Mark Predicts ‘Daja’s Book’

Okay, I really do love all four of these characters, but Daja… she is my everything right now, and y’all have no idea how excited I am to read her book, and I’m going to explode. LET THE PREDICTIONS BEGIN. 

As is tradition ’round here, let’s go over my predictions for the last book.

  1. We wil travel to another school/university of magic at some point! Apparently, I can’t even spell the word “will” correctly. But nope!
  2. The group will try to go to the Summersea markets again. No, but they were almost sent to Summersea. Still doesn’t count, though.
  3. Daja will be forced to interact with a Trader at some point, and the experience will be negative. I’M SAVING THIS PREDICTION FOR THE NEXT BOOK.
  4. Sandry will be able to successfully use a loom without mistakes by the end of the novel. Technically? That happens towards the end of Tris’s Book, right?
  5. We will learn more about Niko’s backstory/history! Nope. 
  6. We will also learn more about Moonstream. Nope.
  7. Rosethorn will get into a huge fight with Dedicate Crane. Nope, but I wrote fanfiction for a holiday card where she got drunk with Crane and sang drinking songs with him. BETTER.
  8. Briar will become friends with Dedicate Gorse. HEY, THIS TOTALLY COUNTS
  9. Tris will teach Briar how to read. I expected this book to take place over a longer period of time than it did, so this technically isn’t right?
  10. There will be a central conflict that we’ll learn of early in the book. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. We will see one of the characters develop romantic feelings towards someone! Whoa, I was wrong!
  12. Little Bear will be super cute the whole time. YES.
  16. I don’t know what else to do here, y’all. You have no idea. 
  17. Frostpine and Daja will be great? YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
  18. She’ll learn to use a forge! THAT’S SOMETHING I CAN PREDICT. Sort of??? She’s still learning.
  19. I don’t know, y’all, THIS IS REALLY DIFFICULT. you have no idea
  20. So, this is Tris’s book, so it will mostly follow her? IDK??? She’ll progress in her training??? This is a garbage prediction and totally correct

Now, I swear I’m not trying to artificially fill my predictions, but there’s a lot of these I’d like to re-use for the next book because they are actually REALLY GOOD. So let’s go!

  1. Daja will interact with a Trader at some point in the novel.
  3. Niko backstory!
  4. Moonstream backstory!
  5. Rosethorn backstory!
  6. Lark backstory!
  7. We will see Niko’s lessons with Tris that help her learn control.
  8. The bulk of the book will follow Daja as she learns to use a forge properly.
  9. FROSTPINE BACKSTORY. Bonus points if it involves marrying ME.
  10. I think we’ll see some sort of acknowledgment of what happened in Tris’s Book, namely in the form of construction at Winding Circle.
  11. I think Daja’s Book will take place very shortly after the events in Tris’s Book.
  12. We will get to see inside a new place within Winding Circle.
  13. We’ll get another scene in Summersea.
  14. Daja’s closest friend throughout the book (aside from Frostpine) will be Sandry.
  15. Shriek will learn to fly, but will not permanently fly away from Discipline.
  16. Romance? Romance. I don’t care who it’s between, IT HAPPENS.

Onwards I go to have myself destroyed by this series.

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