As requested, this page will serve as the location for people to suggest single books and series for me to read.

Due to this list being so long that I fear I’ll be 85 when I am done, I am no longer taking suggestions. I will announce if it is opened back up.

I’ll keep this simple. Here are the rules.

1) Please suggest a series/book ONLY ONCE. Don’t make multiple comments for it. Check to see if someone else has suggested what you want. Feel free to upvote them and comment on that specific thread, but don’t make a separate one.

2) Obviously, name the title of the book and the author. If it is a series, name the title of the series and LIST each book’s title. Please let me know if the series is FINISHED or if it is ONGOING.

3) Pitch it to me. Why should I read this particular book? Please avoid any major spoilers, obviously; if you’d like, you can even avoid giving me a summary if you think any info might be spoilery. Be creative!

4) SERIOUSLY. DO NOT SPAM. I will delete your comment and resolve to never read that book just to spite you.

In order to keep people from repeating themselves, I’ve decided to include a definitive list of confirmed books and rejected books. If I confirm a book/series, that means that at some point in the future, I will 100% read that book/series. If I reject a book/series, I either have no interest in that book/series or I have another reason for not doing it, which I will explain.

When I update this list, I will delete all of the comments below. This is to prevent the problem of the page breaking because there are thousands of comments. Plus, it’ll be very easy to determine if you should pitch a book or series to me because you won’t have to read thirty-one pages of comments!



  • Abhorsen series – Garth Nix
  • Chaos Walking series
  • Chrestomanci series – Diana Wynn Jones
  • Death Note – Tsugumi Ohba
  • Discworld – Terry Pratchett (Will figure out order/logistics at some point.)
  • Graceling – Kristen Cashmore
  • Hold Me Close, Necromancer – Lish McBride
  • House of the Scorpion – Nancy Farmer
  • Incarceron – Catherine Fisher
  • Inkheart trilogy – Cornelia Funke
  • Jonathan Strange & Mister Norell – Susanna Clarke
  • Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami
  • Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. - Warren Ellis
  • Noughts & Crosses series – Malorie Blackman
  • Pluto – Naoki Urasawa
  • Queen’s Thief series – Megan Whalen Turner
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Sherman Alexie
  • The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood
  • The Brothers Lionheart – Astrid Lindgren
  • The Dark is Rising sequence – Susan Cooper
  • The Doomsday Book – Connie Willis
  • The Sparrow / Children of God - Mary Doria Russell
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
  • Thursday Next Chronicles – Jasper Fforde
  • Tomorrow When The War Began - John Marsden
  • Transmetropolitan – Warren Ellis
  • Untold – Sarah Rees Brennan
  • Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold

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  2. May I suggest another graphic novel series, Fables by Bill Willingham. Basic concept: having been driven out of their fairytale homelands by an evil invading empire, a community of mythical characters is now living in modern-day New York. Snow White, Old King Cole, the Big Bad Wolf, the Frog Prince, a flying monkey, characters from the Jungle Book, Goldilocks, Prince Charming, Bluebeard, and those are just the ones that spring to mind right now.

    It's not a complete series – it's still going on and counting the crossover and stand-alone additions, including a prose novel, there are more than twenty books. But I absolutely adore it, it's clever and thrilling and wonderful and I guarantee you FEELINGS APLENTY. I think my favourite thing about it is that there is epic, world-spanning conflict and action going on and, at the same time, a brilliant sense of how these characters would operate in the real world. Things like: how long can Rapunzel be outside before someone notices her hair? What do they do about the talking animals? What happens when a human realises these people don't age?

  3. Simultaneous Fables rec hi five!

    I didn't even think of Hellblazer, but I totally second this, as long as you're well up for a pretty horrifying time. If so then yes, BIG thumbs up to anything with John Constantine in it.

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