

      • lebeaumonde says:

        Olive skin means like… think Greek skin-tone.

        • Shay says:

          Oh, I know that. Did one of the reviews say he had olive skin? I can't remember. I always got that image of him based mostly off his name. Dunno why I'd picture a gale as green, but there you are.

  39. Ali says:

    Katniss' dream really made me miss Effie too. 🙁
    We still don't know what happened to her, I hope we at least find out before the end of the book!

  40. RainaWeather says:

    Who though we'd ever miss Effie Trinket? Not just because she's an interesting character, but because we actually like her?

  41. theanagrace says:

    Stand by: I don't have a copy of the book at the moment. Could someone please confirm for me whether or not this is the first chapter we've had without a cliffhanger? I know it's been a long while at least. I seem to remember this chapter ending without my usual heart attack.


    • RainaWeather says:

      I believe it is.

    • BradSmith5 says:

      Chapter 7 ends with the director bringing the filming to a close with the line "That's a wrap." It's the most definite conclusion to a chapter that I've seen in this series.

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      I have the e-book version, and I keep page numbers in my notes for reference, so here goes:

      Chapter 1: Freaks out about the roses at her District 12 house while safe in the hovercraft.
      Chapter 2: Forced to become Mockingjay after Peeta's call for cease-fire.
      Chapter 3: Finds prep team shackled in the last sentence.
      Chapter 4: Finds out that immunity will be revoked if she doesn't obey Coin's orders.
      Chapter 5: Realizes that Haymitch is working on her propo team.
      Chapter 6: Finds out that her combat suit has a suicide pill attached.
      Chapter 7: "That's a wrap," as BradSmith said.
      Chapter 8: With Finnick, lies about having seen the most recent Peeta broadcast.
      Chapter 9: Peeta warns of impending bombing, gets attacked while broadcast still going.
      Chapter 10: Prim says that Peeta's the only way the Capitol can punish Katniss.
      Chapter 11: Revealed that Gale is going on the rescue mission.
      Chapter 12: Peeta tries to kill Katniss in last sentence. Obvious cliffhanger is obvious.
      Chapter 13: Katniss's request to be taken to the Capitol is rejected. "Fine, send me to Two."
      Chapter 14: Ends with Gale's plan to "crack the nut," leaving few or no survivors.
      Chapter 15: "Instead I get to see myself get shot on television."
      Chapter 16: Ends with Katniss leaving Peeta after her disastrous talk with Peeta.
      Chapter 17: Johanna tells Katniss what happened with Peeta at the breakfast table, causing Katniss to have nightmares.
      Chapter 18: Peeta shows up as a replacement for Leeg 2.
      Chapter 19: Bomb.
      Chapter 20: Peeta, who no one realized was conscious, tells Katniss to kill him.
      Chapter 21: The team discovers they're being followed by the mutts.
      Chapter 22 : Katniss shoots the unarmed woman in her apartment.

      So there are some that don't end in cliffhangers, and others that aren't really cliffhangers but are written in a very cliffhanger-y way, if that makes any sense.

  42. Yeah, like everyone else the conversation between Peeta and Gale strongly reminded me of Eclipse. However, it was done much better at least. I mean this love triangle at least doesn't reek of sexism and male dominance games like that one did. These three are actually behaving ten times more maturely then Bella/Edward/Jacob and they're YOUNGER then those three. I seriously wanted to smack Gale for that comment about Katniss but it also makes you realize just how much he doesn't know her now. Katniss in the first book before the Hunger Games may have done it that way, but she's changed since then and I don't think Gale realizes how MUCH she's changed, he's still in love with the Katniss from before.

  43. Pk9 says:

    Oh I have one more thing to add. When I first read MJ I did it continuously of course, but by the time I read this chapter it was getting late in the evening. I actually stopped at 1am and put the book down at this point to sleep.

    This was the reasoning I wrote down back then: "Because Katniss might die in the final four chapters. But right now, since I haven’t read the end yet, she’s both alive and dead. She’s Schroedinger’s Kat."

    • castlejune says:

      This made me happily chuckle. Good job. I'm the same way with books: If I don't finish it yet, they are still alive!

  44. ilram says:

    I always disagreed. I think Katniss will choose whoever can't survive without her. She always choose to protect Peeta because she didn't need to worry about Gale that much.

  45. thefbm says:

    Does anyone get the feeling that TIGRIS is like BATHILDA BAGSHOT! I mean she just gives off that creepyness we get in DH when Bathilda was Nagini!

  46. BradSmith5 says:

    Eclipse!? Twilight!? Katniss eavesdrops on an entire conversation––UNSEEN––and you guys don't immediately think of Harry Potter!? He does this in every other chapter! I'm surprised that Katniss didn't hide in A CLOAK UNDER THE STAIRS while spying on them.

    I still have no idea how this war will be resolved, either. Unless Snow happens to have some giant NEED for furry underwear sold by a catwoman, that is. :p

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      KL;ASDJFLKSADJF I didn't think of Harry Potter once. But I think that's because less creepy, usually.

    • PK9 says:

      Yeah but if it were Harry Potter, it would be like him listening to Hermione and Ginny argue over who was better suited for him. Which… ugh. Well, JK Rowling would never write something like that. Okay, it would be like Harry listening to H/G vs Harmionians arguing over who was better suited for him. That's more realistic. =P

      • BradSmith5 says:

        And Ginny was pretty open about shouting her objections to Cho Chang in that last book; no need for Harry to sneak around. 😉

  47. lisra says:

    Dön't worry, Mark, I have a cushion and a fuzzy cat on standby. You are not prepared, but it will help.

  48. karadudz says:

    By rereading your review today of how Peeta's "I'm tired" really showed how vulnerably exhausted they must be.

    And it made me realize that for Peeta it must be double the pain because for one he's probably still hijacked and confused out of his mind…. AND on top of that he's with Katniss and (the remaining) squad members with their situation with trying to kill Snow without getting killed first.

    Then for everyone, there's all this death going on that they can't even mourn and grieve.

    It's so intense and I feel for them. I just want to hug every single one of them (even Tigris). It's so sad =(

  49. michelle says:

    I just finished mockingjay today and I've been reading this and just fgjhfgjhd you're not prepared.

  50. pennylane27 says:

    Ugh, I started work today and now I'm really late, but as I don't have anything to add, I'll just say:

    And Gale, you are making it so hard for me not to hate you!

  51. Not_Prepared says:

    I JUST WANT THIS ALL TO BE OVER. …well…. maybe not. I want this entire book rewritten so that everyone lives and is happy. THATS ALL I EVER WANTED

  52. Silverilly says:

    When I read about the Capitol woman, my first thought was Effie. Which is just FUCKING HORRIBLE. So I was kind of relieved that it was just some random. Although, you know, RIP random.
    I miss her too.

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      This was me, too. Living in the Capitol, pink hair (because obviously she wouldn't want the gold hair that identified her with Katniss), the look of recognition…The tons of makeup Katniss found while looking through her stuff could even have been used to explain why Katniss didn't recognize her.

    • I briefly wondered if it was Effie. Wouldn't that just be the worst?

  53. PK9 says:

    Regarding the random Capitol woman. I actually think of all the deaths in the previous chapter, that was the one that bothered me the most. Because it was Katniss killing an innocent (?) civilian. The others were all killed by Snow and the Capitol and it's a war and they're in the arena blah blah blah so those are the types of deaths that are expected in such a story. But Katniss just murdered an unarmed person.

    • erin says:

      How awesome is it that Collins lets her do that, though??

    • iolchos says:

      thank you, this. And of COURSE that woman would have screamed for help, the scream that Katniss killed her for. Wouldn't you scream too if you saw a bunch of armed, bloodied up people bursting into your apartment? Especially when your city is under siege and you recognize some of those people as the faces of the rebellion?

  54. Revolution64 says:

    Am I the only who thought of the creepy tent scene in "Eclipse" when Katniss overheard Gale and Peeta talking about her while she was on the brink of sleep?

  55. Lynn says:

    I know most people are cringing over the scene with Peeta and Gale talking and Katniss overhearing them. I will just add my two cents. First of all, it seems that everyone was described as having trouble sleeping and waking up a lot that night. So it does not surprise me that Gale and Peeta wake up at the same time. Gale gets Peeta a drink of water and so it seemed realistic for them to engage in some type of conversation. It does take an awkward turn (what they discussed). But it is also kind of the elephant in the room. In intense times people tend to talk about strange things and are more direct. Katniss was also not sleeping well so it makes sense that she wakes up when people start talking, even it is quiet.

    Did it make me uncomfortable? Yes, I think it was supposed to. But part of the reason why we all also cringe is because of the Twilight comparison. Pretending that Twilight doesn't exist helps keep them separate. But even so it is a little uncomfortable. I didn't enjoy the scene but it does not bother me either if that makes sense.

    • thatonegirl says:

      Twilight is why we can't have nice things.

      But even without the comparisons I think this scene would be cringeworthy. Not that it's totally out of character… Gale and Peeta have both said some pretty awkward things to Katniss. Maybe it would have been funny to see them turn their awkward on each other, but it just felt so out of place to me. Weird conversation is weird.

      • iolchos says:

        true, but I don't know if they really know what else to talk about. I mean yes, obviously, there's a million things to talk about but it IS the elephant in the room and they were never friends, their one common denominator has always been her, so it didn't bother me in that respect. It bothered me because she was still in the room and they didn't make sure she was asleep.

  56. vampira2468 says:

    Think she shows just how cruel war is with all the death and Grief.

  57. lossthief says:

    Meh, this was sort of a transitional chapter, but it's nice to have a bit of a lull between the action scenes to let the characters recuperate. Not a big fan of Katniss killing the random Capitol citizen, but I'm never in favor of protagonists using deadly force when it's not the only option. Tigris seems pretty cool, despite the PUN-ishable name.

    One thing that sort of struck me as strange, but that line about who Katniss "can't survive without" just seemed really creepy. It's kind of reminiscent of Bella constantly saying she can't live without Edward. Maybe I'm reading to much into this, but it just seemed weird IMHO.

    Like you mark, I can't tell how this is all going to come together (although I get the feeling something bad is coming soon. Major Character death maybe?) and so I suppose we'll just have step forward into this book and pursue that flighty temptress adventure.

    Grade: "B"

  58. PureAtHeart says:


    Just saying. 🙂

  59. Mauve_Avenger says:

    Can I just take a moment to point out a *critical moment of character development*?

    "Tigris gives a throaty cackle. 'No one knows what to do with you, girlie.' Then she makes
    me take a pair of the fur leggings even though I can’t pay her for them. It’s the kind of gift you have to accept. And anyway, it’s cold in that cellar."

    What, Katniss, you're not even going to write up an IOU?

  60. Pharmk739 says:

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  61. maliarushall says:

    WHERE ARE YOU EFFIE?? You are the best annoying book character ever!

    And really Gale? Ugh, you so cannot compete with Peeta. However, I would still choose you over either Edward or Jacob.

  62. Phoebe says:

    not related but:

  63. Phoebe says:

    have to say it:
    tentscenetentscenetentscene. this is when i almost stopped reading this book because it had too many parallels to twilight. no where near as horrible, but honestly, alot of the character developments are the same. or should i say traits, because twilight characters dont develop.

  64. TreesaX says:

    I really wanna comment on the Gale and Peeta scene (in other words.. sort of defend it?) but I can't because it'll be spoilery. It really sucks that any "love triangle" development gets instantly compared to Twilight. Those damn horrible books have ruined it for everyone.

    But yeah.. I sooo want to comment but Mark will kill me.

    • Phoebe says:

      it was more than the love triangle that made them comparable. first off: gale reminds me of jacob. he was the one who grew up with her, who she can naturally be around. peeta is like edward: he came into her life at a late stage, and they went through periods of hating each other and loving each other and just like edward, there is a part of peeta that wants to kill katniss. both gale and peeta are jealous of each other but respect each other. plus, this last scene was sooo similar to the tent scene.

      • TreesaX says:

        I've read the book, I know there's comparisons. I guess the reason why I didn't mind that part is not really that part.. it's what's after that part. That's all I'll say.

        I guess it just annoys me that there's sooo much more going for this book, and it's not about this love triangle at all, but as soon as a single paragraph or a sentence comes up concerning the love triangle, instantly it's "OMG THIS BOOK IS JUST LIKE TWILIGHT. THIS BOOK SUCKS. YUCK YUCK YUCK."

        • lilygirl says:

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